me, my mother and my sexy wife

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me, my mother and my sexy wife

Unread post by Nitin » 27 Mar 2018 14:51

I was born as the only child to my parents when my mother was barely sixteen
years old and my father was 27 years old then. He used to work in a hazardous
chemical factory in shifts. As the earnings were not good enough we lived in a
small studio apartment which is called one room kitchen, where you have a
living room a kitchen and a toilet no bedroom.
As my mother Sujata had married my father when she was only fifteen and the
next year I was born so she had to discontinue her studies to look after me. But
she was determined to study further so after 3 years she got admission to a
collage and completed her degree in three years. I was also studious as her and
always tried hard to excel in school. My mother did a great job to educate me at
home I remember she often used to sit with me for hours and make me recite
poems, math tables, spellings etc. Her continuous monitoring always angered
me. But all this paid off when I got admission to an egineering collage. I
selected mechanical egineering as in those days computers were unheard of
otherwise I would have preferred computer science.
Now let me tell you something at my home. As I have mentioned we lived in a
studio apartment there was hardly any privacy for my parents. Till I was 7‐8
years old we all slept in the living room. I had a different bed which was placed
perpendicular at a distance from my parentʹs bed. As I grew older my parents
started sleeping in the kitchen. In the night my mother would place a mattress
in the kitchen where they both slept. This would happen when my father was
doing a day shift. I remember all this changed when I was about sixteen or
seventeen. I noticed my parents never slept together even if my father was
having a holiday. I wondered what the matter was. I was scared that my
parents would divorce. I even suspected that my father would be taking
another woman. Fortunately nothing that sort of happened. Meanwhile my
mother took up a job as a school teacher and soon became popular in the school.
But things were not going smoothly at home as I noticed my father used to
come home with a very pale face every passing day he appeared more tired.
Once I asked him to get himself examined but he ignored. One day the
inevitable happened we got a phone call at around midnight that my father has

lost consciousness and is hospitalized. My mother started crying I was also in
tears and did not know what to do. My mother hugged me and I tried to
comfort her but she would not stop crying. There was no transport available at
midnight. So early next morning we went to see him. He was all but a pale
shadow of himself as we knew him. We both hugged my father, we knew there
was something wrong with him but what it was we were about to be told.
A young doctor examined my father and read the blood reports etc and called
me outside the room while my mother was by my father. ʺLook here, at this
report. This says your fatherʹs body is poisoned by continuous exposure to the
hazardous chemicals.ʺ I was terrified to know that.
ʺWe could have done something if you had come earlier but itʹs too late now the
damage to his internal organs and nervous system is irreversible only some
miracle can save him now.ʺ This was a shock for me. I could hardly stand on
my feet.
ʺAt the most you can ask for compensation from the employer and I promise I
will make a very strong report in your favour.ʺ
At that moment I felt somebody has taken life out of my limbs but I gathered
myself and went smiling into the room to see my father.
ʺWhat did the doctor say?ʺ asked my father.
ʺThere is some problem with your blood reports but you should be alright.ʺ
My father somehow knew he was not going home so he asked me to come near
him and said ʺLook Mohan I know my time has come. I can feel it I can see the
death coming. But I am not worried about it. I am worried about you and your
mother.ʺ Tears rolled down my cheeks. My mother was also sobbing.
ʺI want two promises from you.ʺ

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Re: me, my mother and my sexy wife

Unread post by Nitin » 27 Mar 2018 14:51

ʺTell me father what you want me to do?ʺ I asked.
ʺComplete your collage and do not get distracted by my death.ʺ
ʺWhatʹs the other one?ʺ I asked.
ʺI want you to look after your mother and donʹt you ever leave her alone.ʺ
ʺI would have done that even if you did not ask me,ʺ I ansured him.
For the next few days he was in the hospital. He died a very painful death. We
were devastated. My mother was shocked as we never expected this to happen
in such a young age. After the mourning period was over I took my mother to a
lawyer and filed a case for compensation. Next day two top officials from the
company came to our home for asking us to negotiate an out of court
settlement. My mother was in no mood to talk so I had to talk with them. I told
them that I will inform you after discussing with our lawyer to which they
agreed. The next day I went to my lawyer but he had gone in an emergency to
his native place to see his father and was expected back only after one month.
So I decided to negotiate with the company on my own. I negotiated a very
good amount from the company and dropped the case. Suddenly I found
myself in charge of the situation. My mother was also proud of me for I kept my
cool and acted like a man in charge a real man at the age of just eighteen.
For the next four years I did not let myself distract by anything and went about
my business as usual and completed my collage and took up a job in an
egineering company in a town nearby. I asked my mother to move with me
but she refused to give up her job and move with me. Again as I was the man of
the house I convinced her that she can get a job in that town too. She reluctantly
agreed, we sold the apartment and I bought a brand new independent house
Ground+ 1 from the money we received after selling the apartment and partly
from the money we received as compensation. I also bought a used car for us.

