english sex story - Meaningless Masturbation?

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english sex story - Meaningless Masturbation?

Post by jasmeet » 23 Dec 2016 11:49

Josh lay on his bed with his fist wrapped around his cock, pumping away his frustrations. It was months since he'd last got laid, and the few dates he'd been on recently had been flops -- there just never seemed to be any chemistry with the girls he met, and none of his dates, not even the most casual, tentative, initial chat-over-a-coffee kind of meeting, had led to a second date, let alone a night in the sack.

It had been like this since he'd moved to university, leaving behind a steady girlfriend in his hometown. They'd tried to keep things going long-distance for a while -- she came to visit him in the dull English midlands city his university was based in, he'd gone back to see her a few times, but eventually, the relationship fizzled out and they'd agreed they should 'see other people'. Last he'd heard, Sally was getting banged regularly by one of his old school buddies, and the talk around town was they were going to get engaged soon.

In the meantime, Josh had passed up the opportunities and temptations presented during the first few weeks at university. Amongst his classmates there had been a flurry of couplings at the various fresher's parties, both one-offs and the beginnings of long-term relationships, but he'd tried to stay above all that -- in the initial stages of his academic life he'd been determined to stay faithful to Sally.

He'd even decided, before he arrived at university, that he'd get a shared house away from the campus, rather than living in college residences. Talking it over with Sally, they'd decided it would be easier for her to visit if she didn't have to come to some cramped room with thin walls and eavesdropping students on either side. Besides, the college rooms only had single beds, and they'd both shuddered at the thought of how a narrow uncomfortable bed would cramp their sex life.

Now he was single, all it meant was a thirty minute walk from the student union bar back to his house, enough to deter a lot of girls from 'coming to his room' whenever he suggested it. In classes, Josh listened enviously to his classmates' stories about the bed-hopping going on in the student residences. All in all, Josh thought his life sucked, and he regretted pretty much all of the decisions he'd made over the last few months.

Josh held his cock vertically, jutting it away from his body. His masturbatory technique was fast and hard -- he was tense, and he needed to cum quickly. His jerking fist was producing the desired effect, and Josh could feel his balls tightening and his shaft becoming more sensitive to his pumping as his orgasm drew closer. Then the moment came where Josh felt his cock swell between his fingers, and he knew he was about to blow. Now he slowed down, desperately resisting the urge to bring his masturbatory session to a conclusion.

For a few moments his hand moved slowly up and down his swollen rod. He was on the brink, and the tension in his balls increased. Finally, it was like a hair-trigger -- the slightest movement of his fingers would be enough set him off, and he came -- the pent-up semen shot forcefully out of his cock and spattered over his chest, almost as far as his chin, followed by a second spurt which fell on his stomach and a third which oozed out of his cock and coated his shaft and pubic hair. Josh felt an immense sense of relief. The trouble was, he knew his horniness and frustration would build up again in an hour or so, and sooner or later he'd be back where he started, seeking the only form of stress reduction available to him.


Josh shared his house with Ellie, which came about because he'd been let down by his original housemate. When he first moved in, Josh shared the house with some guy called Eric, a second year student he'd contacted on the university Facebook page after seeing Eric's posting saying he needed a roommate. One month into semester, Eric had a meltdown and quit the university, leaving Josh with an empty second bedroom and a requirement to pay the full cost of the rent, rather than split it with a housemate.

Josh placed adverts on every notice board around campus, on all the student forums and classified advert websites. His big problem was that this far into semester, most people had already found a place to live. For two weeks he showed a trickle of prospective housemates around the house. Most of them thought the setup was OK, but consistently, the rental price, relative to the distance from campus, was too high. Josh began to worry about being stuck here alone, but Sally convinced him she'd be more likely to visit him with a house to themselves, so it would be worth his while keeping it. Josh had given himself one more week to find a housemate before he accepted he'd be paying the rent by himself.

Ellie appeared two days before Josh's self-imposed deadline. She didn't mind the distance from campus. She had a boyfriend in her hometown -- he was older, and provided her with a car and the financial support to run it. She wasn't even going to be there much as she'd managed to arrange her classes so they were all on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and she planned to spend the rest of the week with her boyfriend. Sally approved of all this -- having a girl move in with Josh might have been threatening, but if she already had a boyfriend and wasn't intending to be there more than two nights a week, it effectively mean Josh had the house to himself for half the price.

Of course, once Sally lost interest in Josh, the new arrangement meant Josh spent five nights a week alone. Ellie would come in late on Monday night, complete with a takeout pizza which she'd eat in the kitchen before heading to bed. She'd get up early on Tuesday and spend all day in class. Josh and Ellie usually exchanged a few words when they cooked dinner at the same time on Tuesday nights, and they'd watch TV together for an hour or so. They saw so little of each other it was difficult to find any connection. After comparing their progress in their respective courses (Josh -- History, Ellie -- Psychology), there wasn't much else to talk about. Ellie would rise early again on Wednesday, and by the time Josh got back from classes, she would have gone back to her boyfriend.


Ellie gunned her car down the motorway, switching lanes with an aggressive jerk of the steering wheel, cutting off slower drivers before accelerating back up to eighty-five. Her life sucked. Her boyfriend Rick was a dickhead -- the dozen years he had on her were starting to show -- all he wanted to do was sit around and drink beer, and she was supposed to be grateful because he paid for everything. Her housemate was dull -- all he did was lay around in his room, moping for his old girlfriend. If Josh was always this boring, Ellie thought his girlfriend was probably right to have given him the flick.

Right now, what Ellie wanted was some fun. She wanted to hook up with her girlfriends and hit the town. She wanted to do something crazy. She wanted a damn good lay. Ellie's train of thought paused as she squirmed a little in her seat. God, did she need a proper fuck. She cast her mind back to the previous night, and the way Rick had rolled onto her and humped into her for a few minutes, before ejaculating halfheartedly and rolling back off. It seemed like forever since she'd had a proper mind-blowing orgasm.

Ellie was still thinking about her need for a good hard fuck when she pulled up outside the house she shared with Josh. Once she'd finished messing about finding a place to park and dragged her bags inside, she went to the kitchen. Almost on autopilot, she flicked the kettle on. It was only when she went to look for teabags that she realized she didn't want to sit around and drink tea then go to bed for an early night. It was still early enough to get into a club. Why the hell not?

