The Beach Party : Public sex | Group Sex

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The Beach Party : Public sex | Group Sex

Unread post by admin » 27 May 2020 11:31

The Beach Party : Public sex | Group Sex

It was a dark and stormy night. You know one of those nights that all the romance authors write about. I was at the beach house my parents had given me when I turned twenty-one. Yee-Haw! I thought it was going to be awesome. To my surprise, it sucks. I had left everything I loved and was familiar with. I had to figure myself out. There was nothing there anymore, except for my true love. I think. Oh well. I will talk about that later. Anyway, I was waiting for a bunch of my friends from High School to come over.

I was going to hold a kick ass party. I had a full bar, and a keg. It rocked. I had hired a DJ; this party was going to be absolutely kicking. It was nine o'clock and no one had shown up. Not even the DJ. I started drinking. I was getting extremely nervous. Why aren't people showing up I thought to myself? Gulp! Well that was my fourth Long Island Ice Tea. I should be feeling it soon I thought.

I reached over to the compartment under the coffee table. There I had a razor blade, a small mirror, and a little green baggie filled with CR. If I take this I thought. It will cancel out some of the alcohol and I will be hella spun. That could be a good thing I thought. Knock, knock. Hmm, someone is here. I looked down at my watch. Eleven thirty better late then never I guess. "Zac, are you in there? Come on I know you are in there." A familiar voice said. "I'm coming, just a sec." I went over to the door and answered it. My jaw dropped and I was in shock. Jacob Tomas, my best friend in High School. He moved away my sophomore year. I was shocked to see him here.

"Jacob." I said with a sigh. "Come in, what the hell. You know you don't have to knock." I said as I gave him a hug.

"Well Zac, it has been how many years?"

"Six years." I said. "Six long years." I smiled.

"It is really good to see you again. What happened to you writing me and shit like that."

"It is good to see you too. I don't know, I have been really confused. I don't know who or what I am anymore. So I thought I would come home to figure things out, that was about three years ago. I had come back to talk to you to get some advice, but you had moved to Seattle. So I just turned around and went back to Texas. I tried to get a hold of you, but I had nothing. I tried calling your parents, but the number was disconnected. I really needed to talk to you." He said. "Well come on, let's go into the living room and talk.

Do you want something to drink? I have a full bar." I said motioning him to the couch as I walked over to the bar.

"You always know how to throw parties Zac, always with style."

"I try. So what will it be? Rum and Coke, tea...?"

"How about a tea."

"Sure thing. Coming right up." I said as I started

"Hey, uh Zac, what are you doing with this shit?" He said looking at my paraphernalia.

"What shi...Oh shit, it is not what you think I promise." I said trying to convince him.

"Well aren't you going to offer me a line? I do the shit to you know.
I am not the same Jacob I was in school."

"Don't I know what you mean." I said agreeing. I walked over to the couch after I was done making his drink, and sat down. "Yeah, go ahead, sniff away.

Plus, I don't think that anyone else is coming tonight."

"Eh, that is ok Zac, we have a lot to catch up on anyway."

"Yeah we do. How did you find out I lived here?" I said.

"Well I was in town visiting my Aunt, and I ran into your mom and she told me where you were." "Right on. So what is it that you need to talk about?" I said looking at him. He still looks the same. Same hair color and everything, 6'1", blonde semi-curly hair, toned body broad shoulders, and looking totally bomb. I watched him lean over to the table to take his line, and his drink spilled on his clothes. I couldn't help but laugh. "Way to go skills. Can't you sniff a line, and hold your drink at the same time?" "Fuck off, you gonna sit there and laugh at me or get me a towel?" He said grinning. "I think that I am going to sit here and laugh at you for a few minutes. Watch you squirm because of how cold it is, and then when you can't stand it anymore, I will get you a towel." I said standing. "One towel coming up. I will be right back down." "Thanks ass." He said. I just turned and smiled. I headed upstairs, and into the linen closet, and grabbed him a towel.

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Re: The Beach Party : Public sex | Group Sex

Unread post by admin » 27 May 2020 11:32

He is probably going to need a change of clothes as well. So I went into my room and found him a pair of jogging pants and a T-shirt. I hope this fits. We should still be about the same size. I am 6'2", dyed blonde hair, fit but not toned like Jacob. "Hey Zac, wanna grab me something else to wear, I don't really wanna wear wet clothes for rest of the night." I heard him call from downstairs.

"Yeah, no prob, I am in my room right now, lookin for something. I will be right down."