My mother was more than happy when we moved in the house as she always
dreamt of a bungalow of her own. This was a dream come true for her. But
quickly her happiness vanished from her face as she went into her shell again.
She started to think about my father again and became depressed. This was
worrying for me as she had resigned from her job on my insistence and she had
nothing to do at home but think about the past. I considered this as my
responsibility to take her out of this.
In those days I never stayed late in the office as to be with her as early as
possible. She had also started wearing white saris meant for widows. I could
not take this anymore as this was something self‐inflicted. She was doing fine
but just because she had nothing to do at home she had gone back into her sell.
ʺEmpty mind is a devilʹs workshop.ʺ
She was so beautiful and her self inflicted grief was not doing any good to her. I
sometimes used to get turned on with slightest glimpse of her cleavage but then
I used to feel guilty of having such a feeling in my mind. I was now 23 years old
and I had never been with any girl or a woman before. Forget being with any
woman I was not even very comfortable talking to them. All these years I
dedicated myself to collage and studies and now I was putting my whole effort
to earn a living for me and my mother. I was not getting any satisfaction by
relieving myself with my own help. I needed a woman desperately. But who
could be this woman? The only woman who I knew and was comfortable with
was my own mom. Lately I had started fantasizing about having sex with my
own mom. Initially I used to feel guilty about it but I could not help it.
But now the priority was different. She needed my help and support. I decided
to take her out of this self inflicted grief. One friday I came early.
ʺLook ma what I have brought for you.ʺ
ʺWhat is it? Any new vegetable?ʺ without even coming out of kitchen she fired
those two shots.

ʺCʹmon ma, just come out and see.ʺ
ʺWait a minute let me cook this first.ʺ
ʺThatʹs enough.ʺ
I went into the kitchen put off the gas, hold her left arm with my left hand and
put my right arm around her waist and dragged her out of the kitchen into the
living room.
ʺWhat are you doing son?ʺ
ʺEven your father has never dragged me like this.ʺ
ʺMa I am the man of the house now and you must stop grieving now it is
ʺLook ma this is a new sari for you and I know you already have a matching
blouse for this. So please wear this and get ready we have to go for a movie.ʺ
ʺNo son I donʹt. I donʹt want to see any movie.ʺ
ʺOK Then.ʺ
I was pissed off. I quickly went up stair in my room I sat there for a while. I was
not sure what to do so I picked up my car key and went out slamming the main
door of the house so that my mother could hear it. As I drove out I could see my
mother come running towards the main gate but I did not stop. I went to a bar I
had 2 shots and was about to leave just then two of my old classmate entered
the bar I again went back with them and then I donʹt know how much I drank
but I know that I could no longer walk or speak properly. That day one of my
friend took me to my home in his car while the other drove my car to my home.

As they helped me towards the door I saw my mother waiting for me (I could
barely remember this). The friends were too embarrassed to talk, they just
vanished. The next day when I woke up I was shocked to see myself in my
motherʹs bedroom. My mother was standing beside me crying. I quickly
understood what had happened as I had some faint memories of the events
after my friends left. I remembered how my mother struggled to bring me to the
bedroom and no sooner did she put me in bed I had passed off. . My mother
helped me into her bedroom as it was not possible for her to carry me upstairs.
ʺLook ma, I am very sorry for what has happened but this is all because of you.
Had you come with me yesterday this would not have happened.ʺ
ʺJust shut up. You are grown up, now you should know what is right and what
is wrong.ʺ
ʺBut ma..ʺ
ʺItʹs all my fault, I am a failed mother.ʺ
ʺCʹmon ma whatʹs the big deal? I have never come drunk like this before, forget
it, itʹs just one off incidence.ʺ
ʺMohan who I am supposed to look at if something happens to you?ʺ
ʺI have already lost your father and if something happens to you?ʺ and she
started crying.
I got up from the bed and hugged her, she kept her head against my chest and I
drew her closer holding her back with one hand and the waist with the other. I
caressed her back and moved my fingers through her dark hair.
ʺI wonʹt do it again ma.ʺ
ʺI know it my dear you wonʹt do it again.ʺ