There was no sign of Josh. Ellie assumed he'd be in his room like he always was. With nobody else around for company, Ellie toyed with the idea of asking Josh if he fancied coming along with her. After all, if he was no fun she could always shake him off and go on the pull. Ellie didn't seriously intend hunting for casual sex that night -- she felt too loyal to her boyfriend -- but even so, the thought she could do it sent a frisson of excitement down her spine. Her mood was already improving.

Standing outside the door to Josh's room, Ellie paused, wondering if it was really worth the bother asking him to come out for a drink. She thought about how bored she was, and how much she didn't want to go out by herself, and without giving herself time to change her mind, rapped her knuckles on the door. There was no reply. Ellie knocked again, a little louder this time. There was still no reply. He was probably asleep, the miserable boring fucker. Ellie was on the brink of giving up, but decided to check if he was in -- she really wanted to go out and have a drink or six.

This time, she didn't bother knocking, but just turned the door handle and opened the door ajar a little, assuming she'd see Josh asleep on his bed. When she looked, Ellie's eyes widened in surprise -- Josh was naked on the bed, jerking away at his cock.

Josh was engrossed in his masturbation, and remained completely unaware of Ellie's presence in the doorway. She looked on, unable to take her eyes from the scene unfolding in front of her. Josh, it turned out, had a pretty good body -- sure he was a bit skinny, but he was lean and muscled. And that was a pretty nice cock between his legs. Ellie took in the way Josh's dick was swollen beneath his fingers, and the way his balls shook as he pumped at his shaft.

Ellie shook her head, it seemed a shame Josh was such a dweeb -- if he tried harder he could have any girl he wanted. With a final, rueful smile, Ellie began to quietly close the door. At that moment, Josh came, with a shudder that went through his body, and a jerk of his hips. Semen went flying from his knob and over his chest and hands. Ellie paused. Wow! That was quite the ejaculation! Ellie had never watched a man wanking before, and was taken aback by the force of Josh's orgasm and the way the spunk sprayed so generously over his chest.

Now he'd cum, Josh became aware of Ellie's shadow blocking the doorframe. He turned to look at her, scrabbling for his bedclothes at the same time, trying to cover his softening, leaking cock.

"Hey, what are you doing there?"

"I was going to ask if you wanted to come out for a drink, but I can see you're busy."

Josh blushed, "Er, yeah. You didn't see anything, did you?"

Ellie laughed out loud and said, "Of course I saw. I couldn't help it. Hey, it's no big deal. I'll catch you some other time."

She pulled the door closed, and left Josh to wallow in his embarrassment.


Ellie went back to the kitchen and flicked the switch on the kettle. There wasn't much point doing anything now. She might as well have that cup of tea and go to bed.

As she waited for the kettle to boil, Ellie played back the events of the last few minutes in her mind. She smiled to herself. It had been funny, seeing Josh squirming with embarrassment. But there was something more. Watching him jerk himself, and seeing him cum like that was kind of hot. Ellie dunked a teabag in a mug and waited impatiently for it to brew. She was keen to get to her room now. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to rub away some of her own frustrations.

In his room, Josh wrapped himself in his sheets and willed himself to sleep. Oh God! What was he going to do? Ellie was the only girl he ever spoke to these days. Sure, it was obvious she thought he was dull, but it wasn't so bad sharing a house with her. Now she'd think he was an even bigger loser than she already did. When would things ever go right for him?

Lost in his frustrations, and unable to sleep, Josh reached to cup his balls in his fingers. The feeling of his testicles moving in his scrotum, and the way the skin seemed to move of its own accord, comforted him. He began to tug at his ball sack. His cock slowly came back to life, and after a few minutes, Josh could feel it push at the sheets as it stiffened again.

Along the hallway, Ellie lay in her bed with her legs spread apart. She was tracing a fingertip over her clitoris, so delicately her movements barely made contact with the sensitive nub at the apex of her pussy. Even so, there was a warm tingle building between her legs. After a few minutes of this, Ellie pushed the finger between her labia. Her pussy was wet, as she knew it would be. A quiver went through her body as she felt her finger slide inside. She pushed the digit deep into her pussy, scooping up the pool of juices, then moved it back to her clit.

This time Ellie was more forceful, and rubbed at her clit with her lubricated finger. Oh fuck, she needed this. She thought about Rick, about the sensation of his cock inside her. For a few seconds it was enough to make her rub harder, but as a turn-on, it soon palled. Unbidden, Ellie's mind turned to her memory of Josh masturbating, and the sight of him cumming. A wave of wetness gushed from her pussy, and Ellie's fingers moved more quickly in an effort to hasten her climax.

For a brief moment, Ellie realized she was fantasizing about her housemate, and held herself in check. It was no good -- the urgency she felt between her legs was too compelling. She pushed all her competing thoughts to the back of her mind, and reached her other hand down to push a finger into her pussy whilst continuing to rub frantically at her clit. Ellie wasn't thinking about anybody now -- all her focus was on bringing herself to orgasm.

Ellie was on the brink, with her wetness creaming around the finger in her pussy. She bit her lower lip and tried to suppress an urge to moan out loud.

Josh was masturbating too. Once he was hard he had stopped tugging at his balls and took hold of his shaft. Immediately, he began stroking himself with a steady rhythm, gripping his cock tightly in an effort to bring himself off as quickly as he could. His thoughts moved from his sexual frustration to his embarrassment at being caught jerking off, then back to his urge to get laid. What could he do? There didn't seem to be an answer, and Josh gave up thinking, and focused on pumping his cock. He could feel his orgasm building, and picked up the pace even more.

Ellie's climax came -- a contraction of her vaginal walls, a gush of wetness, and an electric charge, shooting out from her pussy. In the other room, Josh could feel semen release from his balls and shoot up his shaft. He felt relief, and after pumping his cock dry, finally let go of it. Alone in their separate rooms, Josh and Ellie pulled their sheets tighter around their bodies and curled up to wait for the new morning.


Ellie had gone to the university by the time Josh got up the next morning. He needed to attend an 11 a.m. European Civilization in the Middle Ages lecture, and afterwards was going to spend some time in the library, finding material for an essay discussing whether newspapers just described history, or played a role in shaping it. There had been some serious hints in the last tutorial about how many sources were 'sufficient' and Josh hadn't done enough reading. He knew it was time to knuckle down and get some work done.

