What is your dirty secret?

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What is your dirty secret?

Unread post by admin » 19 Mar 2019 09:34

The dirty secret hidden from my Husband.

I lived in New Jersey for about 3 years and I used to live alone. It was almost around 6 months since I had sex as I broke up with my boyfriend . I told this to one of my classmates and she suggested me a dating cum hooking up app. I never wanted to use it actually but one morning I woke up really horny as I watched porn the previous night.

So I downloaded the app and met a guy named Ben. Ben was a White guy, 27 years old, and had a 7-inch white dick. I told Ben about my fantasy and he said that he was interested in Indian pussies too. I also told him about the Black guy fantasy I had.

He then told me that he has a close friend who is a Black and who might be interested in coming too. I said okay. I gave them my address and they agreed to come to my place in 2 hours.

By the way, I am around 5'5 inches tall, fair, chubby with medium length black hair.

Boobs - 36.
Waist - 30.
Ass - 38.

I shaved my pussy and wore a slutty skirt till my mid thighs and a transparent showing white shirt. They came to my house at around 2 pm in the afternoon. I opened the door as the bell rang.

Ben: Hey, Betty. Can we come in?
Me: Hi, Sure.

Ben: Betty, this is Mark, my friend.
Mark: Hey sexy, nice to meet you.

They came inside and we sat on the couch. I sat in the middle of them.

Ben: Oh god, you are so sexy outside!
Me: Oh really? thanks.

Mark: So you wanna have a nice time, huh?
Me: Yeah. A really really good time.

Ben: Yes baby, (he touched my skirt over my thighs)!
Me: Oh yesss.

Mark: Are you gonna be a good girl?
Me: Oh yes I will.

Ben removed my shirt and my bra. Both of them started teasing my boobs and neck. I started to moan. Slowly, Mark grabbed my left boob and put it in his mouth and started to suck it. It felt so good and I started moaning more and more.

Ben did the same with my right boob. Both of them were sucking on either of my boobs. Then Mark slowly tried to push one of his hand under my skirt. He was amazed to notice that I wasn't wearing any panties.

Mark: OMG! She is not wearing any panties. You are a dirty bitch, aren't you?
Me: Yes, I am haha.

Ben: Oh fuck! Do you wanna use some kinky stuff as well then?
Me: Fuck yes! I do.

Mark stood up and went and opened a small bag they brought along. He took out a few things from it as Ben continued teasing me. Mark came near me showing me a chain with two boob clamps. He clamped them across my boobs and pulled the string. I moaned loudly. They bit on my boobs and sucked them hard.

Then, Ben made me sit in between his legs after removing my skirt. Now I am completely nude and sitting with my legs wide open which Ben was holding.

Mark looked at my cleanly shaved brownish-pink pussy. He spat on it and took out a tiny vibrator and started to tease my pussy. I started moaning and he put it on my clit.

I was moaning like hell and juices were flowing out of my pussy. He made Ben hold the vibrator on the clit and he pushed 2 fingers inside my pussy. I yelled and started to moan loudly. He started it slowly but increased the speed up so much that I was shaking and after a minute, I started to squirt.

Me: Oh! Please fuck me, please.
Ben and Mark: Blow us first.

They pulled me down on to my knees and opened their pants. I had seen Ben's before on that app while we were texting. But I was seeing Mark's for the first time. And god damn it! It was fucking huge!! It was a 9 inches thick black dick.

I was on my knees and started rubbing both together. Then I took Ben's into my mouth. I sucked it and blew it well. After that, I took Mark's inside which was way too big for my mouth. I sucked it slowly for a while, after which he started moving it in and out of my mouth. He bent me down and fucked my mouth. I gagged at the end. OMG!!

They lifted me up and put me on the bed. Ben came near my pussy and Mark was near my head with his dick in my hand. I was rubbing it and Ben opened my pussy and shove his big cock inside. I screamed for once but started to moan as I was enjoying it.

Mark bent down and started to rub my clit as Ben fucked my pussy. And then Mark went down near my pussy. That was when I got scared as his dick was really big. Mark pushed his big black dick into my pussy and I screamed out loud.

Me: Oh fuck!
Mark: Oh yeah baby! You like that baby?
Me: Fuck yes!! Ohhh!!

I moaned heavily and my boobs were swinging as he increased the speed. He fucked me really fast in the end like a machine and we could literally hear his balls spanking on my ass.

Then they put me in doggy style and Mark came near my face end and Ben started fucking me in doggy. Mark then put his tool into my mouth. I was being fucked orally and in my pussy. My boobs were swinging and the chain attached to the boob clamps were clinging. Mark spanked my ass and made it red. As he spanked, I screamed and screamed.

After this they made me ride on their cocks. First I got on top of Mark and sat on his dick. I moved slowly initially and started jumping slowly. Then I rode Ben's dick. While I was riding Ben's dick, Mark spanked my boobs saying, "Move faster..Move faster" and I jumped faster.

And then both of them made me lay down and they cummed on my boobs. After this, we fell asleep for some time.

I woke up in an hour at around 6 pm. I was feeling so good after the sex but I actually wanted more. Yeah, you are right. I am very very horny all the time, haha!