ʺMa I just want you to be happy.ʺ
We hugged for quite a long time and then finally she kissed me on my forehead
and I loosened my grip on her. We felt much better now.
The day passed without any incidence, ma had cooked chicken biryani and
raita my favourite dishes. After the lunch I just slept on the couch watching TV.
ʺGet up Mohan get up itʹs evening.ʺ
I woke up rubbing my eyes and I could not believe my eyes. There she was. My
mother was wearing the new sari which I had bought for her yesterday with a
low cut matching blouse. I cloud clearly see her cleavage through it. She was
also wearing a black colour bra inside her blouse which was making her look
sexy. She was also wearing flowers in her hair. She had made a very beautiful
hair style. She also had applied some light makeup and a mild perfume whose
aroma was just irresistible. Although I was 23 years old, my mom was just 39
years old as she was just 16 when I was borne. She is 5ʹ4ʺ tall and has a great
structure. She had an absolutely flat belly but her breasts were quite big
compared to her not so skinny looks. Her bottom was also quite curvy but
without any extra flab.
ʺThatʹs great ma, you look absolutely fantastic. Are you going out somewhere?ʺ
ʺWhere?ʺ lying on the couch I asked.
ʺListen Mohan, I must accept that I was wrong.ʺ
ʺWhat wrong?ʺ I asked.
ʺYour father is dead long back.ʺ

ʺSo?ʺ I asked.
ʺI loved him but I should not grieve for him forever, he is not going to come
ʺYes ma, thatʹs the reality.ʺ I said.
ʺIf I keep doing that I may lose you too to the alcohol.ʺ
ʺMa I am not an alcoholic.ʺ
ʺI know and I donʹt want you to become one, so now get up and get ready we
will go the movie that you were telling yesterday.ʺ
ʺOk just wait for a few minutes I will be ready.ʺ
As I rushed up stairs to my bathroom I was thinking how beautiful mom was
and I wondered I never noticed it before. I quickly shaved, took a shower and
put on my favourite t‐shirt and jeans and I was ready to go.
ʺMy god you look so handsome honey.ʺ
ʺOh really?ʺ I asked.
ʺYes dear, you look more handsome than your father when he was young.ʺ And
she went into a trance as she thought about my father.
ʺCome on ma. Not again.ʺ
ʺOh sorry dear I just..ʺ
Then she came closer to me smiling and that smile had an unusual effect on me.
First time in my life I saw a ray of hope of getting intimate with her. I felt blood

rushing from my groins towards my dick as it started to swell. I kept my face as
normal as possible so as not to let her know about my condition. She put her
right arm in my left arm, her breast was now touching my right arm and as she
came closer to me I could feel the softness of her bust. I was in a very bad
condition as my dick was growing harder and was trying to get up inside my
underpants and it has hurting me. My mind was racing with thoughts about the
ways to get closer to her.
ʺOk shall we go now?ʺ she asked.
ʺYes letʹs go.ʺ
With some difficulty I walked towards our car as she had still her arm in my
arm with her breast rubbing against it more as we walked. I opened the door for
her then I took up my seat and while sitting I took the chance to adjust my dick,
I was feeling much relieved now.
ʺMa I will take you to some shopping then we will go to a restaurant and then
to the movie.ʺ
ʺIt will be late.ʺ
ʺTomorrow is Sunday itʹs no problem.ʺ
ʺOk then lets go.ʺ She said.
I took her to a big department store. In those days we did not have any
shopping malls. I insisted her to buy some new saris and I also asked her to buy
a ʺchudidharʺ ( A kind of North Indian dress) dress. My mother was a modest
ʺI have never used such a dress in my life.ʺ

ʺIt doesnʹt matter ma. I want you not to dwell on the past you must look
forward to the future now.ʺ
I wondered how my mom would look in that dress. After having dinner in a
restaurant we went to the movie which was a slow love story not very
entertaining but it was good. We then headed back to our home. It was almost
1.00am when we reached our home.
ʺIt was a wonderful evening honey I am so happy today.ʺ
ʺThatʹs what I want ma I want you to be always happy.ʺ
She came closer to me as I closed the door. She came directly toward me and
gave me a small hug and started to move away. My mom had never hugged me
after I was may be 9 or 10 years old, so I did not want it to end so quick I put
my arms around her back and pulled her closer. My dick sprang into action as I
felt blood rushing into it.
ʺI had a very good time today after a long time.ʺ she said.
Then looking lovingly into my eyes she came closer to me putting her arms
around my neck and resting her breasts against my chest. This put an extra
pressure on my already hard dick. Her beautiful soft breasts pressing against
my chest were driving me crazy, the scent of her body was overwhelming and it
was just impossible to remove my eyes from her beautiful dark black eyes. She
then slowly raised her chin and pulled my head grasping my hairs towards her
and kissed my both cheeks and then she started to move away. I did not want
to waste this opportunity so I did not release her instead I pulled her towards
me and slowly kissed her on one cheek. To my surprise she seemed to enjoy
ʺYou know Mohan you have kissed me after so many years I donʹt recollect
when you last did that may be you were 8 or 9.ʺ

