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Re: The Beach Party : Public sex | Group Sex

Unread post by admin » 27 May 2020 11:34

Then enter Aaron. Now we are out here smoking a fucking cigarette, and mine has burnt all the way out, so now I am going to chain smoke which is really bad to do. Aaron chuckled.

"What in the hell is so god damn funny now?" I said angrily.

"Well number one, you haven't even lit your shit yet, and two, I love it when you get angry and vent like that, and three I love you." He just had to do it. Why in the hell did he do it?

He looked at me with his eyes in that wa y that makes you turn into putty. Now, I am not angry anymore. Which really pisses me off, because I liked the fact that I was going off. Now, I am not. With that, I lit my cigarette. We stood in silence for the next
five minutes. I started staring off into space. I was in my own little world. I was worrying what was going to happen. My feelings started questioning each other, and I started feeling very confused. I felt sick to my stomach. "Aaron?" I looked at him. "I think I am going to be sick." I flicked my cigarette, and ran back inside. "Zac!" Jacob said. "You ok man?" He got up and started following me. There wasn't much I could say w ith puke in my mouth. Him and Aaron both stayed outside the bathroom door till I was done.

"What happened to him?" Jacob said to Aaron. "I don't know. We where having a talk, then we stopped talking and he kind of went off into his own little world, then he looked at me and he said he was going to be sick. Zac you ok?" Aaron said concerned. "Yeah, I'll be fine."
"So how long have you known Zac?" Jacob said. "Umm, I have known him for about a year. But he didn't start talking to me until July. He didn't notice me. Then I guess we became really good friends." "Cool. I have known Zac for about twelve years. But he didn't start talking to me until fifth grade. We met in fourth. He just wasn't really a social butterfly."

I heard them talking and I didn't think that was a really good thing. So I finished up in the bathroom. Washed my face and hands. Then I swung open the door. "Wow, never had a welcoming party at the bathroom before." I said with one hand over my mouth. I went into entryway, and grabbed a piece of gum out of a tin; I have sitting on a shelf by the front door.

"Ok. Aaron did you drive here?" I said to him. Knock, knock. "Shit. No, and I forgot. The cab is outside waiting. Can you get it for me? I'm sorry. "Hey, not a problem." I said. I answered the door. It was the cab driver. "So, is someone going to pay for the ride? The meter has been running. It is forty-five dollars even. Here are the bags." The cabby said.

I reached into my wallet. All I have is twenty dollars. "Do you take checks, or plastic?"

"Zac you know the rules, cash or cops." The cabby said. "Oh my god. I've got twenty bucks. Do you wanna take that now, and I'll stop by tomorrow and give you the rest? Shit you have known me for how many years? I dated your daughter for how many months."

"You dated her for three months, and then cheated on her, and broke her fucking heart. So either you give me the cash or I call the cops." "Zac, give her the twenty. Here is fifty. Keep the change ok.
Now get the fuck off this property before we call the cops for trespassing." Jacob said. "Yeah thanks fucker." She said. "Yeah you have a nice night too, Carla. Oh yeah tell Amber I said hi." I said back to her. I see a hand go up in the air and then a finger. We all chuckled. "Thanks Jacob, I'll get ya back tomorrow." I said. "Not worried about it, I know that you are good for it." "Thank you Jacob." Aaron said shyly.

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Re: The Beach Party : Public sex | Group Sex

Unread post by admin » 27 May 2020 11:36

Jacob didn't say anything. He just turned and ga e Aaron this huge shit-eating grin.

I shut the door, and motioned for everyone to go bac into the living room. Aaron grabbed his bags. "Ok so I guess I can show you guys where you'll be sleeping. Follow me." I said.

We walked up stairs. There is a bathroom to the left, and a little farther forward on the right is a bedroom.

"Ok who wants this room?" "I'll take it." Jacob said.

"Ok then."

"Aaron, you want this room?" I pointed to the one
across the hall.

"Sure, I guess this will be fine. Where is your room?"

"See the door at the end of the hall that is my room.

It leads out to a deck with a hot tub. If you guys want to use the hot tub, just go out the side door right there." I pointed. "Thanks Zac, I am gonna hit the sack. I had a long drive from Texas, so I think I am gonna crash." He said with a smile. He walked up to me and gave me a hug.

