me, my mother and my sexy wife

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Re: me, my mother and my sexy wife

Unread post by Nitin » 27 Mar 2018 14:54

I slowly put my hands behind her back to reach the hooks of her blouse. She
arched her back giving access to my hands. I quickly unhooked her blouse and
removed it from her. Now she was in her favourite black bra. I noticed how big
her breasts were when I saw that her bra even though quite big could barely
hold them. She put her hands behind her back and unhooked the bra and
removed it. Her beautiful breasts were now showing them off. They were

inviting me. I slowly moved my lips over them sending my warm breath over
her breasts. She always liked this and responded by moaning. I licked her
nipples, moved my tongue teasingly over them and sometime taking her breast
inside my mouth as much as I could. My dick was now rock hard and was
hurting me in my pants. My mom was out of control. Lust had completely
overpowered her. She unbuckled my trousers and unzipped them. I did the rest
by removing them off my legs. My dick was now throbbing inside my
underwear. My mom was now moving her hand over my underwear caressing
my dick.
ʺI want this inside me Mohan. What are you waiting for?ʺ
ʺOh ma I love you ma.ʺ
ʺOh Mohan ma needs to be loved by this.ʺ She said in a hoarse voice. She was
moving her hands over my underwear caressing my dick. I had never seen so
much lust in her eyes before. She was raising her waist (take me, take me,
without saying anything). I moved my hands towards the strings of her
petticoat. I struggled to untie them. It was now months we were having sex but
I always struggled to remove them. She knew this and she was in no mood to
wait. She herself removed the knots and slid the petticoat below her waist and
raised her bottom for me to take it off her legs. I removed her petticoat along
with her painty in one move making her naked. She was rubbing her legs
against each other churning her pussy. She had closed her eyes and her both
hands were above her head exposing her unshaved underarms. This always
made her look more naked.
ʺMohan aaja betaʺ (Mohan come my son)
I moved towards her breasts and just as I was about to kiss them she grabbed
my hair and pulled me towards her face.

ʺMere undar aaja beta. mai aab aur nahi ruk sakti. Sare din iska intjaar kiyaʺ
(Just get inside me. I canʹt wait. All the day I have waited for this.) She
whispered in my ear and slid my underwear down my waist exposing my dick.
ʺAs you say maʺ
She spread her legs in anticipation and separated her pussy lips with her two
fingers offering her womanhood to me.
ʺAajaʺ (ʺCome,ʺ she whispered.)
I placed my dick in the opening which she has offered to me and slowly pushed
it inside her.
ʺSsssssAaahhʺ she moaned with pleasure.
ʺAhhhh ma I am not completely inʺ
ʺGet in get in who has stopped you?ʺ
I pushed myself completely inside her in one stroke.
ʺAhhhhhhhhhhhhʺ she yelled.
Ignoring her I started to move my dick in and out of her moist pussy. Soon the
moistness turned into wetness and pleasure increased with every thrust. Her
pussy had clasped my dick tightly. I donʹt know if my dick was swollen more
than ever before or her pussy was tight that day. I was moving in and out of her
pussy, churning our love juices. Our eyes closed we were breathing heavily. I
put my arms behind her shoulder pressing myself over her body. She was
raising her hips in response to my every thrust. We were now floating in a river
of pleasure just floating with the flow. We were not trying to do anything but
just enjoying whatever was coming in our way.

ʺSssssssssAaaaahhhhhhhh Mohaaaaan you are such a darlingʺ
ʺOh maaaaa I love to be inside you, itʹs a heaven for me maaaaaʺ
ʺMohaaaaan I am feeling so fulllllll there. Ohhhhh my godʺ
ʺMaaaa you are so warm there ma I wish I always stay thereʺ
ʺMa would love that, ssssssaaaaaahhhhʺ she screamed with pleasure.
ʺMeri choot itni khabhi tani nahi thi ssssaahhh sssssssaaaaaaahhhhhhʺ (ʺMy
pussy never have been stretched like that ssssaahhh sssssssaaaaaaahhhhhhʺ)
She was right I have never felt her so tight before. I continued to move in and
out. Our hearts were beating frantically. We were almost out of breath. She was
now trying to spread her legs as wide as she could. This was a signal for me that
she was nearing her peak and needed my seeds inside her.
ʺAggghhhhhhh Mohaaaaaan agggghhhhhhhhʺ
ʺMaaaaaaa you feel so soooo gooooodʺ
ʺMohaaaaan I canʹt hold any more Mohaaaannʺ
ʺOhhh ma me tooʺ
ʺGive me Mohaaaan give it give it give it now ssssssaaaaaggghhhh.ʺ
ʺOhhh maaaaa Uggghhhhhhʺ
ʺMeri choot bhar de Mohan ssssssaaaaaghhhhhhʺ (ʺFill my pussy Mohan