In the Psychology Building, Ellie was doodling in the margins of the handouts for her Experimental Psychology lecture. Around the lecture theater, students sat with glazed-over expressions. The intricacies of experimental design and hypothesis testing were beginning to get boring. Up until then, she'd been too busy getting ready, and dashing onto campus to think about the events of the previous evening. Now, with the lecturer's monotone a dull drone in the background, she let her mind wander. It wasn't long before her thoughts returned to the sight of Josh, lay on his bed, pumping his cock, and the way she'd climaxed a little while later.

Josh was the first one home -- the silence of the library, and the jargon-laden journal articles he'd been trying to read eventually become too much. It was much later, after seven in the evening when Ellie returned. Josh was in the living room with the TV was on, whilst simultaneously scrolling through Facebook on his phone and listening to Radiohead through his headphones. He only noticed Ellie when she collapsed into the armchair in the opposite corner of the room and said, "Shit, that was a long day. Do you fancy a beer?"

It took Josh a moment to register Ellie's presence and realize she was talking to him. His reply was vague, "What?"

"C'mon Josh. Do you want a drink? I want to go to the pub. I'll shout you," Ellie's tone was impatient. She wanted a yes or no answer so she could move on and make other plans.

"You sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. It's been a long day, and I need a beer, and I don't want to go to the pub by myself."

Even though Josh and Ellie had shared the house for a few months, this was the first time they'd gone to the pub together. There was one on the corner of their street, a local boozer, with a sticky red carpet, a dartboard in one corner, and a pool table in a room at the back. After they'd got their drinks, they looked around, searching for a place to sit. There were locals, old men in small groups, or middle-aged couples, sat at most of the tables. Ellie peered into to the back room, and said, "Do you want a game of pool? There's no-one at the table."

Playing pool gave them something to do, and helped cover the fact they didn't know each other very well or have much to say to each other. They drank their pints as they played, and by the time they'd won a hard-fought game each, Josh had gone to the bar and bought a second round. The beer, mixed with the friendly competition helped them relax. Eventually, Ellie felt emboldened enough to look up from the shot she was eying up and ask Josh, "Are you ever going to get over that girlfriend of yours?"

Josh blushed, and said, "I dunno. I'm over her I think. I just haven't had any luck meeting anyone else."

Ellie took her shot, her eye following the red ball into the corner pocket. When the ball disappeared, she looked up, satisfied, and said, "You need to lighten up. Women can smell desperation you know."

"Yeah. That's what they say. It's a vicious circle though isn't it?" Josh replied.

"Maybe. You should be a bit more positive." Ellie paused to watch Josh bending over to line up his shot, then continued, "You're alright looking. You just need to go out and get meet women and see what happens. Chat up some girls on the dancefloor or something. Who cares if a few say no? You'll get lucky eventually."

Josh didn't know what to say, and concentrated on lining up the angles for a tricky shot into the middle pocket. When he eventually played and missed, he handed the cue back to Ellie and remarked, "It's alright for you."

"Why? Cos I've got a boyfriend? I suppose so," Ellie said, vaguely.


Back at the house, Ellie went to the kitchen while Josh turned the TV on. As she waited for the kettle to boil, Ellie called into the living room, "Is there anything on?"

"Not a lot. The news. A detective show on ITV. Wait a second," Josh flicked through the channels, impatiently scrolling through the ones showing nothing but old period dramas, and the home shopping channels, "There's a movie on FilmFour, Y Tu Mamá También, starting in five minutes. It's got subtitles, but it gets a good write-up."

"Yeah, I've heard of it," Ellie called back, "It's meant to be pretty dirty. You OK with that?"

"Sure, of course," Josh replied, "Why wouldn't I be?"

Ellie entered the living room and handed Josh a cup of tea, "Oh, I don't know. I thought maybe you wouldn't want reminding about sex. You're already frustrated enough."

Josh mumbled awkwardly into his tea, "That's not fair," but Ellie had sat down at the other end of the couch and was too busy making herself comfortable to listen to his reply.

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Re: english sex story - Meaningless Masturbation?

Post by jasmeet » 23 Dec 2016 11:50

The room was silent when the film began, but it was a companionable silence. The awkwardness of most evenings Josh and Ellie shared had been broken down, thanks to the beer, the games of pool, and their conversation in the pub.

After a few minutes, when the sex scenes began, both Josh and Ellie squirmed in their seats, turned on by what they were seeing, but neither of them looked at each other or said anything. Shortly afterwards, there was a scene by a swimming pool, with the two main characters each lying on a diving board, masturbating. This time, Ellie couldn't resist turning to Josh to tease him, "Have you ever done that?"

"What? Wanked into a swimming pool? No."

Ellie smirked at Josh's reply, "No, I mean wanked in front of someone else."

"No. Have you?"

Ellie deflected, "Not even your girlfriend?" Josh shook his head, "Or another guy?"

This time Josh was taken aback, "What! Never. Why would I do that?"

"The guys in the movie just did."

"Well I haven't." Josh tried to make the conversation sound finished.

Ellie ignored the tone in Josh's voice, and continued, "I've never seen a man wank himself." She paused, then looked directly at Josh, "Well, not unless I include you, last night."

Josh blushed, then asked, "What about your boyfriend?"

Ellie shook her head, "No, he prefers the lights out, or under the sheets. He likes to be sucked, but there's no way he would masturbate in front of me."

Josh didn't know what to say. On the TV, the Mexican teenagers were chatting up an older woman. The air of sexuality in the movie was obvious, and it somehow changed the atmosphere in the room as well.

Ellie continued, "They say watching someone masturbate helps you learn what turns them on."

"Yeah?" Josh's reply was grunted, and non-committal.

"I've always wondered what a man would look like while he was playing with himself, and cums. You know, completely absorbed in it."

Josh didn't say anything.

Ellie's voice was lighthearted, but it was obvious she was choosing her words, speaking very carefully, "When you came, last night, I was amazed at how far it went. All that spunk. Does it always shoot out like that?"

Josh squirmed awkwardly in his seat. Eventually, he replied, "I guess so. Most times. Maybe not if I've cum hard earlier," Ellie looked at him, questioningly, and Josh felt obliged to continue, "Sometimes it kind of dribbles out."

Ellie changed her voice again. It was more no-nonsense now, "You're going to wank when you go to bed tonight aren't you? After we've watched this movie?"

The words came out of Josh's mouth reluctantly, "Yeah, I suppose so," this was an embarrassing thing to admit to.

"Why don't you do it now? So I can watch?"

"Are you serious?" Josh was taken aback, and the surprise in his voice was obvious.

"Yeah. Why not? You're gonna do it anyway. I know you're going to be doing it. Why not let me watch?"

