Delightful Lovemaking With My Mother

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Delightful Lovemaking With My Mother

Post by Sahil649841 » 04 Jan 2017 20:44

Hello Friends, My name is Sahil and I am a very big fan of Desi Tales sex story, My mother is Neha she is 42 years old very beautiful Lady.My father is a businessman and has a very strict schedule so most of the time I and mom live together.

‘Sahil, what are you doing? Still busy on your laptop.’, My mom said to me as she opened door.
‘Yes I am completing my college work’, I replied.

‘Breakfast is ready, should I bring it here?’Mom said
‘Its ok mom, as you wish’I replied.

After having breakfast I went inside her room.

‘You are looking so sad mom, what happened?’I said
‘Nothing … you tell what’s going on in your life?’, she replied

‘I am happy with my life doing hard work for upcoming exams as I promised you this time I am going to get good grades’, I replied
‘What about your girlfriend?’, She said
‘We are parted… because..’, I said
‘Because.. ?’, she asked
‘Because she had physical relationship with my best friend’, I replied
‘OMG, but why she did this?’, she said

‘She said that I am not good in bed, now it’s your turn what happened to you?’, I asked
‘Your father’, she said with tears in her eyes

‘He use me like a doormat, to satisfy his desires … for him I am like a sex toy, nothing else… he never gives time to me and my body… he is incapable to understand the needs of a women and I think you are also like him that’s why your girlfriend left you’ she said angrily

I put my hand on her hand very softly and said’Mom I am sorry, maybe I also don’t know how to treat a woman properly and satisfy her needs’

‘Could you teach me how to please and satisfy a woman, I mean in the near future I don’t want to repeat the same mistake as my father did’, I said in hesitation

‘How it is possible? I mean … No … how can I… you are my son …’ She replied

‘It’s ok mom, but if you do not teach me than I am going to repeat the same mistake as my father did’, I replied and went back to my room

Whole Night only thought that was running in my mind was of her and her body parts, I remembered when accidently I opened the door of the bathroom and she was on Toilet seat she was looking damn sexy at that moment.When I was 18 years old I used to take Photograph of my mom and masturbate thinking about her.

Next day

My father was out of station for a business meeting, my mom used to take bath early in the morning, she was in the bathroom and I was reading newspaper.

‘Sahil come here’ her voice came

happened mom?’

‘Please do me a favor; my towel is there on my bed, Please give it to me’, she said

I put the towel and gave to her, she said with a naughty smile’One more favor, come inside’

My heart rate became abnormal, I opened the door and went inside, she closed the door, she was in Green color Petticoat and red color Blouse, and her body was completely wet and hot.

‘Please unhook my Blouse, hook is not working’, she said

I was on the back side of her in front of mirror, I Put my hand on her back she took a deep breath and closed her eyes; I unhooked her blouse and hugged her very tightly.

She said’Although you are my son but I am going to teach you sex lessons as I don’t want to ruin life of a girl, but firstly you promise me two things

Marry me I have brought Sindoor Dibiya, because I will not give you permission to touch me without our marriage

You will pronounce me Neha and treat me like your wife

‘I am perfectly ok Mom’, I Replied

We came out from the bathroom in the same position, she gave sindoor dibiya to me and I put it in her mang, now we were married couple… Now it’s our suhagraat and my mother is my wife too, so we both went inside our bedroom, Neha brought Milk with her. She tasted it first and then gave it to me.

‘Neha please teach me how to please a girl’, I said

‘Come Close, I am going to teach you the real teaching of Kamasutra’, she replied

Our lips came in contact with each other, it was the first time I was exploring her mouth with my tongue, our tongues were dancing with each other and saliva was exchanging. I was feeling the warmth of her cozy armpits and the aroma coming out from there was intoxicating.

‘You are really very Hot Neha’, I said

‘I want to eat you my son come close to me… I am hungery’ she replied and kissed my collar bone very passionately. I unhooked her bra and her boobs came out like two bouncing balls, her boobs are very beautiful and soft. I started licking her naked upper body like a child eating an ice cream…

She moaned, ‘aaahhaaa sonn … you are amazinggg my son.. You are wonderful ….. Suck my boobs …. Suck my boobs harder’

I bite on her Pink color Nipples she screamed’I am all yours …. I am your wife ….. I am all yours please make me pregnant. I want to be mother of you son.. Fuck me son … fuck me …’

I undressed her green color Petticoat and inserted my hand inside her panty… she moaned’aaaahhaa its amazing son.. Put your fingers inside my Love Hole’ I put my fingers in her Love Hole and started doing slow up and down movement there. She was screaming like hell … finally I undress her Panty and put my Tongue on her Love Hole and start exploring the depth of her Love hole. She was screaming like hell’aaaahaaa its amazing … fuckkk meeee.. Fuck meeee.. aaaahhaaa’

I started licking her Love Hole it taste like hell… its aroma Intoxify me …

Finally I Put my 7 inch Long dick Out … she said’OMG your Dick is very long,hard and strong, if you insert it, it will kill me … never seen such a strong and masculine Dick before’

‘Thanks Neha, Its all yours’, I replied

She took my dick in her hands and start playing with her … and said to my dick’You are going to penetrate inside me Hamm you will kill me today hmmm … How my Love Hole is going to handle you …. I Love you …. Raju,’ …

Raju is the name she gave to my dick and then she started licking my dick with her tongue. She took my whole dick inside her mouth and I start to fuck mouth of my own mother… it was a very good experience and I was enjoying it.

My Dick was completely covered by her saliva and finally I inserted my dick in her Love Hole… we both were precipitating very hard… she screamed like hell

‘Aaahaa sahil please stopp don’t doooo this.. I am dyiinggg… it’s penetrating inside me..’

mine, hands were holding her hands very tightly and Penis was doing inside out motion.

‘Aaaahhaaa fuccckkk meeee haarddd.. killl meee. Make me pregnant … my husband.. My everything’

Finally we both slept together in the same position, my penis was inside her Love Hole when we slept and when we work up at nearly 2 Pm, my penis was still inside her Love Hole …I kissed gently on her cheeks and we both parted…

Next Day

moving my hand on her stomach … my penis was erect and touching her ass …

Jaanu?’ I said

‘Main acchi hun Jaanu, neend kaise aayi aapko? Aaj pata chala ki aapki girlfriend ne aapko kyoun chor diya tha, kyounki wo aapke Penis ko handle hi nahi kar paayi hogi … You deserve a strong Women who could satisfy your wild needs and desires’She replied

She turned towards me and gave me a very long and satisfying kiss.

This goes on for one month and one day my mother said’I am pregnant and want to give birth to you baby’ I accepted it and after 9 months she gave birth to a very beautiful girl name Ananya… My father thinks she is her daughter, we all live happily in the same home, for whole world Ananya is my sister but for me and my mother she is our daughter and sign of our Love.

My mail id is [email protected]

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Re: Delightful Lovemaking With My Mother

Post by sexy » 05 Jan 2017 08:48

AAhhhhh you made me horny honey :D

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