"Meet me downstairs in two hours." He whispered. "Good night Jacob. Sweet dreams." I said. "Yeah don't let the bed bugs bite." Aaron said. "I am gonna go smoke again. You wanna join me?" I asked Aaron.

"Actually I am gonna get settled in. But if I get done before you're done smoking. I will meet you outside." He said.

"Sure thing. I am gonna go out my room, so just whatever." I smiled.
I turned and walked toward my bedroom. "H ey Zac?" Aaron said.
"Yeah babe?" "I love you." He said smiling. "I love you too." I said as I shut the bedroom door. What in the hell is going on here? Why is this happening to me now? What in the hell did I do to be torn between two people? Jacob is in my clothes, in my house. Aaron is in my house. The love of my life is in my house. So is the other love of my life. I am so confused. I started feeling sick again. I ran to the bathroom. Forgetting that I shared a bath with Jacob's room, I started vomiting. Jacob ran in. He was wearing nothing but his boxers.

They were black silk. He looked really fucking hot. He came over to me and started rubbing my back, telling me that I was going to be ok. "Zac? Are you going to be ok?" He asked concerned. I grabbed some tissue and blew my nose. I stood up and washed my hands and face. "Yeah I am going to be fine dude. I don't know what is going on, I have never been sick like this befo..." I was cut off. He started kissing me. I returned the kiss. Our tongues met again for the second time. This time I knew more about what I was doing. He knew more. The kiss was very passionate and seductive. I started rubbing his back. I slipped my hands down the back of his boxers and felt his very firm ass. He stopped. "Zac, what are we doing?" He asked me. "I don't know, I am just doing what feels right." I said.

He started kissing me again. He moved from my lips to my ear then to my neck. "Oh, Aaro...Jacob, that feels so good." I said. He stopped again. He looked at me very sadly. "Jac..." I said, as he raised his finger to my lips. "Don't say a word right now." He said. He just turned and walked away. Fuck, why do I get myself into situations like these. I turned and walked back to my bedroom. I went out on the deck and sat down on of the chairs. Grabbed a smoke and lit it. There was a bottle of bourbon sitting next to the chair. I grabbed it and took a big long hard drink of it. Aaron came out. "Good, your still out here." He said smiling.

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Re: The Beach Party : Public sex | Group Sex

Unread post by admin » 27 May 2020 11:37

Yeah, just having a drink and smoking."

"You got another one of those?"

"The bourbon, or the cigarette?"

"The cigarette." He said.

"Yeah." I handed him one.

"I got you something before I left Seattle. It took all the money I had saved up, but I wanted to get you something.
He said handing me a small box. "Aaron you shouldn't have. I don't deserve it." I said handing it back to him. "Fine then if you don't open it I will."

Aaron started to open the package. It was a jew lry box. Fuck was the first thing that came to my mind. Why is he buying me jewelry? He opened it towards me. It was a beautiful gold band. He took it out of the case and looked at me. "Zac?" He said.
All I could do was look at him. He kept staring at me.

"Zac? Planet Aaron to Planet Zac. Come in Zac." He
said sarcastically.

"Huh, what? Oh, yeah Aaron..."

"Hey it is not what you think it is. It is just a
token of our friendship. Look I have the same one."
He said smiling.

"Aaron, I can't do this. I don't know what I am supposed to do right now. We have had this talk over and over and over again. You don't express your feelings to me, and when you do they are extremely fucked. Remember the first time we got drunk together? You cried on my shoulder Aaron. I said some things to you that had to of hit a nerve. All the things I told you I would never take back in a million years. I love you with all my heart. When you tell me you are not ready for a relationship and then I find out that you were in one that fucks with me a lot. Nothing you do will ever change the way I feel for you. You have told me to date other people. Tried that didn't work. All I think about is you. I love you." I looked over at him.

I looked in his eyes and into his heart. Please just tell me what you feel. That is all I have ever wanted him to say. "Zac, I don't know what I want. I am just as confused as you are. I know that if a relationship were to happen between you and I. It would be perfect. I don't think that I am ready for perfect yet. When we are together something happens. I want to know what that is before I commit to anything. In all reality, the ring is a promise ring. Promise me you will always be there for me..." "You know that whenever you need me for whatever reason, I am there. I don't need to promise you anything. You should already know these things. But I take this ring as a guarantee that I will always do everything I can to help make you happy in anyway possible." I said holding his hand.

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