ʺWell then here is one more ma and there will be many more from now.ʺ
I again pulled her towards me this time putting both my hands just below her
waist and above her bottom and kissed her on the other cheek. She seemed to
enjoy this one too.
ʺI love you ma and I want you to be happy all the time.ʺ
ʺOh dear I love you too, I should have listen to you yesterday.ʺ
ʺNow thatʹs history ma.ʺ
ʺI would look forward to more such weekends Mohan.ʺ
ʺAs you wish ma, may be next Saturday morning we will go for a boat ride.ʺ
ʺThatʹs a great idea,ʺ She said.
She was still in my arms, her breast resting against my chest and our face close
to each other. I could feel her breath I could feel her heart beats and here scent
was driving me mad. I wished this to long as long as it can. But she interrupted
that moment.
ʺOk dear now I go to sleep it is already too late.ʺ I did not want it to end like
this but she put an end to it.
ʺOk ma good night,ʺ but I did not want to say that.
I went upstairs to my bedroom. My dick was hard and paining it needed a
relief. I went to the bathroom and relieved myself all the time fantasizing about
making love with my mom. I then went into my bedroom and slept thinking
about my next move to bed my mom!

The next day was a wonderful day as the whole day we talked about many
things. She told me lot of funny things about me when I was a baby, some of
them she had told me a lot of times before but it was wonderful listening to
them again. She also told me for the first time about her collage days about her
girlfriends and many other things. We were talking like friends. I was also
relieved now that at least I was able to pull her out of her shell, but now I was
lusting for her!
That week was great and I never missed a chance to get closer to her. Everyday
before going to office and after coming from office I would kiss her (cheeks). It
appeared to me that she had accepted me as the man of the house because I
noticed that she would apply some light makeup some flowers in her hair and
get ready to welcome me in the evening as if a wife welcoming her husband.
I remember on the Friday that week my mom was in the kitchen preparing our
dinner. We were supposed to go for a boat ride the next morning, so we
decided not to go out that night. I was restless and horny. The thoughts of
making love with my mom had driven me crazy throughout the week and this
was the weekend and I made up my mind to make my move tat day. I moved
into the kitchen went behind my mom and gently put my arms around her belly
and trying to remain as normal as possible asked her.
ʺWhat are you doing mom? I am hungry.ʺ
ʺI am almost finished with everything else but this one. This is a sweet dish for
you and it is almost done just wait for a minute I will arrange everything on the
ʺMa you are so sweet why make a sweet dish?ʺ
ʺWhat do you mean?ʺ

I switched off the gas and turned her around, pulled her towards me and as her
breasts rest against me I raised her chin and slowly placed my lips over her lips
and kissed her gently.
ʺMohan what are you doing?ʺ
She complained but she did not try to move out of my arms. I knew this was the
sign of acceptance. I had never made love with any girl/woman before. But I
knew that she was ready for surrender!
ʺI love you ma.ʺ
This time I drew her closer holding her tight against me I felt her breath
increase as she closed her eyes put her arms around me and started rubbing her
cheek with mine. I felt her warm breath on my ear.
ʺOh Mohan donʹt do this, its immoral we are mother and son,ʺ but she seemed
to enjoy it.
ʺI love you ma and I donʹt care if it is immoral.ʺ
ʺMohan please leave me,ʺ she resisted.
But I did no leave her as I was already turned on. I pulled her closer slowly
moving my hands on her back and waist and after some time I felt her
resistance die down. She was also now feeling the heat may be after remaining
abstained from sex for so long.
ʺOh Mohan hold me like that its feeling so good.ʺ
We were melting into each others arms and my dick was hard like a rock , I was
almost out of breath, my heart was about to burst I felt blood rushing from
every part of my body towards my dick and it was growing harder and harder.

ʺOh ma you are so beautiful.ʺ
I kissed her lips again. She opened her eyes
ʺNot like this son.ʺ
She then placed her lips on mine and slowly slipped her tongue inside my
mouth. This sent a sudden shock wave inside my body I had never experienced
anything like this before. Her tongue was now playing with my tongue as she
sucked it and pressed her breast harder and harder against me. I donʹt know
how long it lasted I was almost about to come when she stopped.
ʺLet us have our dinner and then you can have the sweet dish later.ʺ
ʺMa let me have the sweet dish first.ʺ
ʺDonʹt rush dear we have enough time.ʺ
ʺI canʹt wait.ʺ
I lifted her in my arms and took her to her bedroom and pushed the door with
my leg to close it and placed her on the bed. I also got into it. I was on top of
her. I moved my fingers through her hair. She closed her eyes. I pulled her sari
from her shoulder and started removing it. My mother placed her hands on her
eyes. She wanted this but at the same time she was too ashamed to face me. I
removed her sari, now she was only in her blouse and petticoat exposing her
beautiful naval. She was still holding her hands against her eyes.
ʺMa look at me,ʺ I said trying to remove her hands from her eyes.
She wonʹt let me remove her hands neither would she look at me. I took off my
t‐shirt and I was now only in my shorts. I gently kissed her naval. She shivered
as if some current flew through her body. I started kissing her belly all around
and slowly moved up towards her breasts. I placed my face in between her