There was a note of sarcasm in Josh's voice, "Because it'd be really awkward."

Once again, Ellie's tone was no-nonsense and dismissive, "C'mon. I just want to watch. Look. I've got a boyfriend. I'm not going to touch you, or kiss you or have sex with you. I just want to watch a man make himself cum."

There was another sex scene in the movie. Josh and Ellie watched the TV in silence for a minute, then she turned to Josh once again, "I bet you're as horny as hell."

Josh nodded.

"Let me see."

Reluctantly, still not sure he was doing the right thing, Josh unbuckled his belt and slid his jeans and boxer shorts down around his thighs to reveal his cock. Ellie looked on intently, and when Josh didn't do anything more, she spoke again, "Go on. Hold it."

It was thick and swollen, but not rock hard. Josh wrapped his fingers around the shaft and began to pump, in a half-hearted manner. He was reluctant to get too carried away.

Ellie looked on at Josh, and asked, "What's the matter? Are you not turned on?"

"This is weird," Josh replied.

"Will this help?"

Josh turned to look at Ellie. She pulled her sweater up, revealing her bra-covered boobs. Josh's grip on his cock tightened, but he still wasn't masturbating. With a sigh, Ellie reached round her back to undo the bra, and leaned forward so it fell off her breasts. Then she cupped the rounded orbs of her boobs in her hands and squeezed them together, emphasizing her cleavage. Josh's hand began to move on his cock.

"That's all you're getting," Ellie said, "Let's see what you can do with that thing."

Josh looked at Ellie's tits. Without the bra they stood proud on her chest, pleasingly curved bulges, which whilst not huge, were attractive and tempting. The nipples were prominent terracotta nubs, surrounded by large, dimpled areolae. Josh had always known Ellie was pretty, but he'd never properly registered just how nice her figure was. Ellie stared back, watching Josh's cock stiffen in his hand. She took a deep breath, and reminded herself of the boundaries she'd imposed.

For Josh, this was different to how he would usually try to get himself off. He was determined to not appear too enthusiastic, or cum too quickly. His hand moved slowly up and down his shaft, pulling his foreskin back with each stroke. After a while, he reached between his legs and tugged at his balls. At first, he stared at his stomach, but as he became used to being watched he looked up, at where Ellie was sitting.

Ellie stared, fascinated. The impression of Josh's body she'd gained last night was confirmed. He was a bit skinny, but he was muscly and fit. His cock looked big against his lean body. Ellie judged the penis was about the same length as Rick's, but a little thicker. There was a vein that bulged prominently beneath Josh's fingers, and as Ellie looked on, it pulsed as blood flowed into the shaft, causing it to stiffen still further. She leaned forwards, impatient to see more.

"Take your clothes off Josh, your tee-shirt is in the way."

Josh glanced at Ellie, distracted. Without a second thought, he stood up, pulled off his tee-shirt, and then kicked off his shoes and shimmied his jeans and boxers off his legs, letting them drop to the floor. Once he was completely naked, he sat back down and resumed his stroking. The brief interval away from his cock made Josh impatient, and without realizing it, the pace of his masturbation increased.

Ellie, however, noticed the difference, and noticed Josh's expression was becoming blanker and more glazed. His grip was tighter now, and his pumping a blur on his shaft. Josh was staring directly at Ellie, but his gaze went through her. Ellie ignored the growing tingle between her legs, and tried to focus on Josh's reactions as his excitement mounted. It was becoming increasingly difficult -- she hadn't realized just how turned on she'd be by the sight of Josh jerking himself off.

It was obvious Josh was getting close. He was totally focused on pumping his cock now, and his back was beginning to arch. A pearlescent gleam appeared on the tip of his cock, and was quickly smeared over his knob by the action of his hand jerking over it. Josh stopped for a second, and stared directly at Ellie. When he was sure she was watching him, he nodded at her, then began to slowly force his hand up and down his shaft. The head swelled even more, turning purple as it grew, and Josh closed his eyes. Ellie leaned in closer, determined to witness everything.

The movement of Josh's hand on his cock was deliberate and slow as he tried to maintain the delicate balance of holding himself on the brink but not cumming. It was obviously becoming more and more difficult -- he would hold off stroking himself for a few moments, then unable to resist the urge, would pump vigorously. Right on the edge, when he was about to cum, he'd stop again. Finally, Josh reached a point where he could no longer fight, and he pumped hard, gripping his shaft tightly, literally squeezing the spunk from his cock. With a groan, Josh clenched the muscles in his ass, and a thick rope of semen shot out of his cock and landed as a string across his body, extending as far as his shoulder. A succession of smaller spurts followed, covering his stomach and hand, and Josh slumped back into the couch, totally spent.

Ellie looked on awestruck as Josh came and cried out, "Wow! That was amazing!"

Josh's ejaculation had been even more forceful than the one Ellie caught a glimpse of the previous evening. She twisted her legs together, trying to hide her arousal from Josh, and pulled her sweater back down over her boobs. She stood, said to Josh, "Thanks for that," and went upstairs to her room.

After a few minutes, Josh also got up, gathered his clothes, and turned off the TV. The movie was just about to finish. Josh realized he had no idea how it ended. He didn't know what to make of what had just happened. He felt a little like he'd been used by Ellie, but the experience had been a massive turn-on. Having a spectator watch forced him to pace himself in a way he wouldn't usually have the patience to. The resulting climax had been more intense than any he'd ever got from regular masturbation. In fact, it had been better than some of the orgasms he'd got from proper sex. He shook his head, wondered briefly how things would go with Ellie when he saw her next, and went to the bathroom.

Just like the previous night, Josh and Ellie lay in their rooms, thinking about sex. Eventually, they both masturbated. Once again, unbeknown to either of them, their climaxes were more-or-less simultaneous. The difference was, this time they were both thinking about each other, and what they had seen and done earlier in the evening.


Any awkwardness between Josh and Ellie would have to wait another week to manifest itself. She had gone by the time Josh got up, and he knew she would be driving to her boyfriend's house after lectures. Josh fell back into his usual routine, although on Friday, he went to the Student Union bar, got drunk, and tried to chat up girls. He remembered Ellie's advice and tried to stay cool and not act desperate. There was one girl, short and kind of cute, who gave him a kiss on the dancefloor, but when he went to the bar she disappeared. Later, he saw her with her tongue down the throat of another guy. Josh gave up, and decided it was time to go home.