My mom talking with me like that always made me mad. I started pumping her
ferociously moving in and out of her pussy. Her legs were spread wide apart to
receive me. We both were nearing our peak. She had started arching her back
thrusting herself against me (take me take me take me).
ʺUggggghhhhhh maaaaaaa Ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhʺ
I came inside her shooting my semen inside her.
ʺAggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh Mohaaaaaaan Aaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhʺ
She screamed with pleasure as she sensed my dick spraying her pussy with my
semen. This was the moment she was waiting for all the day. Her son planting
his seeds inside her. She could no longer hold and came violently digging her
nails in my back. She clamped my bottom with her legs forming a vice like grip
and pressing me hard and deep inside her pussy. We both were feeling each
otherʹs pulsation. My dick was shooting threads after threads in her pussy as I
was having sex after a gap of 5‐6 days. It seemed that my dick would never stop
filling her. Her pussy had clasped my dick and was contracting and relaxing as
if it was sucking my semen. Time seemed to have stopped. My dick was still
pulsating even though it was not shooting inside her. After a few moments I felt
her pussy was slowing down and soon her pulsations stopped thereafter. This
was one of the best orgasms I had ever had. It was the same for my mom too as
she confessed later.
We lay in that position for some time then after a while her grip on me
loosened. She opened her eyes and moved her fingers through my hair and
kissed me. I started to withdraw from her pussy but as usual she pulled me
again towards her.
ʺUmmmm Mohan just remain inside me I feel so good you are there.ʺ
ʺI had the best orgasm of my life today,ʺ she said.

ʺMe too ma. It seemed it would never stop.ʺ
ʺMohan you have filled me like never before.ʺ
I did not say anything but I just gave her a small kiss.
ʺI can feel your cum inside me.ʺ
ʺMa we did not ʺplayʺ for five days so now you have got five days of load
inside you,ʺ I grinned.
ʺAnd now an army of your tiny babhies (sperms) are racing to get inside my
baby bag.ʺ She pulled me towards her and kissed me very lovingly.
ʺThen one of them will infiltrate my egg and our love will then grow inside my
body as your baby.ʺ
ʺOur baby ma.ʺ I whispered in her ears.
ʺOh thatʹs right honey.ʺ
ʺI will become a mom once again and you will be a first time father.ʺ
ʺMohan you donʹt know the feelings when you will hold your baby in your
ʺI am already feeling so excited maʺ I said.
ʺThat baby will be our own flesh and blood, half you and half me.ʺ
ʺMa, do all women want to have babhies so desperately?ʺ I asked.

ʺYes honey. A woman is incomplete without a baby. When the baby feeds
latched to her breasts it is the most satisfying moment of her life. No woman
can feel complete without that.ʺ
I just smiled as I still donʹt know why women are so fascinated by babhies. May
be it is the natureʹs way of preserving and multiplying a species. And thatʹs why
the nature has given us all a bribe of ʺpleasureʺ when we indulge in sex.
I kissed her and rested myself over her. She was moving her hands over my
back and my hair with some occasional kisses. She was now mothering me. My
dick was now going limp and it started to move out of her pussy.
ʺMa I need to pull out.ʺ
She too sensed the condition of my dick. ʺOk honey. But do it very slowlyʺ
She began to raise her waist as I was pulling out. This kept my dick still inside
her. When she had raised her waist enough she quickly pulled the pillow from
under her head and placed it under her buttocks.
ʺOk honey, now pull outʺ
ʺWhat is that for ma?ʺ
ʺOh honey,ʺ she blushed.
ʺThatʹs to retain your seed inside me. This time I wonʹt take any chance.ʺ
ʺThis I will do every night till I am pregnantʺ she declared.
Her waist was now raised. Pillow under her waist had made her body like a
small mountain with her pussy itʹs peak. This obviously ruled out any leakage
out of her pussy. I knew that her fertile period would start only after ten to
twelve days. But she did not want to take any chance so she was preparing

herself from day one.I moved away from her. She placed her hands under her
head to support it showing off her unshaved underarms. She was smiling as I
looked towards her. I went inside the bathroom and cleaned and wiped myself
and went into the bed again. I kissed her nipples and buried my head in her
breasts. She grabbed my hair and moved my mouth towards one of her breasts.
She held her breast in one hand and guided it in my mouth. She wanted to
mother me as her maternal instinct had now taken over. I sucked it briefly and
removed my mouth from it. I just had an orgasm and it was not possible for me
to get into the mood so quickly. I was now lying beside her. I put my arm under
her neck.
ʺI need not ask you to suck me. Soon I will have my own baby. I just canʹt wait
for that to happen,ʺ she said.
ʺMa you are so desperate for a baby?ʺ
ʺYou know it Mohan.ʺ
Yes I knew it. It was a stupid question.
ʺYou know Mohan I always wished that I at least have four babhies, two boys
and two girls, a big and happy family.ʺ
ʺOh ma I hope your dream comes true.ʺ
ʺAt this age I donʹt know Mohanʺ
ʺLetʹs see ma, whatʹs wrong in hoping so?ʺ
ʺYeahʺ she agreed.
ʺOk honey you go and have some ice cream.ʺ
ʺAnd you ma?ʺ