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Re: me, my mother and my sexy wife

Unread post by Nitin » 27 Mar 2018 14:52

breasts and begin to rub them with my mouth, with my cheek and with my chin
as she slowly started turning and twisting in the bed. Now she removed her
hands form her eyes as the lust took over her shame, she grabbed my head and
pressed me against her breasts.
ʺUmmmh Mohan it feels so good.ʺ
ʺMohan please suck them.ʺ
She turned to one of her side and I was now lying on one side facing her. She
moved slightly up and made my mouth come directly in front of her breasts.
Then she unbuttoned two of the lowest buttons of her blouse, put her hand
under the blouse and took out one of her breast. I was spellbound. Her breast
was so big and the nipple was large and the tit was projecting out to a good
extent. I had no memory of seeing it before. I was breathing heavily. She pulled
my head towards it and holding her breast in one hand she guided it in my
mouth just as a mother would feed her baby.
ʺTake it baby its your, this is the way you preferred when you were a baby.ʺ
I started sucking it, moving my tongue over it. She pulled me still closer to her
and put her leg over my legs. She had grabbed my hairs with one hand the
other hand was restlessly moving over my back. My dick was harder than ever
and was paining. This went on for a while.
ʺOhhh baby it feels sooo good.ʺ
ʺUmmmh suck it, take it whole in your mouthʺ she pushed it a further inside
my mouth.
My mouth was now filled with her breast. I was moving my tongue over her
nipple and sucking it continuously.
ʺOhhh honey take the other one now,ʺ after a while said she.

ʺLet me finish the unfinished task first,ʺ I said and I unbuttoned her blouse
As I was struggling to get it off her body she herself took it off. For the first time
I had a complete view of her firm round and voluptuous breasts with big
nipples. They were white than her rest of her body.
ʺMohan take the other one now I canʹt wait to be sucked Ummmh.ʺ
My mother talking like that made me crazy. I frantically started sucking her
breast while she was moaning, twisting and turning in the bed. The scent of her
body the mild perfume mixed with her sweat was driving me mad.
ʺOh its so gooood keep sucking Ahhh.ʺ
ʺOhhh Mohan you have come back to me, my baby.ʺ
ʺOhhh baby.ʺ
And now she turned over, lying against her back on the bed dragging me on
top of her attached to her breast. She started pulling my head towards her. This
was a signal for me to stop sucking and start something else. But I did not
understand it and kept sucking.
ʺUmmmh Mohan.ʺ
ʺUmmmmh Mohan come near me dear and love me like my man.ʺ
I raised my head and for the first time I saw her totally naked waist up. She was
looking expectantly in my eyes her shame had vanished and I could clearly see
the lust in them. She was moving her fingers through her hairs exposing her
underarms which showed some hairs as I guessed she must not have shaven
her under arms for may be two weeks. I moved towards her and started kissing

her she responded in an equally vigorous way. Lying on top of her I removed
the strings of her petticoat and slid it down her waist and she quickly removed
it from her body. She was now wearing only her underwear and I was pressing
my dick hard against it although I was in my shorts I know she was already
feeling its hardness as she was again and again raising her waist to press her
pussy against my dick.
ʺUmmmh Mohan.ʺ
I removed my shorts and also the underwear I was completely naked now. She
glanced at my dick. Her eyes widened at the sight of her own sonʹs dick.
ʺMy god you are so big Mohan I just canʹt wait, ma needs you inside.ʺ
ʺUmmmh Mohan come inside my body.ʺ
ʺOh Mohan make me naked like you,ʺ she was now shameless.
ʺRemove these and get in I am already wet.ʺ She said pointing her finger
towards her painty.
She lifted her waist up so that I could easily remove her painty. As I slid her
painty down she helped herself by dragging it down and removing off her legs.
Now she was lying completely naked in front of me, in front of her own son!
For the first time I was watching a naked woman and that too my own mom. It
was a delight to watch her naked body. She had a much fuller body than I
imagined. She had beautiful dense and dark hair which reached right up to her
buttocks. Her big dark eyes stared at me with an open invitation to penetrate
her. Her neck was thin and long with shoulders a little broader for a woman.
Her breasts were now showing them off with full glory, they were now looking
more voluptuous yet they were firm for her age with large nipples pointing up
words. They were moving up and down with her every breath which was
growing heavier and heavier with every second. Her belly was not very flat but
still it was flat enough with a little flab around her naval which made it look

