intimate moment with my sibling sister real story

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intimate moment with my sibling sister real story

Unread post by admin » 17 Mar 2019 09:12

I did with my older sister. She is 3 years older than me and growing up she was kind of in charge of us when mom and dad were out or away. I also have 2 younger sisters who were usually on their best behavior but I was kind of the brat. I didn't like her being my boss because I was a boy and should have been in charge of myself. She was always nice about it and I never had any real reason to not like her being in charge. It was just the idea of it and not anything she ever said or did.

When I started as a freshman, my parents sent me to an all boys school. The older boys talked all the time about the sex things they did with their girlfriends. One the one hand I wanted to know what to do with girls but I disliked how crude they talked. Another thing I liked was they passed around picture torn out of magazines that showed naked girls. I was able to take a few of them and hide them in my room.

I'd pull them out and look at them. It was exciting and arousing but that's as far as I went. I didn't yet know about masturbating. I'd touched myself and it felt good but I didn't know that if I kept going with the touching, I would cum. One Saturday when mom and dad were out I was sitting at my desk looking at my magazine pictures when she opened my door and came in with laundry she'd finished folding. I had all my pictures out and my pants and shorts were pulled down.

I don't know which was worse, being caught like that or that she looked at my naked dick and laughed at me. I was scared and embarrassed and was sure I was going to get into the worst trouble of my life when she told mom and dad. She put my clothes away and I was frozen in fear. My boner went away real fast. She sat down on my bed and told me to hand over my pictures.

"You know Davy, real girls aren't like this at all. They don't look like this and they don't act like this. Looking at these and playing with yourself are not going to make you good boyfriend material." She had me tell her about I'd done with girls which wasn't much. I'd gone to school dances in middle school and danced with girls and I'd kissed a couple girls. She had me describe what the kissing was like and how it made me feel. Then came the killer question, she asked how it made the girl feel. Honestly I had no idea.

She told me I needed to think about that and that she was going to teach me how to kiss. For the first couple minutes of her and I kissing, it was like that old saying about kissing your sister. But then she told me to relax and let our tongues touch. "When you French kiss a girl, you want to be slow and gentle and tender. Be nice and don't scare her; let her relax and enjoy being kissed. You need to see what the breasts of a real girl look like and feel like."

I could not believe it! She took her shirt and bra off right in front of me like it was nothing! It took me the longest time to realized that it was real. She was right, her breasts were much smaller and she was posing like the pictures. Then she kissed me again and took my hand and put it on one of her breasts. She swore me to keeping it a private secret.

Over weeks she made time to show me how to get a girl aroused. But the biggest surprise was when she touched my dick. She didn't just touch it, she got my precum onto its most sensitive part and while we were French kissing, she gave me my first climax!

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