Hot And Sexy Maid

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Hot And Sexy Maid

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Hot And Sexy Maid
This is an experience i had with my domestic help. She is a girl of 21 years of age with a very sexy body filled up at the right places.The maid joined us when she was just 14 years old as a help to look after our new born daughter. She was just there to look after her small needs and play with her.

To me also she was just a child. Slowly with passing years she also grew up with our daughter. She has become part of our family and goes with us everywhere as company to my daughter even on holidays, five star hotels etc, such that she has become a very well dressed and mannered youngster. She is always clean and smelling fresh as my wife is very insistent of the same. Now with passing of time she has learn to cook and maintain the house and has become very efficient in this field also.

Over the years I have seen her growing up from a young girl to a nice and full women. When she came to us she was a young girl in her puberty with small bumps for tits. Slowly she has developed into a curvaceous young women with full bodied tits and a very well maintained figure. She does not have an ounce of extra weight and she is 34 26 34 figure. A figure most of us would lust after. I also started looking at her whenever she would come to the room to do the beds and would bend a bit to tuck in the sheets.

I could see her full bodied tits covered in her bra and could see the lovely flat stomach right through. Once in a while I have seen her in wet clothes after she gives my daughter her bath, and the figure hugging wet clothes give me a very clear view of her sexy body. This would turn me on and I would have a hard on, but could not make any move as my wife was always there. I would go to the bathroom and masturbate thinking about her.

One day my wife had to go for her cousin sisters wedding to Nagpur and as it was my daughters holidays, she was also going. I could not go due to work pressure and I told my wife to go, she was going for 10 days. The problem was regarding my meals and house maintained, so my wife left our maid behind saying that she would manage our daughter and also she would have enough help there. This was an excellent opportunity for me and I had made up my mind to lay the maid. I left my wife to the airport and went to office directly.

I came back from the office early complaining of a headache. As soon as I came home I told her to make the bed for me as I wanted to lie down. She did the needful and like earlier I kept looking at her boobs when she bent down. She saw me looking and adjusted her clothes only to come to my side and start doing the bed again. Her sexy ass was in front of my face and I just wanted to grab her there and then but kept myself from doing so. I asked her to give me an early dinner and have one herself.

After having her dinner (she sleeps in the house itself) I asked her to give me a pill for my headache. She suggested that she will apply balm on my forehead. This was a very good chance and I asked her to do the same. She came to my bedside and with her soft hands started rubbing the balm on my head. I had closed my eyes partially but was still looking at her. I slowly let my hand run along her legs, from the bottom up to her thighs, above her clothes. She flinched slightly but did not say anything.

This gave me a little courage and I opened my eyes, only to see her eyes closed and enjoying my touch. I asked her "did you like it" she was startled by my dialogue and started to blush. I said don't be shy.She said that she has never been with any man before and was a virgin, but had been fantasizing about me for a very long time. she had heard me and my wife making love many a times from outside our room door and had been playing with herself thinking it was her instead of my wife.

This gave me a green signal. I pulled her on the bed and told her, now that we have 10 days lets us have some fun. I slowly started hugging and kissing her and feeling her sexy body all over. She really had a nice and sexy body. Full bodied tits with nipples which were erect now and jutting out even through her bra, nice and flat stomach and fully rounded ass. I ran my hand over every part of her body kissing her fully on her mouth. She did not know what to do so I pushed my tongue into her mouth and started exploring it.

She did the same and was by now moaning to my touch and kisses. It sounded like she was the one on heat. she was burning with desire. I slowly removed her kameez and my T shirt. My naked upper body was clinging to her's and she was now moaning like a crazy women.

As we were the only one's in the house I did not bother. I took my hands behind and slowly opened her bra and removed it from her body. Her ripe, untouched tits popped out. They were firm and rounded with nipples which were erect and protruding about an inch outward.

I could not resist and took one into my mount and sucked hard, nibbling at her nipple and playing with the other one with my hand. I moved my free hand down to her salwar and opened the knot, the salwar slipped down to her feet and she stepped out of it. She was now standing in front of me just in her panties looking sexy as hell. She was surprisingly not shy and was looking into my eyes. Her eyes were full of lust. I told her to sit on the bed. I then removed my jeans and went to the TV and put on a XXX movie.

I went and lay down next to her and started to remove her panties. She did not object and was looking at the movie. Her pussy mound was sexy with a lot of pubic hair. I slowly started playing with her and parted her legs. The sight of the pink tight virgin pussy was something which drove me crazy. I started playing with her pussy running my finger along the length of the same and playing with her clit. She started moaning again and said "saab Ungli under dalo please". I realized she was enacting what was happening in the movie.

I was totally hard by now and was enjoying every moment. I had removed my underwear and was now naked with her. All of a sudden she grabbed my hard dick and started rubbing it up and down. She seemed to be getting more pleasure than me. All of a sudden she was shocked, I saw on the screen that the girl there was sucking the mans cock. I asked her to do the same.I said you will enjoy it.

She did just that and out her mouth to my now throbbing cock and started sucking it. She was a professional at it. I have never experience such pleasure. I turned her around and now we were in 69 position. I started sucking her pussy and clit. within minutes her body started shuddering and she gave a loud scream and her body tensed up. I realized she has had her 1st major orgasm.

I kept licking her pussy and she was just out of control. I turned her around and lay her down on the bed. I put my T shirt under us as I knew she was a virgin and could bleed. I told her that now I am going to Fuck you. "Saab Dard hoyega" she asked. I said "Thoda sa aur phir maza". I slowly started playing with her her body to ease her tension. She again started moaning, I realised this is the right time. I slowly put the head of my cock on her pussy and gave a slight jerk. It went in partially and she gave a small scream.

I started giving small strokes in her pussy moving inwards slowly, She had started relaxing and was getting wetter with each stroke. The without much warning I gave her a full stroke, breaking her virginity. She let out a loud scream and clung to my body, her nails digging into my back. I kept pounding her tight pussy slowly and steady till she had eased out and started enjoying.

She was now acting like a wild women. she must have had atleast 3 orgasm in the time I had one. Her pussy juices were flowing and were all over my body. I lay down on the bed and pulled her on top of me and she was pumping up and down like she was on fire. Looking at that young pussy going up and down my shaft made me cum like crazy. The smell on the air, of our love juices combined, was intoxicating.

We both lay down exhausted for a while and then got up and went to the bathroom. All her inhibitions had gone and she sat on the pot and eased herself in front of me. I went under the shower to take a bath and she joined me in there and cleaned each other up totally.

I started getting erect again and pushed her against the wall and under the rain shower made wild and crazy love to her in standing position.This carried on for the next 10 days. Even now whenever we get time we have a quickie.

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