even more attractive with the naval looking more round and deep .Her upper
body sharply narrowed down towards her waist and her hips were quite wide
narrowing sharply as they reached her thighs. All this gave her body a shape of
a mermaid. I was spellbound and could not take eyes off her body. My dick was
growing harder and harder and now I could feel the pain because of the
pressure built up by the blood rushing in to it from all parts of my body. Her
legs were close to each other and I could only see a dark triangle of her hair in
between them. She was now too excited and closed her eyes.
ʺUmmmh Mohan.ʺ
ʺOhh Mohan please come inside me this is where you belong.ʺ
While still lying on her back she folded her legs upwards and then slowly
parted them apart as if to open a gate for me, heavenʹs gate! I could barely see
the lips of her pussy as everything was covered with her thick dark and curly
pubic hairs. Her pubic area was quite wide, the gap between her thighs must
have been five inches and this is what must have made her hips wide. I thought
the gap was so wide that she could have easily delivered an oversized baby
without any problem. She was a perfect woman!
ʺOhhh Mohan.ʺ
ʺMohan I canʹt wait,ʺ she complained.
I leaned towards her. She quickly pulled me towards her forcing me to press
against her body. She pulled my hair with one hand and brought my ear near
her mouth while the other hand was firmly pressing me against her. Now I
could hear her heavy breathing and moaning. My chest was pressing hard
against her beautiful soft breasts and I could feel her heart pounding like a
drum. She was sweating a little bit and her musky sent was driving me mad. I
was rubbing my cheek, my chin and my lips on her face. I moved my mouth a
little down towards her neck and I realized the musky scent grew stronger as I
further moved my nose towards her armpit. This was the place where it was the

most intense. I slowly moved my nose inside her armpit, and the smell was so
intense that I almost came. Just then she pulled my head towards her and
whispered in my ear . ʺOhhh Mohan.ʺ
ʺDonʹt waste time. Now just get inside me I want you in there.ʺ
ʺOhh ma its feeling so good.ʺ
ʺCome inside I promise it will be still better.ʺ
She reached out for the night lamp button and switched it off. The room was
still illuminated by the light coming from outside through the semi transparent
glasses of our big windows. I positioned my dick where I thought her pussy
was as I could not see anything because she was already pulling my head down
towards her. I was now excited beyond any words could describe it and
shaking with the thought of entering the place where I came from 23 years ago.
My mom was lying naked under me begging me to enter her body. Begging me
to breach the barrier of our relation all these thoughts were driving me mad.
I pushed my pelvis forward to gain entry but the thrust was misdirected as my
dick brushed against inside of her thighs. Excited and now terribly shaking I
tried again but again I could not make it. I have never been with any women
ʺOhhh Mohan honey what are you doing.ʺ
ʺDonʹt make me cry for it (my dick), I just canʹt wait anymore.ʺ
My mom talking with me like that was driving me crazy. She then grabbed my
rock hard dick with her one hand and with fingers of other hand slightly parted
the lips of her pussy and placed the head of my dick in between them.
ʺNow slowwwly drive in,ʺ She whispered in a very soft voice in my ear.

I slowly pushed my pelvis towards her forcing my dick a little inside her
ʺOhhh slowly it hurts.ʺ
I pulled out and started again, this time I was very slow and went inside a little
further than before.
ʺOhhh slowly.ʺ
I pulled back again and this time I completely forced my dick inside her The
moment I went in it was a heavenly feeling for me. The barrier of our relation
was broken, taboo was forgotten and a new relation was established between
her and me. Now I was her man and she was my woman. We were lovers
eagarly wanting to love each other after a long time. But she was in some pain.
ʺOhhh Mohan you are so thick you are going to tear me apart.ʺ
ʺDid it hurt ma?ʺ
ʺDonʹt worry, just a little dearʺ As she spread her legs wide apart making
herself comfortable.
ʺAhhhh Mohan itʹs so good.ʺ
She pulled me towards her with all her strength and locked her lips with mine,
our tongues were sucking juices out of each other. My chest was now pressing
hard against her soft voluptuous breasts. My arms around her back and her
arms around mine my thighs against her thighs and our genitals locked. Her
vagina was soft, wet and warm. The pleasure it was giving to my dick was
similar to the pleasure you get sleeping in a blanket in a very cold night, warm
and cosy. I had never imagined making love to a woman is such a heavenly

