Wild Temptation

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Wild Temptation

Post by Sahil649841 » 31 Dec 2016 22:25

Hello Friends its me sahil , and today I am going to narrate first part of Love Triangle between me Ananya and Shraddha
‘Ananya I don’t Love you, Please give me some space ‘, I said
‘No I Love you Sahil, you are lying I know that you love me so much ‘, she said
‘I said you earlier I love Shraddha not you, I flirted with you as I want to make her Jealous ’, I replied

She came close to me and hugged me tightly; her eyes were full of tears
‘I can’t live without you Sahil, you are everything for me ‘she said
‘Ananya, you are very nice and beautiful girl, I respect you but what I could do if don’t love you ‘I replied
She put her lips on mine and squeezed my lower lip by her and said ‘Don’t take name of that Bitch, I will kill her ’
I was losing my control; I took a long breath and pushed her to make some room.
‘Ananya you are a beautiful girl, you could control my emotions and even direct them towards you but the change is temporary as soon I get Power over my Emotions I will say this again that ‘I Love Shraddha not you’ ’, I said
Her Eyes was full of Anger and Lust, she pushed me against wall and came close to me. She undressed her Purple color top leaving grey color bra on her naked body. Putting her right hand on my shoulder and left hand on my waist she said ‘Now tell me who is better me or that Whore’.
I took a deep breath and said ‘she is not a whore Ananya , she is love of my life and your best friend too ’.
Her anger was on cloud nine, she grabbed my shirt collar and tore it down. I was in my vest .Even now she was not in control, she undid my vest. Her Breast covered with bra touched my muscular chest and as her soft and cozy body came in contact with my hard and masculine muscles, I Lost my control over myself.
I said ‘Ananya it’s not right although today you will get what you ever wanted but remember you will never get my True Love’
She slapped me and said ‘You are mine and only mine Sahil’,
I don’t know why I reacted in Passive manner, may be because she is a girl and my respect for females not allowed me to slap her in return.
She undid her Bra, her soft and cozy balls came out and touched my rock solid masculine chest, it was like fire is merging with water, and I was surrendering against my Bodily desires.

I hugged her closely and said ‘Ananya, you won, but your victory is over my body not over my soul ‘
We both were half naked she put her hand on my triceps and kissed my lips passionately, she was biting here and there on my lips like a hungry lioness. Our tongue starting fighting with each other.
She grabbed my hair tightly and put my face in between her breasts and said ‘Sahil Please don’t Leave me, I love you so much ’
Her aroma was intoxicating , her balls was surrounding my face , her right Nipple was touching my left eye and her left nipple was somewhere around my ear .I put her right nipple in my mouth and start sucking it , she was massaging my hair very softly . After sometime I put her left nipple in my mouth and start sucking it she was caring me as she was breastfeeding her child.
She said ‘Sahil, no one would love you more than me not even that Bitch ‘
I replied ‘she is not a bitch Ananya , you are seducing me it’s ok I am have no problem in it , but this is not going to decrease my love for Shraddha she is my soul and if a person is saying it in this situation means he really love that girl ’
She was angry again and in anger opened button of my jeans , undid it and brought her face on my underwear and kissed passionately on my Penis.
‘Aaaaaaaaah Ananya, I surrender, I am yours ... do whatever you want ‘I said
She undid my underwear and start playing with my balls, sucking them in her mouth and grabbed my 8 inch long muscular dick in her hand. My Penis is very hard, mascular and strong. She starts sucking it very passionately. After a long passionate blowjob she said ‘now tell, who is better me or Shraddha? ’
‘You did all this stuff to get my love and she got it unconditionally, It’s the difference’, I replied
She undid her Jeans and Panty and put my face on her pussy. Her Pussy was wet and saved, I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and started licking it, she started moaning like hell ‘aaaaahhhhh Sahil, You are mine. I love you so much. Make me pregnant Sahil... fuck me Sahil’
I grabbed her creamy butts and squeezed them while my mouth was exploring depth of her pussy , her pre juice was flowing and engulfed my Lips she was massaging my hair very passionately and moaning like hell , ‘aaaahhhhhh ahhhhhha aaaaaaaaahhh Sahil .’
I grabbed her hands tightly and inserted my Penis inside her she screamed ‘aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa its killing me, it will kill me. Please stop Sahil’ and she deflowered, blood was here and there. My penis and her pussy were engulfed with blood and her eyes were full of lust. She hugged me very passionately my dick was inside her and I started push and pull motion. Our lips were biting each other, and I was fucking her like hell... she was screaming ‘Sahil I love you … aaaahhhhaa … fuck me … fuck me Sahil … I am all yours Sahil ... put it deep inside me Sahil … aaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaa fuck me harder Sahil ... you will kill me today .. Aaahhhhhaaaa... your penis is penetrating inside me Sahil …’ after 10 minutes of continuous fucking session I took some very high thrust penetrations and tears came from her eyes but her hands grabbed me more tightly and finally I cummed inside her, she also cummed with me, our juices were flowing outside her pussy .We both were sweating very heavily .Bed seat and our clothes were covered with blood and semen, and finally we aparted.
I said ‘Ananya you are wonderful and sex is amazing but my love for Shraddha is still not faded after this ’
She said ‘ I respect your Love for Shraddha , I am perfectly ok with it , I am sorry Sahil .. but I love you so much and I want only one thing from you that is to have sex with you whenever I want ‘
I replied ‘It’s ok and I hope Shraddha will not have any problem with it as I am going to tell everything that happened between us to her ’
‘You are faithful and loving Lover Sahil’, she hugged me tightly
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