English erotic story - The Loving Wife

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English erotic story - The Loving Wife

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"Precious, I'm home," Bob called out in a loud booming voice as he closed the front door to his colonial style house which was located on the middle of a quiet, tree lined block.

"I'll be right there sweetums; I'm just checking on the roast. You sit down and get comfy."

After putting his briefcase down on the coffee table Bob loosened his tie before sitting in his recliner. By the time Ellen breezed into the room carrying his Harvey Wallbanger his head was buried in the financial section of the newspaper. She put the glass down within easy reach of his hand before she started to untie his black, wingtip shoes. Once they were removed she vigorously rubbed each foot for five minutes before sliding his slippers onto his feet.

"Do you need anything else dear? If not let me get back to the kitchen. Dinner should be ready in a jiff."

"Hrrmmpphh," he said with his head still buried in the paper.

"Okay then, I'll let you know when it's ready," she cheerfully replied as she headed back to her station.

A short time later the pretty, suburban wife hummed a tune as she bustled back and forth between the dining room and kitchen while laying out the evening meal. Then after lighting the two candles that flanked her homemade centerpiece she walked to the bottom of the staircase.

"Children, dinner is ready. Come on down. Edward, Nancy let's go before it gets cold."

Five minutes later the family sat quietly as they waited for Bob to say Grace though young Edward did fidget in his chair.

"Dear Lord, thank you for the bounty we are about to receive and thank you for your guidance in all matters great and small. Thank you for making this home a sea of tranquility in a chaotic world and blessing me with my wonderful, obedient family. Amen."

Once that was taken care of Ellen served everyone dinner, then after replenishing Bob's glass she began to eat. For the most part silence reigned during the meal until near the end at which time the unquestioned head of the household asked his children how their day went.

"Rotten Pop," Edward spat out (while half chewed peas flew out of his mouth and hit his sister in the face), "I hate school and I really hate Miss Crabtree."

"What's the matter sport," Bob said with a chuckle as he mussed the boy's hair.

"Well it seems he was sent home with a note from the principal today," Ellen answered, "and please don't talk with your mouth full Edward. You spit food all over your sister."

"Yeah, chew with your mouth closed Eddie."

"I'll do what I want you big baby."

"You're the big baby."

"Enough you two and behave at the dinner table or you'll be getting no dessert. You understand?"

After both nodded Bob turned back to his son and spoke.

"So what happened to get you so mad son?"

"Oh that Miss Crabtree is always trying to boss me around. She said my talking with Jimmy was distracting the class and I had to be quiet. But I told her I didn't have to do anything she said because I'm a boy and she is only a lowly woman. So she got mad and sent me to the principal's office."

"Well did you? Atta boy sport."

"Bob, you shouldn't encourage him."

"Nonsense dear. It's never too early for a boy to assert his male dominance. Don't worry about it boy. When I go golfing this Saturday I'll have a word with your principal Mr. Quigley about this. Things will be set straight. By the way," he whispered to his wife so the children couldn't hear, "I saw that Miss Crabtree in the hardware store the other day and I think she must be a dyke or something. Not only was she wearing pants, pants mind you, but she was buying some wood putty and a box of nails. What kind of decent woman shops in a hardware store?"

"I don't know about that dear. Every time I've seen her she's been wearing a proper dress and she acts quite ladylike."

"Well I don't know, maybe I'll speak to Quigley about that also. Might just be that she needs to get married so her husband can keep her in line. If not maybe some of us fathers can get together and throw her a little party so she learns her place."

Bob then turned to his daughter who had just finished wiping off her face with a freshly laundered linen napkin.

"So how about you princess, how was your day?"

"Very good, Daddy. I got an A on my math test and I'm one of the finalists in the school science fair."

"Really, you don't say. Well that's nice I suppose, though there really isn't any point in you going so crazy studying. Once you've grown up and gotten married then your husband will be taking care of the bills and such. Say, what do you say I take you to the toy store this weekend and buy some clothes for your doll. You'd like that, wouldn't you princess?"

"Sure Daddy," she said in a small voice as her spirit deflated within her.

