Kajal On Office Tour sex story

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Kajal On Office Tour sex story

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Kajal On Office Tour sex story

This is Kajal from India. Little bit about myself. I am sexy and hot married woman of 26 years age who loves to enjoy a lot. I love to wear sexy and hot clothes. I love to tease men. I am working as a personal secretary in export-import Company. I am 5.8ft tall, sexy long legs, very fair look, long hair, dark eyes and sexy figure of 34-26-36 with Cup size “C”. As you know my boss has shared me with few clients and now was nothing to hide from him for me. Day by Day my old boss always ask me to wear sexy clothes in office so that he can enjoy my looks.

That day I was in tight jeans and sexy tight pink top exposing my sexy curves. My boss called me in his cabin and told me that there is one very important meeting organized at African country. As he will be having some personal important issue, he will not able to make to the meeting.

So he asked to lead the meeting from company side and any how try to win the same. He briefed me about the meeting and told that from our company side local representative will be available to support me while from other side the senior management personnel will be available. He asked me to be well prepared as the deal is very important for the company. He told that he is confident of me and sure I will be able to crack the deal by all means. He also told that the clients are having well liking of indian woman.

So he told that with the same kind of charms which I used last time, I will be able to crack the deal. He asked me to come near him which I did happily. He handed over one packet to me and told that its gift for me. I thanked him but he asked me to give some better favour to him. He asked me to check the dress and show him how it looks on me.

When I opened the packet, I found sexy transparent lingerie. He asked me to try pink and show him. I moved to other converted adjoining room and started to change. I found that two piece lingerie was one size smaller than mine one. So as I wore the same, I found that my almost more than half boob was popping out of bra and thong was hardly covering my ass chicks. My nipples were also pocking from thin material of bra.

As I moved in front of boss, he was exited to see me. He came near me and praised me in the lingerie. He asked me to go on my knee and asked me to give him some good oral stuff. Saying that he unzipped his pant and showed his dick near my mouth and asked me to suck him. He made me to suck him for half an hour and cummed in my mouth. He asked me to carry same kind of stamina and lingerie along with me. He handed over the flight tickets and hotel details to me and wished me for the success.

I reached in African country and checked in the hotel. That day I took rest in my room and next day I prepared myself for meeting. I was told by local representative that he will pick me by 10. I wore sexy transparent pink saree with sexy low cut sleevless blouse and see through inners. Meeting was arranged in small conference hall of the same hotel. I was welcomed by local person and he took me for the meeting along with him.

As we entered in the hall, we found clients waiting for us. They introduce themselves to us. John was around 50 yrs old, 6.3”ft height, well build, David around 45 yrs old, 6”ft height, heavy build, and third one was VJ, 35 yrs old, 6.1”height, well build with clean shaved and good looking. I got their glances many times on my body. Also I felt that they are eating me from the corner of their eyes. Meeting had gone for whole day but nothing was getting finalized till 4 and we decided to wind up today’s meeting by 5 and make continue next day.

Suddnly I got an idea to trace their talk once the meeting is done which can help me next day to crack the same. So asked for pen from them and placed one hair microphone to hear their conversion. We finished at 5 and decided to meet next day by 11. I reached my room and waited to hear their conversion. But I have their conversion started by evening around 8 may be at some pub. I had some of their conversion as below:-

John: guys, what u think about today’s deal?

David: sounds good

VJ: guys, I think deal is good but the dealmaker is really good and sexy.

David: VJ, you are right. Kajal was really awesome. She is real treat to enjoy.

VJ: So, guys why don’t we decide on deal. Lets make proposal to kajal that she can have this deal if she allow us to play with her for 24 hours.

John: its great idea but will she agree?

VJ: she will surely. She will also make good money from this deal. So she must be agree for that. Guys I am dying to see her naked boobs. Love to bite her nipples madly.

David: I had today whole day eyed on her tight ass. So would like to fuck her ass badly. Love to make her real slut. I like to treat her as a slut.

John: I love her lips. So love to have her both lips on me. I would like to treat her as a bitch. But how we will give her a proposal.

VJ: don’t worry guys. Let me handle her tomorrow. Will have her at any cost.

I was exited hearing their conversion and now was sure to have the deal. Next day I had breakfast and started to be ready. One more time I waxed myself everywhere making sure there not a single hair on my body leaving on head. I make sure to have my skin more silky and sexy. I had my bath.

I wore one of sexy and very transparent nitted low cut one size smaller pink bra which clearly shows my tits. Over it I wore very low cut absolutely transparent blouse. I wore pink thong which just covered my pussy and ass holes and wrapped tight underskirt over it. I wore very thin transparent pink saree over it and tied very low allowing anyone to see my flat stomach. I wore high heels and did my make-up. I applied pink lipstic which made my lips more sexy n hot. In complete package, I was looking very hot and sexy.

I moved to conference room. I can see on the way everyone checking me. I ignored them and reached the conference hall. Clients were stunned to see me in such a slutty and sexy hot dress. I can see their bulge growing over their trousers. I wished them and started my presentation. After an hour or so, I finished my presentation and asked them for their feedback.