It was only later in the week, when Ellie's return was imminent, that Josh thought about her. He had no idea whether she'd refer to what happened the previous week, and he wasn't sure how he should behave in her company from now on. Even so, the brief glimpse of her body he'd been given was enough to fuel his masturbatory fantasies. Over the weekend, after his rejection on Friday his thoughts repeatedly focused on Ellie, as he tried to recall the shape of her breasts. He both looked forward to, and dreaded her return on Monday.

Ellie pushed the whole episode with Josh to the back of her mind. By the time she'd survived a day of lectures, then driven the fifty miles to Rick's house, she was horny and looking forward to seeing Rick. It was after they'd eaten dinner, and Rick had fallen asleep early, too drunk to fuck her, that Ellie's thoughts returned to the events of the previous evening. She lay in bed, turning the events over in her mind. She only managed to dismiss the visions of Josh ejaculating when she finally got laid the following morning, riding Rick until they both came.

Ellie stuck with Rick because of the stability he provided her with. Up until now her life had been kind of crazy -- it seemed like she was in the habit of picking the wrong kind of guy, the kind who were fun to hang around with, but just ended up bringing her trouble. Rick was different, older and more reliable, and she had never doubted that Rick's presence in her life was a good thing, despite his failings. Now though, she was beginning to doubt herself. Her feelings for Rick vacillated between affection and frustration. More and more, over the course of the week she found herself thinking about Josh. On Sunday, the day before she was due to go back to university, she realized she was bored.

Usually, on Monday, Ellie would hang around Rick's house after he left for work, catching up with her studies until he came back at around six. Then she'd kiss him goodbye and drive the fifty miles back to university. On this occasion, she was restless by lunchtime and unable to concentrate on the textbook she was meant to be reading. She pulled out her phone and sent Rick a text message -- going to uni need to use library see you next week -- then put her bag in the car and set off.

When he returned from University, Josh was surprised to find Ellie back so early. She was in the living room, curled up on the couch with a trashy chick-lit paperback. She looked up and smiled at Josh when he walked into the room.

"Hey Josh, how was your week?"

"Fine," Josh replied, "Yours? You're back early."

"OK. I was kind of bored, so I came back," Ellie said.

Josh sat down on the armchair opposite Ellie. He wasn't sure what to say next.

After a moment's silence Ellie put her book down and said, "So, did you get laid?"

"No." Josh said. "But I went out. And tried."

"But you looked too desperate I bet," Ellie said.

"I dunno. I got a kiss."

"That's something," Ellie said, her voice somewhere between pity and sarcasm.

"But she went off with some other guy," Josh said lamely.

"Oh. Too bad." Ellie stood up, and changed the subject, "Let's go and play pool."

When Josh didn't say anything, she added, "Come on," and grabbed his hand, dragging him from the armchair.

The time in the pub went much like their previous visit. Josh got the first round in, and won the first two games of pool. Ellie got the second round, and won the third game. As they played and drank, their conversation became more relaxed, and they finished off their pints sitting next to each other, chatting about things they'd seen in the news over the past week. Both of them agreed the government was awful, but neither of them were sure who they'd vote for instead. When she finished her drink, Ellie put her glass down and said, "Shall we make it best of five? Go get another round, and I'll rack up the balls."


It was gone eleven when they returned home. Ellie threw her coat on the back of a chair and slumped on the couch. Josh sat at the opposite end of the couch and picked up the remote control.

"Do you want to watch anything?" he asked.

"Not really," Ellie replied, making herself comfortable.

"That's OK. I'll put some music on."

"Sure. Nothing depressing," Ellie said, with a teasing smile in her voice.

"Hey, none of my music's depressing!" Josh stood up to plug his phone into the stereo, and began flicking through his music library.

"Whatever," Ellie said, smiling.

Ellie waited for Josh to sit down. The ethereal sound of Sigur Rós began to fill the room, "That's kind of cool," Ellie commented, "Turn the lights down a bit."

They let the music wash over them. The room was illuminated by a small lamp in the corner, which cast long shadows across Josh and Ellie. When there was a moment of silence as a track finished, Ellie stretched a leg out across the couch, to nudge Josh's thigh with her foot.

"Hey Josh."


"You going to wank for me again?"

Josh sat up, startled, "What?"

"Come on. I thought it was great."

"No. Why?" Josh's objections were half-hearted, but he was genuinely reluctant to start putting himself on display for Ellie whenever she felt like a cheap thrill.

"I'll show you my boobs again."

Ellie was smiling enigmatically. Josh could see a spark in her pale grey-green eyes, reflecting the orange glow of the lamp. He left a moment of silence, then said, "Why don't you do it?"

There was another pause. Ellie answered, "Because I asked first."

"Yeah, but it's only fair. If I let you watch, you should let me," Josh argued.

"But I've got a boyfriend," Ellie countered.

"Like you said last time. We're not doing anything. Just masturbating. I bet you play with yourself anyway. What's the difference?"

"I dunno. You start, and I'll see how I feel."

Josh stared at Ellie, hesitating. He didn't want to be the one to make the first move, "Look. If we went to bed now, I'd have a wank, and I bet you'll masturbate as well. And I could watch some porn, or a webcam, watch some girl playing with herself. You could do the same, watch a man wanking online," Josh paused to take a breath, "You want to watch me. You said so. What would be the difference?"

"Plenty," Ellie answered, but even as she said it, she stood up and undid her jeans and pushed them over her hips. Josh did the same, quickly undressing himself.

Ellie removed her clothes more slowly, hesitating to strip completely bare, but when she saw Josh naked, she pulled her top over her head. They looked at each other.

"Nice," Ellie said, suddenly shy.

"You too," Josh replied. Unlike last time, Josh could see all of Ellie's body. She was slim, but her body was soft, with a slight bulge to her belly, and a curvy, rounded ass. Her pussy was covered in a wispy brown bush, a shade lighter than the hair on her head. This was the first time Josh had seen a naked woman since Sally left him.

"Go on," Ellie said, in a voice so quiet Josh had to strain to hear it.

Josh obeyed, taking his cock in his hand and stroking it, feeling it swell beneath his fingers. When he was hard he took his hand away, giving Ellie a clear view. Once he was sure she was staring at him, he sat down low in the couch and spread his legs. At the other end of the couch, Ellie sat down too, arranging herself with her feet on the middle cushion. Her knees were splayed apart, giving Josh an unimpeded view between her legs.