I started moving my dick in and out of her pussy. I realized although soft, her
vagina had a very firm grip on my dick as if it had stuck inside it.
ʺUmmmm Mohan you are going to rip my ʺchootʺ (pussy).ʺ
My mom talking like this with me was acting like pouring petrol over fire.
ʺOhhh ma please donʹt talk like that it will make me comeʺ
As my in and out continued, her pussy became wet as both of our love juices
blended inside her. She was now more at ease as it no longer hurt her. Her
vagina still had a good grip on my dick but now it was a very pleasing grip for
both of us. We were feeling waves after waves of pleasure with every move of
my dick. We were both breathing heavily and my mom was moaning with
pleasure. With my every forward thrust she was lifting her waist to get me
inside her as deep as possible. As our rhythm increased her moaning increased.
ʺUhhhhhh Mohan keep doing, dig deep inside my ʺchootʺ
ʺOhhh maʺ
I started moving in and out fanatically. She was raising her waist moaning with
pleasure. She had parted her legs as widely as she could. The churned love
juices from her pussy were now dripping out of it. I could feel them as they
wetted my balls.
ʺAhhhhh Faster Mohan faster, my baby faster.ʺ
She was now trying to spread her legs apart which were already spread to the
limits. Now I started to drive my dick in and out of her pussy like a piston
moving inside a cylinder.
ʺOhhhh yes baby yes just like that,ʺ she was screaming with pleasure.

ʺAhhhhhhh aisehi(just like this)ʺ
ʺUiiii maaa aisehi Mohan aisehiʺ ( Ohhh just like this Mohan just like this)
ʺAhhhhh Mohan I am going to come, Ohhh my god Mohan go deep inside.ʺ
ʺOhhhh Mohan rip my choot apart Mohan rip it,ʺ she screamed with pleasure.
ʺOhhh ma I can not hold nowʺ
ʺMohaaaan fill my ʺchootʺ now ahhhh I am comingʺ
ʺAhhhhhh fill my choot, fill itʺ
ʺAhhhhh just fill it baby fill it fill it fill it.ʺ
ʺOhhhhh fill it now baby, it has waited for years to be filled.ʺ
ʺOhhhh Mohan just give me give me give me give me your seed.ʺ
And she started climaxing I could say that because suddenly she arched her
back lifted her body against mine and pressed her finger nails on my back.
ʺOhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaʺ As I climaxed just after her.
I released myself inside her pussy while we both were holding each other as
tightly as we could. She could feel my pulsating dick filling her pussy with my
sperms. Waves of pleasure and ecstasy ran through our bodies. Our eyes closed,
bodies shivering and genitals locked. We were experiencing the pleasure of our
life. I had never experienced such an intense orgasm in my life. We had also
broken the taboo and my mom had now accepted me as her lover, her man. I
lay on top of her for a while. I wanted this to never end. But slowly my dick
started to go limp so I tried to withdraw.
ʺOh Mohan donʹt do that remain inside for a while its feeling good.ʺ
ʺWhat good you are feeling ma?ʺ I gave her a small kiss.
ʺOh just stay in, I am feeling so much loved and protected after so many years.ʺ
But now my dick started to go limp rapidly.
ʺUmm Mohan, what are you doing? stay inside.ʺ
ʺI am not doing anything ma it is coming out on its own.ʺ
ʺOk then, but I wished it never ended.ʺ
ʺMa we have many more nights to come.ʺ
ʺYou are right honey,ʺ as we kissed for a long time before separating.
I withdrew my dick from her soapy pussy. She switched on the night lamp. I
got up from the bed; she was still lying on the bed relaxing after our long love
session. My dick was dangling drenched with her juices as she watched it. For
the first time I felt ashamed, she quickly noticed it.
ʺCʹmon honey donʹt shy I have seen it countless times, although not recently.ʺ
ʺLook at me I am naked just as you are,ʺ she said shamelessly.
She was smiling at me and that was a killing smile. I picked up my clothes and
went into her bathroom washed my dick and wiped it off. I dressed and came
out but she was still lying on the bed. I went near her, we kissed each other and
I just sat beside her. I was moving my fingers through her hair and she was
caressing my back. This went on for a while then she decided to get up. As she
got up my semen started to flow out from her pussy, a sticky stream started to
roll down rapidly from her pussy on inside of her thigh.
ʺMy god, look at this,ʺ she was surprised.
ʺYour father never filled me like that.ʺ
ʺProbably he would have taken eight‐ten days to produce this quantity.ʺ
I helped her pick up her clothes as she rushed towards her bathroom. She came
out after a while and came straight into my arms.
ʺOh Mohan I am so happy today.ʺ
ʺYou are a real man,ʺ as she inserted her face in my chest.
ʺYou are so thick.ʺ
ʺAnd you are so tight ma.ʺ She blushed.
ʺAt one stage I thought you will rip me apart,ʺ said she.
ʺI can still feel the burning it (your organ) has given to me,ʺ said she. And she
again dug deep against my chest.
ʺMa before I approached you I was really very scared.ʺ
ʺScared of what?ʺ she asked.
ʺScared of rejection. I thought if you reject and curse me, my life would become
a living hell. I do lust for you but I still love you. I donʹt know what I would
have done then.ʺ
ʺMohan how can I curse my own son? Even if I had rejected your advances I
would have still loved you. You are my own flesh and blood. But I am glad that
we did ʺitʺ ʺ