VJ: Ms. Kajal, your project is good. We will really like to move further. But what we will get extra if we give this project to you.

Me: I dint get you sir. We will do our best.

VJ: that’s fine Ms. Kajal. But we are looking for something extra.

Me: what sir?

VJ: Ms. Kajal. Its take or leave it. We are not forcing you. We are giving you a business option.

Me: what sir?

VJ: Ms. Kajal, we are very much impressed with your beauty and we had became fond of it.

Me: what you are saying?

VJ: Ms. Kajal. Don’t take otherwise. But to be straight, we want you for 24 hours in lie of this deal. Choice is yours.

Me: how dare you think about such things?

VJ: Ms. Kajal, its absolutely professional. Don’t worry. Choice is yours. Also we can add special 10% commission from our side for you.

Me: I was not thinking alike mr. VJ. I had never though such things about you.

VJ: Ms. Kajal. We are not forcing you. Its just a matter of 24 hours. Tomorrow 12 noon you are on you with additional 10% to the deal.

While arguing, you guys noticed my arguments going weaken. So you decided to move further.

John: Ms. Kajal , tell us final decision yes or no

VJ: you will be happy with your decision of yes for sure.

Me: ok. I will do as u say but you guys will not hurt me.

David: we are very happy Ms. Kajal. That you are with us for now.

VJ: kajal darling, we had stopped ourselves very hardly. Now we cannot stop more.

I had became kajal darling from Ms. Kajal in fraction of second.

VJ: Kajal, to arouse ourselves more, we want to here more from your side about your body and sex.

Me: As you know guys, I am married lady. My figure is 34-26-36. I had active sex life etc…

VJ: kajal, tell me what you like in sex? Which position? Which sex?

Me: I like all kind of position. I like doggy, top. I like oral sex as well.

VJ: kajal, as agreed, you will do as we want. So we want you to drop down your pallu yourself.

Me: here sir, its conference room.

VJ: kajal, we don’t want any NO from your side. So do as told

I slide my pallu down exposing my sexy boobs under blouse.

John: Slut, slide your blouse also.

I unbutton my blouse their only and handed over it to john. I was standing in sexy bra covered boobs. VJ asked me to come near him. As I moved near him, he pulled my saree off my body and in quick move, david, untied my know of underskirt. So I was made stand in conference hall in sexy transparent bra-thong. They were happy seeing me in a way they want me.

VJ: guys, I had told you yesterday only, we will get this bitch anyway and bang her hard and now see she is ready to be baged.

They all laughed. Now VJ asked me to come on conference table and show them my pussy. I climbed on table and slide my thong to give view of my pussy. They were delighted to see my clean shaved pink pussy. They asked me to widen the pussy lips which I did to show them deep down the pussy. Then VJ came and removed my bra. My big tits were exposed and free for them watch. They also pulled down my thong making me nude.

They asked me to stand up on table and show off my curves. I stood up and showed them my boobs, pussy and ass. They were happy with all these acts. They asked me to sleep on table which I did. VJ came near me and took my breast one by one in his mouth while I found David licking my clean pussy while David came near my mouth and showed his cock in my mouth.

I found david fucking my mouth deep down the throat while seeing him, david also inserted his cock in my pussy and started to fuck me hard. Both of them were bagging me hard while VJ was crushing my boobs badly. They fucked me hard one by one in both holes upto 2 pm and realeased me then. My both holes were fucked hard and filled heavily. They told me that its just starting and real enjoyment is yet to come. They had cummed heavily in my holes as well breast. They asked me to wear clothes as they want to go for lunch. They asked me to not wear blouse. I wore bra, thong, underskirt and saree. Saree was clearing showing my boobs unders bra. My nipples were almost visible.

In restraunt, I was sitted between VJ and David on round sofa. I can see all men eyeing my boobs. They started to talk about their experience with me.

VJ: kajal, I was thibking since yesterday about your breast and today happy to have this with me. Your boobs are awesome. No one can leave it without sucking and playing with it.

John: Kajal, you are real cock sucker. I was thinking how your lips will look and play on my cock. It was great.

David: and your pussy lips are juicy, kajal. Love it much.

After giving order to waiter, again I felt hand on my boobs in public sitting in restraunt. I tried to stop VJ, but he told that its deal and I have to obey him. He was groping my boobs over saree. Neaby can easily see my boobs being groped. He was pressing them hard.Then only David, dropped his pen and asked me to find it and give to him. As I bend under table, I found his cock unzipped and throbbing out. As I bend, he showed his cock in my mouth and forced me on it. I was taken a back as it was in public. he forced hard myself on his cock.

David: guys, mouth of kajal is hot. I think her mouth must be shut with cocks day and night. She is fucking hot bitch. Now also sucking my cock and they all laughed. I was made to suck him and he unloaded one quicky in my mouth soon. As I moved back on myself, I see many faces have smile on their faces looking at me. During lunch also, VJ was playing with my boobs. Later during lunch,, he dropped my pallu and exposed my boobs in sexy bra to all sitting there.

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