Later that night after Ellen had put the children to bed she washed the dirty dishes, put out the trash, and darned Bob's socks. Finally when her work was done she retired to the master bedroom where Bob waited. He was sitting on the bed and smoking his pipe in his blue and white striped pajamas.

"You'll never guess who I ran into today at the supermarket," Ellen said as she kicked off her heels, "none other than Babs Mitty. It was quite awkward I assure you."

"That damn tramp," Bob growled, the anger apparent in his voice, "I don't know where this country is heading when such a jezebel can walk the streets. If I had my way her kind would be locked in prison and the key thrown away or at least they'd have to wear a scarlet letter as our forefathers wisely intended. Every time I see Walter it breaks my heart to see the toll its taken on him."

"I know and how she so openly carries on with that man. It has to hurt the children to have such a woman for a mother. I'd rather die than do that to you and our wonderful children. Bob, could you unzip me please?"

Once he'd acquiesced Ellen slid the day dress down and off. While Bob turned the covers down she removed her brassiere and half-slip, leaving her almost nude.

"Well I'm going to need your help with this," she said with a giggle.

Nodding to her he removed the chain from around his neck which held a small, silver key. His pudgy fingers fumbled with the lock but he persisted until he succeeded in unlocking it. He then pulled and tugged until the leather and metal chastity belt slid past her wide, child bearing hips and from there to the floor. Now wearing only her pearl necklace Ellen climbed onto the bed and lay on her back with her legs spread wide.

Bob stretched out next to her on his side as his hands began to roughly pinch and squeeze her white breasts with pink nipples until they were red and sore. Next his mouth moved there, slobbering all over them until they were wet with saliva. His need growing, he fumbled with the fly of his pajama pants until his erection was free. Forcing his whale like body up, he then positioned himself between his wife's thighs. It took but a moment to jam his four inch love muscle inside her at which point he began to thrust in and out. Grunting and sweating like a pig his body rose and fell as she passively lay beneath him like a proper wife.

Two minutes later his body stiffened as he ejaculated his seed deep into Ellen before his body collapsed on top of her. As he recovered she stroked his hair while murmuring sweet nothings into his ear. When he caught his breath he rolled off her, allowing Ellen to retrieve a wet washcloth from the bathroom which she used to lovingly clean his spent, flaccid member.

"Did you enjoy yourself sweetums?" she asked as she tucked him back into his pajamas.

"Of course honey. By the way I noticed there is some chafing on your thighs."

"Yes I think the chastity belt was rubbing me a bit. It must be that pound of weight I gained. Don't worry on my account dear, I'll just put some skin lotion on it."

"Well it looks like someone won't be eating dessert for a while. Say, do you want me to not put the belt on you tomorrow while it heals."

"That's so sweet of you dear, thinking of my comfort like that. But it isn't necessary I assure you. While we both know that I'm above reproach it makes more sense that I wear it. Suppose I was to faint or be knocked unconscious in an accident and some unprincipled man was to take advantage. No, it's best this way; so that you don't have to worry."

"I hit the jackpot with you my dear. What did I ever to do to deserve such a loving wife?"

"Do? Why you were born a man dear," she said before kissing him goodnight and turning off the light.

No sooner had Bob closed his eyes then he started at what sounded like the alarm clock going off.

"Honey, can you see what's wrong with that thing. It can't be morning yet."

There was no reply and when the infernal racket continued Bob opened his bloodshot eyes.

"No," he cried out as his eyes took in the small, dirty studio apartment littered with fast food wrappers and empty beer cans.

Staggering to his feet he shut off the alarm clock that rested on the small table next to the pull out sofa he'd slept on.

'Damn it was all a dream, my perfect life gone like a puff of smoke,' he thought, 'but at least I can do something that will help me feel better.'

As the coffeemaker dripped down a steady stream of dark, liquid gold he turned on the computer and typed in a familiar address. Five minutes later as he sipped the strong, bitter brew he logged in as avenginghubby4 then began to vote down all the newly posted Loving Wives stories with an occasional nasty comment thrown in for good measure.

The End?

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Re: English erotic story - The Loving Wife

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nice one

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