ʺMa I promise I will give you this pleasure whenever you want,ʺ as we kissed
each other.
ʺOk honey you must be hungry now itʹs already late.ʺ
ʺNo ma not really.ʺ
I was totally intoxicated and in a state of haze with what had happened just
now. But she was my mother and good mothers always make sure their kids
donʹt go hungry. She went inside the kitchen and arranged everything on the
dining table.
ʺBe a good boy and come to the dinner table.ʺ
I reluctantly went towards the dining table. Mom gave me my dish and we
started to dine but I was out of my mind.
ʺHow is the food?ʺ ʺVery good ma, I must kiss the cook,ʺ and I gently kissed
I hastily finished the dinner and the sweet dish which wasnʹt sweet for me
anymore. I helped my mom clean up everything. It was 11pm and I knew it
would be pleasant outside as it was a summer night.
ʺYes what is it?ʺ
ʺShall we sit outside in our garden for some time?ʺ I asked.
ʺThatʹs a great idea.ʺ
ʺJust wait for few minutes, let me change,ʺ she said.
She went inside the bedroom and pulled the door leaving me outside. When she
came out she was in a more comfortable dress, she was wearing a dark blue full
night gown. I put my hand around her waist as we moved out.
ʺHey leave me we are going out somebody might see.ʺ
ʺBut nobody will doubt ma I am just putting my arm around you, after all I am
your son.ʺ
She seemed to agree as she did not say anything neither did she removed my
hand. I pulled a chair for my mom.
ʺThank you. You have already become my man.ʺ I sat on the other chair next to
ʺItʹs pleasant out here isnʹt it?ʺ asked my mom. ʺYes it isʺ I said.
A few minutes went by without any talk between us, but then she spoke.
ʺYou know I had a great time today after so many years.ʺ
ʺMe too. It was my first time.ʺ
ʺBut you seemed to be experienced one to me.ʺ
ʺNot really, I have never been with any girl or a woman before.ʺ
ʺOk I believe you.ʺ
ʺYou must ma. Have I ever lied to you?ʺ
ʺItʹs ok dear donʹt take it that seriously, I was just wondering you are 23 now.ʺ

ʺI never had such a good time with your father, most of the time he used to
come before I climaxed leaving me high and dry.ʺ
ʺOh. It must have been so frustrating for you?ʺ
ʺYes. But I loved him. He took great care of me.ʺ
ʺI know ma.ʺ
ʺYou know it has been a long time since I last had sex with your father.ʺ
ʺFive years I guess, thatʹs when he died.ʺ
ʺNo. Much more than that, it was six years.ʺ
ʺHow come?ʺ I asked.
ʺYou know his desire for sex had diminished and even if I tried I could not get
him going. I think it must have been because of that poisoning.ʺ
ʺNow I know everything.ʺ
ʺKnow what?ʺ she asked me.
ʺI had long ago observed that both of you had stopped sleeping in the kitchen
when father would be at home at night. I use to think that you were about to
She blushed as she realized that I was aware of her sex life.
ʺI never liked to sleep in there,ʺ she said.
ʺBut I slept with your father there because there was no option as you were
growing up then.ʺ

ʺI understand it ma.ʺ
ʺWould you like to have some wineʺ I asked.
ʺWhat? You keep wine in home?ʺ
ʺCʹmon itʹs not alcohol its just wine I take it some time to relax you wonʹt get
intoxicated if you drink a glass or two.ʺ
ʺOk I will try some just to know what it is.ʺ
I went up stairs in my bedroom and took out a bottle which I had already
opened. I then went in the kitchen fetched two glasses and went back in the
garden. She was much relaxed and satisfied as she sat crossed legs and
swiging one of them. I poured wine in one glass and gave her and prepared
the other for me.
ʺOh donʹt you think this is too much,ʺ she said looking at the quantity in the
ʺNo. In fact you can have two such glasses & you will be still fine in fact you
will feel great.ʺ
ʺUmm itʹs sweet and a little sour tooʺ as she took one sip.
ʺYes. Just like grape juice.ʺ
ʺThen why itʹs called wine?ʺ
ʺThat you will know when you are finished with this one.ʺ
ʺSo since when you started drinking.ʺ

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