Great Fuck With Bestfriend’s Mallu Ex-Girlfriend

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Great Fuck With Bestfriend’s Mallu Ex-Girlfriend

Unread post by Nitin » 20 Oct 2018 10:43

Hey guys and girls! I am new to ISS. I am a 23-year-old guy from Coimbatore, with a 6-inch long gun. Let me jump straight into the story without boring you all.

One of my good friends broke up with his girlfriend after a 3 years long relationship due to the long distance and also because she was a bitch basically. She is a 23 years old mallu girl with an amazing body. Any guy would easily get turned on seeing her skin tone and her curves.

So, once I received a random snapchat message from her and opened it. I got the shock of my life. She was holding her beautiful titties with the caption “miss these, tiger?”. I went berserk after seeing the snap and me being the pervert, took a screenshot. She got the notification and pinged me the next minute asking me to delete it and said it was by mistake and it was supposed to be for the guy she was seeing. I respected her and deleted it.

After that incident, she came to Coimbatore to meet her friends. She called me and asked me if I could meet her as she wanted to talk about something. Little did I know I was about to get what I wanted. Without further ado, I went to her house to pick her up. God, she looked so ravishing in a deep neck kurti revealing her amazing curves. Her smell was driving me crazy and I couldn’t resist seeing her lips and tits.

I gave her a hug, took her in my car and went on a short drive. We went to the nearest CCD and started talking. She was bluffing about why they broke up and how she felt it wasn’t meant to happen and that she was sexually depressed. Yeah, she said that.

She realized my eyes going in awe and then she asked about my sex life. I said, “I haven’t found a hot chick like you yet”.

She gave me this really lustful look and said, “Okay. So, what would you want to do if you got a hot chick like me?” (with a wink). With all the confidence gathered, I blurted out the words, “I would prefer showing what I would do instead of saying”. “Okay. Then show me. Right now”. The golden words I wanted to hear.

After a few minutes, even before I could understand what was happening, my dick was out and she was sucking it like a popsicle while I was still driving. I started crushing the hell out of her boobs and she started moaning heavily. We were too horny to wait it out and I had to take a little detour to a small farm which was isolated.

I pulled her out of the car, lifted her and kissed her like there was no tomorrow. I kept biting and sucking her earlobes. She did the same to me and moaned, “Oh gosh, fuck me already.”

✕I was in no mood to go right away to the main dish. I stripped her legging and panties together, lifted her and made her sit on the bonnet. Immediately, I started licking her inner thighs and clitoris and slowly started tongue fucking her while my middle finger was already deep inside her cunt.

She had a juicy cunt and me being a pussy lover, started licking her up to an extent she started to pinch her own nipples over her kurti. I did my own trick called the whirlpool :P and she came like a river over my face. “God, that was one amazing orgasm” were the words that left her mouth, gasping for breath.

I pulled her, laid her on the back seat with her tight ass facing me. Next moment, I was spanking her white ass till those beautiful ass cheeks became red. Then I started fingering her pussy and eating her asshole.

“Oh god, yeah faster. I am about to cum again. Oh myyy, gooodddd” were the only words filling my ears. The back seat was filled with her fluids.

“Time to return the favor”, she said and started giving me head. My god, she was an expert in giving head. As I was about to cum, I asked her to stop as I didn’t wanna cum soon. Then I removed her kurti and her luscious red bra, only to find her beautiful 34B boobs waiting to be sucked. I started licking her areolas and cleavage, to turn her on even more.

“Suck my nipples already,” she said and in a jiffy as she pushed my head towards her boobs. I held both the tits together and started sucking both her areolas. She was getting really turned on and asked me to put my dick inside. I removed my pants and started rubbing my dick head over her pussy lips to which she bit my lips.

I put my entire shaft inside in one go and she went, “Ohhhhhh goooddddd, you fucker, fuck me. Faster”. I started banging her feeling my entire shaft being crushed by her thick pussy.

“Thup, thup” were the only sounds we could hear inside the car along with her moans.

After fucking her for 20 minutes, I was about to cum. I told her that and she wanted it in her mouth.

She took my dick in her mouth and started blowing me so well that I came in thick spurts inside her mouth. She gulped everything down and we smooched for a few minutes. We were sweating as fuck and checked the phone only to realize we have to get back soon.

So we left the place and she kept blowing me and I was fingering her until I dropped her off at her place. She gave me a goodbye kiss and said she will call me whenever she is in town and maybe she could arrange a threesome with her best friend (god, I would love to fuck both of those women).

I will be sharing my experience soon. ;)

Thanks and ignore my mistakes, if any. :P

And chicks in and around Coimbatore looking for fun, drop a mail at [email protected]. Thanks! Much love.

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