How I fucked My Roommate’s Girlfriend | Porn Sex Story

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How I fucked My Roommate’s Girlfriend | Porn Sex Story

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How I fucked My Roommate’s Girlfriend | Porn Sex Story

First of all, I like to thank you all of my readers, It’s kind of overwhelming for me to get a such a huge response on this Page.
And for Lady fans, feel free to write the sex story.

* Name used in the Sex Story is Imaginary, to hide the Identity of Reader, Rest all details are true

Now moving on to Story. It all started during the summer vacation of our university(2014). At the end of the 3rd year, we have to do Summer training. So, I and my roommate Deepak stayed with his girlfriend, she was also doing training from the same place.

We lived in 2BHK Flat, he shared his room with Preeti and In other, I was sharing with another batchmate, but at that time he was gone to his hometown for training.

I knew Preeti and Deepak from the first year.So, we are comfortable with each other and we were kind of very frank and open. By the second year, she often stayed in our room. As Deepak and Preeti were Sexually active.

How I fucked My Roommate’s Girlfriend

Details about Preeti, Age- 23 (in 2014) Height- 5’6 Size- 32d-30-34
Body color- White

During Summer Training, she planned to stay with Deepak for full 2 months. For three years, I never had any feelings for her.

But One night when I got up to go washroom, She was coming out of the washroom, in the panty and a short top. We were standing face to face for a second, She was embarrassed and she quickly ran away to her room. I came back to my room after using the washroom, But when I lay down to sleep all I could see was her standing in the panty, I jerked off thinking about her and those huge butts.

Then from there on, I always thought about Screwing her wildly. So, I started planning different Scenarios.

Then, the moment came when Deepak had to go his village for a weekend for his Brother marriage. So, Preeti and I were alone for a week.

The Day Deepak left, I started executing my plan, the first day, we had our Dinner together, then, later on, we talked for a small amount of time.Then, she went to sleep.

Next day, the same thing happened we had our lunch and dinner together followed by little chat, One thing I noticed, she always came to my room without knocking after lunch or dinner.

So, next at night after dinner, I pretended like I was masturbating, then she came in without knocking. She was shocked and immediately backtracked her steps and went to her room. I was happy that my first part of plan succeeded.

Next morning, when we faced each other:

Preeti- I’m sorry about last night

Me- You should have knocked my door, you don’t enter without permission?

Preeti- I’m sorry, I didn’t know

Me- So, Now I should tell you, Hey listen don’t come to my room. I’m masturbating

Preeti- No, I don’t mean that

Me- Please don’t talk to me

Then, I moved to my room, and didn’t talk to her for the next two days nor did I go with her to the training. I totally made her feel guilty. She always tried to talk but I didn’t respond to her. I totally neglected her.

On 6th evening, after our dinner, I was in my room watching a movie on a laptop. She came to my room sat beside me, while I continued watching the movie on a headphone.

She paused my movie and said:

Preeti- Yaar, at least tell me, what can I do, So you can talk???

Me- Total Silent

Preeti- tell me

Me- I said with straight face, I want to see you naked and touch you

Preeti- Are you, Serious??? Are you mad??

Me- Go to your room, If you can’t do it.

Preeti- She walked away slowly

I was also sad thinking, tomorrow evening Deepak will be back and my plan failed. I went to bed around 1 am.

So, around 3 am, I woke from sleep with a tight slap on my face, Preeti was on my bed in her T-Shirt and Panty. She slapped again and said you always wanted to Fuck me, Aren’t you??

Me -Yes, the day I watched you outside washroom, I thought about fucking you. I grabbed her by her Belly Placed her above my Stomach and tried to Kiss her, She did not respond back. I moved away from her and told her look I’m not forcing you to do, If you are not into this, Go to your room.

She didn’t say a word nor did she moved to her room. So, I gathered some courage tried to kiss her again, This time she responded Slowly, then I grabbed her hair and kissed for 2-3 minutes.

During the kiss I moved my one hand inside her top and grabbed one of her nipples, I was pinching her Nipple hard, She breaks the kiss and let out a little moan. I freed her nipple and grabbed other boobs. While I was playing with one of the Boobs I kissed her Cheek, ear lobes, and Neck. The sound of Moaning increased by that time. I gave a small love bite on her Neck.

Now, removed her top, To see the beautiful pairs of 32d with Brown Areola and Dark Nipples fully erect. I grabbed both her Boobs with my hands and squeezed them like an orange then took on of Boobs into my mouth and suck her breast like a baby sucking for milk and likewise to other Boobs.

Then, I moved to her Belly kissing Slowly and moved little down.

I removed her Panty in one go, She was totally turned on and wet down there. She was Clean Shaved not a sign of hair.

I placed my two fingers Inside her and started finger fucking her. While I was finger fucked her, I put Some honey on her Tits and started sucking them one by one, these go for about 5 minutes. She was totally gone Crazy by that time. She was guiding me now, when to suck her Breast and when to bite her.

After that I move my head to her Pussy, As I started to lick her Pussy She crossed her Legs and Said “Deepak never Licked my Pussy ” I don’t how does it feel”

Me- If you don’t like it, tell me to stop and I’ll stop

She opens her legs to grant access, I put some Honey around her pussy area and then kissed on the top of the pussy, opened her pussy lips with Fingers and started eating like a dog, I was tongue fucking her.

As she liked it and asked me Continue, so for next 5 minutes I was eating her pussy and finger fucking her till she reached her orgasm.

Now, it’s my penis turn to penetrate her Pussy.

I placed one pillow below her butt, and asked her to spread her legs, she happily spread it wide. As I entered, I had put some force as her Pussy was tight but it went smoothly thereafter. She let out small sound “Ahhhhh….”

Preeti-Yours is bigger than Deepak and thicker and This is the first and last time we are doing this.

Me- I know I’ve bigger and thicker than Deepak.

I started fucking her slowly and deeply, In between, I pushed a little hard to which she gasped.Then after 3-4 minutes, we changed to Doggy Style, I grabbed by her stomach and started banging her wildly. I hold her hair while banging and slapped her butt in between. She totally enjoying the pain and dick penetrating her pussy, after a total of 12-15 minutes I cum inside her with a burst of sperm and she reached her orgasm for the second time.
When I took my Penis out, lots of sperm came rushing outside. I took a piece of cloth and cleaned it.

Both of us were totally exhausted by that time and totally sweaty. I laid beside her, Grabbing her Stomach. I kissed her Back part of Shoulder. And whispered in her ears “If this is our last night, then sleep with me till the morning”. She agreed and slept with me.

By 11 am, I got awake by sounds of utensils in the kitchen. I moved to the kitchen to find out, Preeti was preparing breakfast, She told me to get refreshed for Breakfast.

I took the bath and got refreshed, we did our breakfast together.

Me- Sorry, last night I didn’t use a condom. Should I brought you Pills

Preeti- Now you are worried about me, Relax I’ve already taken care of it.Deepak will be here by evening, please don’t forget about last night.

Me- okay(But in my mind I wanted more of her)

From that day, our relationship changed. Preeti and I were friends in the eyes of Deepak but little he knows, what this relationship has turned to.

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