They both hesitated. Then Josh gripped his cock again, and Ellie moved her fingers to her pussy lips, spreading the plump outer lips, letting Josh see the complex folds of her inner labia and the glistening red interior. He pumped his hand up and down his shaft, once, then waited. Ellie used her other hand to trace a fingertip across her inner lips and over her clitoris. Josh pumped his shaft again, and Ellie responded by rubbing more firmly. She arched her back and sent her finger down into her pussy, then up to her clit.

Ellie and Josh watched each other, responding to the other's actions. When Ellie rubbed harder, Josh jerked his cock faster. When Josh backed off, Ellie slowed down too. Together, they bought themselves to the brink, then held themselves there. As they masturbated, they stared at each other, their eyes locked together. Ellie could feel how wet she was, and the tingling in her clit gradually became more and more intense. Josh was rock hard -- his cock throbbed in his hand, and he knew he was going to cum soon, and cum hard.

Josh stopped pumping, knowing he would ejaculate if he continued. He let go of his cock, but kept hold of his balls, tugging on them, making his cock jerk around in his lap. Ellie watched, fascinated. She had been rubbing frantically, but slowed down when Josh stopped. Josh's eyes followed her fingers, and she spread her labia, letting Josh see inside. She was wet, and it felt good to push her finger in up to the knuckle. Ellie's finger slid in and out of her pussy, pushing her juices onto her pubic hair, making it wet and slick.

She stared at Josh, daring him to resume his pumping. Josh ran his fingers along his cock, but didn't take hold of it. Ellie's finger moved slowly in and out, then without warning, she finger fucked herself rapidly for a few seconds. Josh took hold of his cock. Ellie's fingers moved to her clit. Josh began pumping furiously and Ellie rubbed forcefully at her clit. Neither of them could hold back any longer, and they were both only moments from cumming.

When it happened, it was hard, and simultaneous. Josh erupted, a geyser of sperm jetting out of his cock. The first jet was a thick rope of semen that left globs on his stomach, which pooled and ran down his flanks. He kept on cumming, pumping at his cock to force jet after jet until he was drained. Ellie was watching, but she was cumming too -- an electric spasm, which forced her to arch her back and curl her toes. Like Josh she kept on rubbing, desperate to sustain her climax for as long as possible.
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Re: english sex story - Meaningless Masturbation?

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Eventually, they both stopped. Ellie's face was red and damp with a sheen of sweat. She looked at Josh and smiled, "Wow. That was good!"

Josh smiled back, "Yeah. I came hard. You?"

Ellie blew out her cheeks and said, "Yeah. It was intense."

As they came down from their orgasm, things became a little more awkward. Ellie gathered her clothes and quickly pulled them on. When she was dressed, she looked at Josh and spoke, "It was just masturbation. Both of us, just masturbating. It doesn't mean anything, understand?"

"Yeah. It's OK," Josh replied, "I just had a wank. I'd have been having it in my room, but I had it here instead."

They were both speaking quickly, trying to hide their awkwardness, trying to make it seem like nothing had happened. Neither of them were sure they were succeeding.


The next day dragged for both Josh and Ellie. Neither of them could focus on their lectures, and their thoughts constantly circled back to their masturbation session. Ellie felt guilty -- despite what they told each other, this was not an innocent game, but she was turned on by what they'd done, and wanted to do it again. She told herself it was the sexual relief of the masturbation she liked, but she knew she was lying to herself.

Josh was tormented too. He found Ellie attractive, and what they were doing was hot, but he was sure Ellie wasn't really interested in him. This was just a game for Ellie, and Josh was reluctant to be a source of cheap amusement for her. Even so, this was the nearest he'd got to having sex for months. He knew that if she asked him again, he'd agree without a moment's hesitation.

They both arrived home early. Ellie was in the kitchen when Josh came in. She called out, asking him if he wanted dinner. They had never cooked together before, and Josh went to where Ellie was chopping onions and said to her, "You sure?"

"Of course," Ellie said. She glanced briefly back at Josh, then returned to her chopping, "You like curry, don't you?"

"Yeah. Any reason for all this?" Josh said.

"It just seemed silly, cooking for one when I knew you'd be home soon."

"Fair enough. Do you need a hand with anything?"

They worked together, Josh chopping herbs and grinding spices under Ellie's direction. Then, when the curry was in the pot, they watched TV, not saying much to each other, but comfortable in each other's company. Later, when the curry was finished, Josh handed Ellie a beer. He watched her take a pull on the bottle, then tried to sound casual.

"Do you want to, you know, do what we did last night again?"

Ellie shifted in her chair. She spoke carefully, with a voice that was artificially business-like, "I don't think we should any more. We went a bit too far last night. Look, you and I know nothing happened, but I don't think Rick would see it that way."

"Oh," Josh's voice was flat, his disappointment obvious.

"I'm sorry Josh. It was fun, but it was just a heat of the moment thing."

Josh pulled himself up in his chair and put his beer down, saying in a dejected voice "OK. Sorry."

"No! Don't apologize," Ellie said, hurriedly, "It happened, and it was good. But I think it's best if we don't do it again."

Sensing Josh was going to leave the room, Ellie continued to speak, "Don't go. It's been fun coming to uni the last couple of weeks. I got the wrong impression of you when I first moved in. Don't spoil things."

He felt like he'd made a fool of himself, but Josh sat down again, and they watched TV together for another hour. The atmosphere in the room was different. Both of them were worried about what they'd said and suspected things would be awkward between them from now on. With the opportunity to masturbate with Ellie taken away, Josh realized how much he'd looked forward to it.

In his mind, Josh silently reprimanded himself -- Ellie wasn't his girlfriend, and she never would be. The easy familiarity of last night was unlikely to ever return. Finally, Josh decided he'd had enough of pretending nothing had happened, and with a curt, "Goodnight Ellie," he went to his room.

Ellie watched as Josh closed the door behind him. Seeing him leave made her regret the things she'd said earlier. She struggled with her emotions, but didn't want to examine her feelings too closely -- she knew it would make her uncomfortable. Ellie sighed, picked up the remote control and turned the TV off. The living room felt like a lonely place now she was alone.


Josh woke, his shallow, uneasy sleep disturbed by a sound in the hallway. He blinked and looked at the clock. It was just after midnight. After a moment, he pulled the sheets around his shoulder and rolled back onto his side.

The second knock on his door was louder. Now he was awake it was obvious what it was. Still half asleep, he called out, his voice groggy, "Yes?"

"Josh, it's me, Ellie. You awake?"