ʺNo honey I donʹt want to get up and spoil my efforts. If I get up everything
will flow out of me.ʺ
ʺOk Then.ʺ I said.
I went into the kitchen and took some ice cream in two bowls and went inside
the bedroom. I was still naked as I went into the bed.
ʺHere ma this is for you,ʺ I said. I placed a small pillow under her head and
placed the bowl over her belly.
ʺOh thank you honey you are so sweet,ʺ she said and started to eat.
After we had finished eating I washed the empty bowls and returned to bed.
My mom was still lying like that. I realized that I wonʹt get any more chance to
have sex with my mom that night. She would not like to disturb her setting. I
pulled on my shorts and crept near her. I kissed her lips she responded by
moving her fingers through my hair. This was a pure motherly love. I was
amazed how she could switch her rolls so quickly. She then pulled me towards
her and offered me her breast. This time I took it in my mouth and started
sucking it like a baby. She was moving her fingers through my hair and
caressing my back. The warmth of her body and the ansurance provided by her
motherly love quickly put me to deep slumber.
After that night my mom would allow me to have sex only once in a day and
that too in the night. She wanted to maximise her chances of conception.
Days and weeks passed this way.
On an early Sunday morning we were just lying in the bed. It was still dark
outside. My mom came closer to me and put her head on my chest. I put my
arm around her back in response. She started to rub her face lightly on my
chest. This was one of her way of showing affection to me. After a while she

moved her face towards mine and kissed me. She then moved her lips over my
ear and kissed it.
ʺMohan I think I am pregnant.ʺ She whispered in my ear.
ʺOh really ma,ʺ I was excited.
ʺYes honey I missed my periods. It has been more than two weeks now.ʺ
ʺMay be tomorrow I will go to the clinic with my urine sample for a
ʺWow ma I canʹt believe that I have made you pregnantʺ
ʺYes honey you have made me pregnant and you are going to be a father soonʺ
ʺOur love is growing inside my belly Mohan.ʺ She said moving her hand over
her belly. She then grabbed one of my hand placed it below her belly button.
ʺHere Mohan here, I will carry your baby here.ʺ She began moving my hand in
a circular motion between her naval and her pubic area.
ʺAfter a few months my belly will become this bigʺ She said placing her hand
above her belly at a distance.
She then pulled me over her and whispered in my ear ʺLove me Mohanʺ
We were not wearing any clothes so I just adjusted myself between her legs. My
dick was already stiff. I kissed her lips.
ʺI love you ma.ʺ
ʺI love you too my dear. You have given me so much happiness.ʺ

My mom pulled my head towards her holding my hair and kissed me. She then
spread her legs to welcome me inside her. I quickly slipped inside her moist
and cosy cave. We always enjoyed early morning sex. But we did not have any
early morning sex for more than a month. So that day we were really enjoying
it. Mom was slow and relaxed as she has achieved what she wanted. She was
more ansured and confidant. We both had a most intense and fulfilling orgasms.
ʺOh Mohan you are such a wonderful lover.ʺ
ʺYou too ma,ʺ I giggled.
We then separated as the sky began to brighten.
Next day my mom called me in the afternoon when I was in my office and gave
me the good news. Yes the test results were positive and now her pregnancy
was confirmed. But she was always confidant of the results.
As weeks and months passed I watched with excitement my momʹs belly grow
with our baby inside it. Now she had that special glow of a pregnant woman.
Whenever we went out she would put her arm around my arm and walk with
pride showing off her big belly. We had sex in first three months of her
pregnancy but after that we stopped as the doctor advised against it. By the end
of her pregnancy her belly had become quite big. Her breasts were too big for
any of her blouses. Her nipples were now dark brown, almost black. She was
completely ready to welcome our baby.
My mom gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. My mom was right, my heart filled
with warmth and love when I held my daughter first time in my arms. She was
beautiful as my mom with big dark eyes and dark hair. We named her
ʺSunaynaʺ (Beautiful eyes). Well this was a new beginning for us. We wanted
more kids now as we both were in love with our daughter the moment she was

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