I didn't want to wake them up. So I went into the washroom and got naked. I sat in the bathtub and opened my pussy wide and started masturbating myself. I rubbed my clit and was moaning happily. Oh, fuck! That is the best feeling ever! I was masturbating and having fun.

Meanwhile Ben and Mark woke up and they were looking for me. Mark came and opened the washroom door which I forgot to lock! (Or maybe I didn't lock wantedly :P)

Mark: (sees me sitting in the bathtub and masturbating)
Me: Oh, hey!

Mark: OMG! You are such a whore! You dirty hungry little slut!
Me: Yes I am, daddy!

Ben: Do you wanna try being a bitch?
Mark: Think about it before saying yes, it's gonna be rude, hard and rough.

Me: Ummm... Fuck yes!
Mark: Clean that pussy up, pat it dry and come out.
Me: Okay.

I came out dried up and stood naked in front of them. They looked at each other and Ben stood up and came near me.

Ben: You are gonna follow our instructions. Listen to the commands properly, or else you shall be punished.
Me: Ok, master.

Ben: Turn around.

I turned around and he grabbed my both hands and put handcuffs on them and locked them together at my back. And then he stood behind me and held my shoulders. Mark stood up and picked up a different boob clamp from inside. He clamped one on to my nipple and I screamed as it hurt. And I moved.

Mark (spanked my boob): Do not move or else I will have to use a harder one.

He clipped both of them together and then pulled the chain that was across the boobs.

Me: Arghhhhhhh!!
Mark: Are you gonna be a good bitch?

Ben: Are you gonna listen to us?
Me: Yes yes yes I will!

They made me sit on the couch and started to tease me. Ben took out some oil and poured it over my body and rubbed it. They rubbed it on my boobs and pulled the chain in between as I moaned.

Mark: Stand up, turn around and bend over.

I did. Mark oiled my ass and back and opened my pussy and teased it and oiled it too. I was moaning and moaning.

Mark: I wanna destroy this little ass-hole too.
Ben: Yeah!

Mark tried to push one finger inside my tight ass-hole. It was so tight that I screamed on top of my voice. Mark then took out silver coloured metallic anal beads from the bag and showed it to me as I bent down.

Mark: Do you want this in your ass?
Me: No No, please!

Ben: Say yes! (holding the boob chain)
Me: Yes yes master!
Ben: Good girl.

Mark teased my ass hole and poured more oil over it and rubbed it. He slowly inserted the smallest bead in the beads into my asshole. It didn't hurt much as the smallest one was really tiny. He then pushed the second one, which hurt a bit. And then as I was okay. He pushed the third one inside and I screamed out loud.

Me: Ouchhhhhhhhh fuckkk!
Mark: Now you feel it!

Ben forced the fourth one inside and it was fucking bad. There were 4 inside my ass and the 6 hanging out from my oily ass.

Mark: Now listen, that needs to be inside till I pull it out. If that comes out, I am gonna punish you.
Me: Ok, master.

They made me lay on the couch with my pussy and ass elevated a bit and the beads inside the ass. Ben came near my face and put his cock on my cheek and teased me with it.

Mark put his tongue on my pussy and started to eat it. I moaned heavily and started blowing Ben's dick. Mark pushed his tongue inside my pussy and it was heavenly. I moaned and moaned. He lifted my ass and pussy up to his mouth and licked and ate it. I moaned loudly and loudly.

He then put three fingers inside and fingered it fast, so fast that the boobs were swinging with the chain, the anal beads swinging and moving and my whole body vibrating. He fastened it so much that I screamed out loud and squirted.

Mark: Yes, you dirty bitch!
Me: Please please fuck my pussy.

Ben: Get on your knees.
Mark: Crawl around nude.

I crawled around with my leaking pussy and oily ass with the beads and chains clinging. Mark came behind and spanked my ass.

Mark: Move bitch.

Ben grabbed me and made me stand. Then he made me hold the couch and bend over in doggy on to the couch. He then pulled the anal beads out of my ass hole at a time and I screamed out loud. He slowly pushed his dick into my ass and I shouted in pain. I shouted and shouted and moaned and moaned.

Mark was teasing me meanwhile as Ben ass fucked me. Ben paused in between and inserted the small pussy vibrator into my pussy and then continued to ass fuck me. I moaned and the juices were flowing out.

After the ass fuck, Mark tried a very rough position on me. He sat on the couch, pushed me on to the floor, pulled my legs up and placed them on his shoulders. My ass was off the ground. Only my head neck and upper body were on the ground.

He then shoved his big black tool inside my pussy and destroyed it. It went so deep inside I could feel it deeper and deeper. I was moaning loudly and swinging.

After this, Ben laid on the bed and I went on top of him. He then put his big white dick into my ass hole and I rode it slowly. I rode it faster. Mark suddenly came over, knocked me on to Ben and pushed his dick into my pussy.

Me: Oh fuck, yessssss!

They moved both together fucking me in my pussy and ass together! It was a DOUBLE PENETRATION! Fuck, it was so damn good. They sped up and fucked me harder and harder and finally, cummed on my body.

It was the best and most satisfying sex ever! This continued till i left there and sometimes they where will me for full week we even try it in open places and we did not use condom every time we had sex . I got abortion for 3 times in 2 years.

And they also bring their friends also. Till now my husband doesn't know about this…

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