"I am now. What do you want?"

"Can I come in?" Ellie asked.


"I want to speak to you. Please."

Ellie opened the door and slipped inside, pulling the door closed behind her. She sat on the edge of the bed, next to Josh.

"I've changed my mind."

Josh sat up, surprised, "Are you serious?"

"Yes. Don't say anything. Just do it."

As she spoke, Ellie unbuttoned her pajama top, revealing her breasts. Her body shone palely, reflecting the moonlight coming through the window. Josh watched, transfixed. Ellie was beautiful. A moment later, her pajama bottoms were in a heap on the floor, and Ellie stood in front of Josh naked. She spoke again, "Come on. You too."

Wordlessly, Josh pulled the sheets down, revealing his body. He was already naked and he shivered in the cool night air.

Ellie looked at Josh and nodded. Under her breath, she mouthed the word, "Yes," then out loud, she said, "Move over."

They lay together on Josh's bed, shoulder to shoulder. Ellie reached across to turn on the lamp, then put her hand on Josh's forearm. "You're OK with this?" she asked.

Josh's nod was barely perceptible. This was like a dream, something he would wake up from soon. He turned to look at Ellie. She stared back, nervous but clearly excited. Her long thin legs were still closed together, but her mons was prominent, with the brown bush of her pubic hair contrasting with the pale skin beneath. Under Josh's gaze, Ellie let her legs fall apart to reveal the gash of her pussy lips. She rested her fingertips on her outer labia, gently spreading herself open. Once again, Ellie spoke, her voice barely audible, "You ready?"

This was far more intense than the previous two times they'd masturbated together. They were on the same bed, so close they could feel every movement the other person made. Josh reached down to his cock. It was swollen, but not yet fully hard. He clasped his fingers around the shaft and felt the blood rush to fill it. Next to him, Ellie's shoulder began to shake as she pressed her finger on her clit and began to rub. After a few seconds the feelings in their body took over and they relaxed a little. Josh's pumping became firmer, and Ellie's rubbing less tentative.

As they masturbated, they watched each other, their eyes moving from the other person's face, to their hands, and ranging over their body. Josh's hand moved on autopilot, sliding up and down the pole of his cock as he watched Ellie pleasure herself. His gaze kept returning to Ellie's pussy, glistening red, and slick with her juices. Ellie's fingers circled rapidly over her clit and Josh watched, trying to figure out what she did, how her movements gave her pleasure. It fascinated Josh, the way the folds of Ellie's labia converged at the tiny spot she concentrated on, and the way they revealed glimpses of the dark interior of her vagina. Josh wondered what Ellie's presence in his room meant, but he didn't dare ask.

Ellie didn't understand why she was so comfortable doing this in front of Josh, but it felt good, and she believed she had been right to follow her urges and come to his room. The weight of Josh's gaze was on her body. Ellie was aware of it, and the way it excited her. The whole experience was turning her on. She knew in the morning she wouldn't be able to rationalize this, but right now, she didn't care -- it felt good in a way that gave her a strange, unfamiliar thrill.

Was it just the act of masturbating in front of someone, or was it Josh? The question popped into Ellie's head, and the answer followed immediately. For a moment she paused, and her gaze moved to Josh's blue-grey eyes, trying to intuit what was going on in his head. Was he asking the same questions? She couldn't work it out, and she tried to push her thoughts to the back of her mind.

Automatically, Ellie's fingers moved again. Almost immediately though, she stopped, and reached across to Josh. Her hand went to his cock, pushing his fingers out of the way. As Ellie's digits took hold of Josh's penis she whispered to him, "Let me do that."

Josh was dumbstruck. He thought he knew the limits, and this was way beyond what he expected. Ellie's fingers around his shaft felt good though, and when she said, "I want to make you cum," a surge of excitement ran through his body.

Ellie's touch was lighter than his own, but the sensation of being jerked by Ellie was better, more of a turn-on than when he masturbated himself. Josh could feel his cock leaking, and he looked down -- pre-cum was smeared over his cockhead and Ellie's fingers. The sight of Ellie's fingers shining with his juices as she masturbated him was the hottest thing Josh had ever witnessed. His cock and balls felt like they were a pressure cooker, overheating and ready to explode at any moment.

What did Ellie want? Josh had no idea. He leaned over to place a hand on Ellie's mound and asked her, "Can I?"

"Yes," Ellie whispered in reply, "Just with your fingers."

Josh rolled onto his side, making sure Ellie kept hold of his cock, and moved his hand so he could slide a finger between her pussy lips. Ellie rolled over to face Josh, making it easier for him to finger her. He moved his finger into Ellie's vagina, and slid it in and out of her wetness. She twisted her pelvis, forcing her clit onto his finger. Josh got the message and moved his finger over Ellie's vulva to her clit. This was new territory. They lay together, face to face, their hands moving in harmony as they sought to bring each other to a climax.

Neither of them could last long. Josh came first. His cock was incredibly sensitive, and Ellie's rubbing sent electric shocks of pleasure through it. Josh felt semen pulse up his shaft, and he pushed his hips forwards, sending his semen gushing over Ellie's fingers and splashing against her stomach. She giggled when she felt the sticky mess trickle over her skin, then twisted onto her back, and said to Josh, "I'm so close. Take me there."

It was different having Josh rub her to the way she did it, but the feeling of yielding control, of letting someone else give her pleasure turned Ellie on. She whimpered when his fingertip touched the most sensitive areas, and guided him, telling Josh where to rub, how hard to touch her. Her pussy was wet, and her clitoris overwhelmed with the tingle of an impending orgasm. Ellie whispered to Josh one last time, "Yes, harder!"

Ellie's vagina contracted, and a lightning bolt went through her body. She came, hard, her whole body convulsing. When the waves of pleasure finished washing through her, Ellie let out a sigh and said to Josh, "Wow. That was good."

"Yeah. Me to," Josh replied.

He paused. He wanted to ask Ellie what this meant, but didn't know how to phrase the question. Before he worked out what to say, Ellie got out of bed and pulled on her pajamas. She leaned down and kissed Josh on the cheek and said, "Thank you. See you next week."

For the second time that night, Ellie left Josh speechless. This time though the shock was a torment. Josh lay in his bed wondering what he and Ellie were doing. Was this still just meaningless masturbation? It sure didn't feel like it. Josh still hadn't worked it out when he finally fell asleep, just before dawn.


