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Top 10 Kissing Tips and Tricks

Posted: 28 Feb 2017 11:38
by seema
Top 10 Kissing Tips and Tricks
Make every kiss a moment to remember with these Top 10 Kissing tips and tricks which will help you master the art of kissing. Kissing is probably one of the best way of communication between two people who are special to each other.

It can be of different types namely romantic kiss and social kiss which depends on the emotion and relationship between two people.It expresses affection, respect, love and passion. It is important to know the kissing tips so as to save oneself from the embarrassment.

Social kiss can be between two friends or between the members of the family and depending on the culture of a country, a social kiss can be extended to a stranger also.Unlike social kiss, romantic kiss is very intimate in every society which is shared between lovers, boyfriend and girlfriend or spouses.

A romantic kiss is generally more intimate one where not only the lips meet, the body of two person are pressed against one another. A romantic kiss is very personal, private as well as intimate. But most important to remember in romantic kiss is to respect your partner. A kiss should be so gentle that when you touch the forehead, it travels straight to the heart. "Kiss my lips but touch my soul.."

Top 10 Kissing Tips and Tricks


Following are the top tips on kissing that will help you understand what all you should do and keeo in mind when you kiss your lover so that it becomes an ecstatic moment for both of you.

Keep your breath fresh and clean. Bad breath is one of the major reason for turn off to any person, hence, ensure that your breath is fresh and free from bad odor. It is advisable to carry mouth freshener or mints with you. You can also carry a travel pack of toothbrush and toothpaste so that you can brush your tooth after every meal or snacks. Chewing gums are also good way to keep yourself away from bad breath.

Wet your lips before kissing
as lubricated lips can easily slide in your partner's lips making kissing more pleasant and enjoyable experience for both the partners. Ladies should avoid applying too much of lip gloss and lipstick else it will spread on their partner's lips as well.

Taking right and comfortable position before kissing is very essential. You should stand or sit close to your partner and tilt your head in?the opposite side to that of your partner so as to facilitate lip locking conveniently. Normally in romantic kissing, partners close their eyes which is not the case in social kissing.

Relax. It is also essential that you learn to relax and breath normally while kissing. A relaxed kiss is a much more enjoyable experience rather than a stiff and tense kiss.

Maintain a pleasant attitude: It's very important to be kissable if you want others to approach you. The first thing you should have is a pleasant attitude and you will definitely attract people. Smile when you talk and get into general conversations to maintain a good image.

Wait for your partner to approach: When you meet someone for the first time and start getting close, it's time you take things further and let your lips melt into a kiss. But make sure, you don't approach first unless and until you're quite sure of your partner's response or willingness. Be extra careful if you're a guy and let it come from her side.

Don't be desperate: When you kiss someone for the first time, do not make it a loud one. It's not expected of you to make your partner feel that you have been waiting for this kiss throughout your life! Take it easy and start gently with just making your lips touch.

Be gentle: Kissing is supposed to evoke pleasure and it can be done to the best when you start gently with it. Touch your partner's lips first and then let him/her lips melt on yours. Taste the sweet sensation and enjoy the passion.

Say words of love: When it comes to romantic kissing tips, the best thing you can do is utter words of love while kissing your partner. It's important to let know the other person know how much you are in love with him/her and that kissing is only a part of it that shows your emotions. This will not only make the act of kissing much more pleasurable but also reassuring for your partner.

Take the next step: After a passionate kiss, when you're all set to move ahead to the next step, make sure your partner is also willing to do the same. Never make a move unless you're sure your partner too wants the same. Ask your partner or just keep lingering on her/his lips, till he/she urges you to go ahead.

While kissing your loved one, you can hug your partner as this is a great combination which gives immensely pleasure to both the persons. You can also try putting your hands to hold your partner's face or touch the other parts of your partner's body like back of head or shoulder or neck or even the waist.

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