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UK Sex Form - Public Sex

Post by rajkumari » 12 Jan 2017 08:44

There are lots of different things I like when it comes to sex (I will try and write about all of them!) but fucking in Public is right up on the list. I have arranged to do its lots of times, but love it just as much when it happens impromptu.

A few years ago I was a member on several dating / sex websites and had met a girl (M) on Plenty of Fish. We had arranged to meet in a hotel after chatting for a week or so, and 5 minutes after meeting for the first time, her clothes were on the hotel floor and my cock was in her mouth. I was a little taken aback as we had swapped some pictures, but nothing too risky.I had fully expected to have sex as the conversations had given enough of an indication, but not as quickly as that ! She looked even better in the flesh than she had in the photos. Seeing her naked straight away was a huge turn on, her body was fantastic. She was also giving me an excellent blowjob which I had been thinking about all week. I asked her to stop as I felt myself cumming, but she replied that that was the point and that we had all night. She fixed eye contact as I shot a big load in her mouth. We spent the rest of the night with me exploring her body with my tongue and fucking her until we were sore.

The sex was great so I had hoped we would be meeting again. She seemed a bit distant and I had no expectations but I got a message suggesting we meet one night during the week. She had me go meet her in a cinema complex near where she was working, in Plymouth (where I was based at the time) We had some food in one of those chain restaurants and then followed that with a few cocktails. We had made a decision to go and see a film while we were there.It was turning into a date, and although she was good company, I didnt see how this would result in sex as she was living with her parents, and I wouldnt have been able to get her back on camp. But the fantastic sex we had previously, mixed with all the alcohol we had just drank made me think she was horny enough to be convinced into a fuck outside somewhere afterwards, so was happy to go along with it.

I needn't have worried. I dont recall the film (something with Russel Crowe) but it wasnt that popular. there was a smattering of people who wanted to see this on a tuesday night but fortunately none on the back row which is where we headed. I gave her a kiss after we sat down, as I had wanted to the whole time since we met earlier. We didnt stop kissing though. The trailers were still on and our hands were already wandering. Neither of us had planned this I dont think, but neither of us were going to stop either. On the contrary, it felt as though we were taking it one step further in turn, goading the other to stop as it was too risky. But that didnt happen. The film still hadnt started, I had undone her blouse and had taken out her tits. My hand was now up her skirt, stroking her wet pussy through her knickers, kissing and licking her nipples. She was breathing heavily now and licking my ear as i sucked her tits. I had pulled her knickers to one side now, and was sliding my fingers inside her. I dropped quietly onto my knees, and pulled down her knickers past her heels (I have no idea if we retrieved those later) pushing her skirt up over her waist. She sat down on the chair a little and put her feet on the back of the chairs in front, her legs around my ears. I licked and sucked hungrily on her soaking wet cunt whilst my hands played roughly with her tits. After a few moments she pulled me towards her and kissed me, tasting herself whilst pulling on my belt. She took out my rock hard cock and pulled down my jeans a little. She pulled me toward me by dick and guided my straight inside her. There was enough light coming from the screen to see my bare cock sliding in and out of her as we fucked. I took in the sight of her with her arms raised grabbing hard on the back rest, tits popping out over her bra. I was loving what I was seeing so much I felt myself starting to cum. I pulled out and squirted a huge load all over her.
I took my seat again as quietly as I could, checking to see if anyone had clocked us. If they had, they werent bothered apparently..
We were either too pissed or tired, but we didnt move much for about 10 minutes. I think I had even started looking at the screen. I think we were even dozing off at one point, but without any prompt (M) leant across and took me in her mouth.It took no time to get me hard again. She stood up and stepped between my legs, facing the screen. I had to drop my jeans around my ankles as the sat down on my cock. Holding the headrests in front she began riding my cock. We mustnt have been as quiet as we thought we were being, as I now saw a guy who was with his gf looking back at us. There was no doubt as to what was happening. (M) must have seen him as well, but neither of us stopped. Maybe we would have if he had gotten up, but he didnt (maybe his gf told him not to get involved..) gladly, and we carried on, now even more excited. What a view I had, of her pussy sliding up and down on my cock. She must have been feeling especially daring now, as she slid off an positioned herself, bent over more or less on all fours across a few seats, hitching her skirt right up and inviting me to fuck her from behind. An invitation I gladly accepted.
We had totally lost any regard for anyone else in the cinema now. The sound of us slapping could probably be heard in the front row. (M) was taking any advantage of loud moments in the film to moan with pleasure as I fucked her hard.She was stroking my balls as I thrust into her and soon I was cumming again. I pulled out and she spread her arse cheeks. I sprayed her arsehole with whatever cum I had left.

We tidied ourselves up and decided to leave after everyone else ! I learnt that they must have infra red security cameras in some screens, as when the light came on and staff came in to clean up, there were a few knowing looks and giggling between them as we passed by and left. I dont think either of us cared.

Sadly, that was the last time i saw (M) as she re-located with her boyfriend. I didnt know about that, but it made sense of a few things when she told me. Very fond memories, none the less.

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