Over the following days, Ellie thought about what she'd done with Josh. She was becoming increasingly sure about her feelings, but the time she spent with Rick left her conflicted. There was no denying the security Rick gave her, but she felt stifled -- it seemed like there must be more to a relationship than the workaday routine she and Rick shared. On the other hand -- what did she have with Josh? Sure, she'd enjoyed the small amount of time they'd spent together, but it really wasn't much to go on. The mutual masturbation was fun, but it wasn't sex. How would things work out with Josh in a proper relationship? Ellie convinced herself she was letting the cheap thrill of an orgasm turn her head, and once again, she resolved to resist the urge to masturbate with Josh when she saw him the following week.

For Josh, the problems were different, but just as difficult. He knew he was attracted to Ellie, and wanted a relationship with her. He also knew she was dating Rick, and notwithstanding their masturbation sessions, he'd seen no evidence to suggest Ellie wanted to break up with Rick. He was just an easy source of amusement for Ellie, something to do when she was forced to come to university. Josh resolved to be firm, and say no to Ellie if she suggested they masturbate together again.

On Saturday, Josh was in town, wandering aimlessly from store to store. The poster was in a bus stop. It caught his eye because of the bright colors, but when he looked closer, he realized it was for a band, advertising a gig. Josh enjoyed live music, but since he broke up with Sally, he'd always found an excuse to skip the gigs playing in town. He'd barely heard of the band in the poster, but he remembered a review he'd seen online and had a vague recollection they were being tipped as a 'next big thing'.

The gig was next Monday. On an impulse, Josh pulled out his phone and sent Ellie a text message, asking her if she wanted to go to the gig with him. The reply came back almost instantly, "Sure. Sounds like fun."

By the time Josh messaged Ellie, a night out was exactly what she needed. Once again, Rick had been happy to spend the evenings at home watching TV and drinking beer. Sure, she'd persuaded Rick to fuck her a couple of times, but no amount of sex could make up for a week where nothing seemed to happen. Especially when the sex was always five minutes in the missionary position. More and more, Ellie felt she and Rick were in a rut, one he had no interest in getting out of.

When Monday came around, Ellie found a reason to head back university early in the morning, as soon as Rick left for work. It was just after rush hour and the roads were quiet. With the motorway nearly empty it was easy for Ellie's mind to wander. She was almost certain now that she should leave Rick. Inevitably, her thoughts returned to Josh and the last time she'd seen him. The way they'd got each other off had been so exciting, so intense. Ellie came to a conclusion -- she would finish with Rick on Wednesday, when she saw him next. It wouldn't be right to have sex with Josh until she was single, but in the meantime, she wanted to masturbate with him again.

It was lunchtime when Ellie arrived back at the house she shared with Josh. She knew he wouldn't be home for a few hours yet. Her mind was full of anticipation for what she hoped would happen later. She was horny, and for a brief moment considered going to her room and masturbating. In the end, she decided to save her pleasure for later -- her orgasm would be more powerful if she made herself wait for it, and she liked the idea of Josh's finger on her clit, rather than her own.

There were still a few hours to kill before Josh returned. On an impulse, Ellie decided to head into town. She had an idea, something Josh would like -- something that would give him an extra turn-on later that night.


Josh's day at university ended at around five-thirty. He'd received a text message from Ellie earlier in the afternoon, telling him she was back from Rick's and looking forward to their night out. As soon as his final lecture ended he grabbed his things and headed home. There was enough time to have a shower, go to the pub for a few pints, then grab some dinner before they needed to be at the gig.

Ellie was in her room when Josh arrived home, and he didn't see her until he'd finished his shower and got himself ready for the night out. She was waiting in the living room, and Josh did a double take when he saw her. Ellie usually dressed well, but most of the time, she didn't dress for attention. Right now, with what she was wearing, Ellie was guaranteed attention, and plenty of it.

The outfit was rock gig appropriate, but it was sexy-as-hell rock. Ellie's boobs were front and center, barely contained by a low-cut, backless top. Her jeans were skin tight, emphasizing the curvy shape of her ass, with artfully placed rips on the thighs revealing glimpses of flesh. Covering her legs, up past the knees, were patent leather boots, with a crazy-tall heel. To finish it all off, Ellie had a new haircut, which somehow combined a look of naïve innocence with an aura of sultry sex-kitten. The entire outfit just said 'fuck-me'.

"Wow, Ellie! You look amazing!" Josh said when he saw her.

Ellie smiled coyly at Josh and said, "Hey, it's nothing. Looking forward to tonight?"

Josh couldn't take his eyes of Ellie. He knew she was sexy -- he'd seen her naked -- but the way she was dressed tonight was something else. His reply was distracted, "Yeah, absolutely."

Ellie smiled again, and said, "Me too," then, when Josh continued to stare at her, she said, "Come on, let's head into town and get a drink."

The evening went quickly -- drinks in a trendy bar, a meal in an Indian restaurant, a short wait outside the concert venue, then finally the gig. The band were loud, and good, with a group of noisy fans just in front of the stage providing enthusiastic support. By the end of the night, Josh and Ellie were both firm fans. When it came time to head home, they hailed a taxi as it was nearly midnight and the alternative was a long walk. Josh and Ellie were both a little drunk, but neither of them could stop talking -- about the band, about how much fun they'd had, about how they should go out like this more often. Neither of them were really aware of how comfortable they'd become in each other's presence, but Ellie leaned against Josh's arm as they sat in the back of the taxi, and when they got out and walked to their front door, her hand automatically fell into Josh's.

As they entered the hallway, Ellie turned to Josh and whispered in his ear, "Do you want to go upstairs and do what we did last week?"

He almost said, 'yes', but before he did, Josh hesitated. Ellie was the sexiest woman he had ever seen, and she was leaning against him in an outfit that screamed 'sex'. A night out drinking had weakened Josh's resolve, but he remembered his promise to himself to not be used by Ellie. Josh let his hand fall from Ellie's, and asked her, "Are you still going out with Rick?"

"Yes. But it's over between us," Ellie replied, "We're just too different."

"You've been saying that for weeks Ellie, but you stay with him," Josh said.

"I mean it this time," Ellie said. Her voice was firm, but her expression was difficult for Josh to read. His comment about always staying with Rick had struck home.

Josh felt his resolve crumbling. The thought of another session masturbating with Ellie was incredibly tempting. He turned things over in his head, testing ideas out. If Ellie was going to break up with Rick, why did they have to limit themselves to masturbation?

"Will you have sex with me?" Josh asked, abruptly.
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