I wondered what it was that he wants to talk about. It has to be something involving the last time we saw each other, I think. I hope. Lets see here, the last time we saw each other, he was leaving for Texas the next morning, and my parents were going out of town. So he came over and spent the night, and we got some beer and got hella drunk. I was lying on the couch, and he was lying on the other side. We had an L shaped couch. I was starting to pass out, and I looked over and he was jacking off, so I reached quietly down my own shorts, and started doing the same, hoping he wouldn't notice. Well he did. "Want some help with that?" He said moving over to me. "Sure." I said pulling my shorts down. He started sucking on my seven and a half-inch cut cock. It was really nice. I could tell he had done this before. But who, I wonde ed? "Oh, that is really nice!" I said moaning. I started rubbing his back and his head, playing ith his hair. He stopped sucking, and moved up and looked at me in my eyes. Then our lips met each other. The kiss was absolutely heavenly. I pushed away. "Jacob what is going on?" I said still holding on to him.

"I don't know. I have always wanted to tell you, but I was afraid that you wouldn't except me. Then I saw you and Ty making out in the locker room after soccer practice, and I knew. I have loved you since I met you I think. I have always felt connected to you in a
way I can't explain. I love you Zac." "I love you too..." I trailed off and he started kissing me again. The rest is history. "Zac! Where the fuck are you? Why in the hell are you taking so god damn long. I am sitting here fucking soaked." "Cry me a river, build me a bridge and get the fuck over it alright. I am coming right now." With that, I went downstairs. I threw the towel and clothes at him. "There is a bathroom right down the hall." I said and pointed. While he was in the bathroom, I made him another drink, and the phone rang. I went over to answer it. "Hello?" I said.

"Zac?" Said the voice.

"Aaron! How are you? I was hoping that you would call me. I miss you so much. How is everyone?""Everyone is great. I am good as well. And I miss you too. So what are you doing tonight? I think I am going to surprise you with something." Aaron is this cute boy I met while I was living in Seattle. I fell in love with him. He is about 5'11" black hair, good body. "Aaron you are eight hundred miles away. How in the hell are you going to surprise me?" Knock, knock.

"Ah, hold on Aaron, I have to answer the door. Oh hey. Jacob answer the door would ya? I am on a long distance phone call to Seattle."

"Sure thing Zac. I am on it." Jacob said.

"Who in the hell is Jacob?" Aaron said harshly. "He is my friend from high school." I said.

"Hey Zac, someone is here for you. Says their name is AJ." Jacob said.

"Surprise!" Aaron said. And with that the phone went silent.

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Re: The Beach Party : Public sex | Group Sex

Unread post by admin » 27 May 2020 11:33

Surprise!" I mocked. I walked over to Aaron and gave him a hug.

"Jacob, this is Aaron. Aaron this is Jacob." I said to the two boys.

"Hey wassup?" Aaron said. "Hey." Said Jacob.

"Nice T-shirt, Jacob. I bought Zac one just like it." Aaron looked at me. "So where's the party at?" I started feeling really uncomfortable. Why was Aaron acting this way? He was never acted this way before. He almost seems to be jealous. But why? We aren't together. I am not together with anyone. And now they both seem to be looking at me funny. "Ok guys, lets all go into the living room, and have a drink. Aaron you want a screwdriver?" "No. If you have whiskey, I will just take the bottle." "Ok." I said nervously. I went over to the bar, and grabbed the whisky for Aaron, and Jacob's ice tea. For some reason, I didn't really feel like drinking anymore.

"So, Aaron what are you doing here in Oregon?" I said. "Well me and my dad got into this huge fight, and he kicked me out. I could have stayed with Jacqui, but I wanted a change of scene. Maybe I was wrong?"

"No. Aaron, you can stay with me as long as you need to you know that. I have a four bedroom house, and I am the only one that lives here." I said looking at him.

"Jacob, you can stay here as long as you would like too. You know that don't you?"

"Of course I know that. We have taken care of each other for years. Why stop now?" He replied, smiling at Aaron. Fuck. Is there going to be some sort battle over me.

"So Zac, you got a smoke " Aaron said. "Yeah, but we have to go out on the deck. Jacob, do you still smoke?"

"No, I'll just sit in here and wait for you guys." "Ok." I looked over at Jacob and smiled. Then I looked at Aaron. "Come on, let's go and smoke." I said to Aaron.

We walked out to the deck. I reached in my pocket and grabbed my smokes, and gave Aaron one. I pulled one out for me as well. "Got a light?" Aaron said. "Of course." I said lighting his smoke. "So who is Jacob? How long have you known him?" He said looking out to the beach. "Aaron what's up with the game of twenty questions? Why are you acting this way? Jacob is my best friend from school, I have known him for about eleven years."

"And?" Aaron said sharply. "And what?" I said back harshly. "What the fuck do you want me to tell you? That we fucked like rabid apes? Well no, we did not fuck like rabid apes. I did not fuck Jacob, and Jacob did not fuck me! We got really drunk one night before he
moved to Texas, and we had a night of forbidden passion. He just got here about fifteen minutes before you called and I haven't even had a chance to really even talk to him, he is wearing my clothes because he spilled his drink on him, and he was soaked. So while I was making him another drink you called. Where did you get a cell phone anyway?

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