Erotic Book - House of Dark Pleasure by Gloria Day

Contains all kind of sex novels in Hindi and English.
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Re: Erotic Book - House of Dark Pleasure by Gloria Day

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Chapter 11
Doris started to perform her duties at Romily Manor soon after she'd finished her leisurely brunch.
Mrs. Wynton was still in her room, Mabel informed Doris as she served her grilled ham, fried tomatoes
and omelet; the low-browed Willis was nowhere to be seen.
Doris was sipping her second cup of coffee when Mildred came into the dining room. "Good morning,
Doris," she said quietly, smiling. "I hope you slept well."
Doris looked up at her employer; Mildred was neatly dressed in a country-tweed suit, hair carefully
brushed and face lightly made up. It was hard to connect this well-dressed, well-bred woman with the
erotically sadistic female who had performed perverse acts upon the hapless bodies of her servants in
her bedroom the night before.
"Good morning, Mildred," said Doris. "You look very well, very attractive."
"Thank you," Mildred laughed. "I've been lying in my tub for almost an hour; that always relaxes my
Doris smiled; there was no reason to tell Mildred what method she had used to obtain complete
"You look as fresh and pretty as ever," Mildred sighed, enviously. "Are you ready to start work this
Doris laughed, finished her coffee. "I think it's about time."
Mildred rang the bell for Mabel, seated herself at the table. "I'll see you in the office at two," she told
Doris, picking up her morning mail which Mabel had left on the table.
* * *
"And this is a list of the tenants," said Mildred, "with their address and monthly rent."
Doris peered over Mildred's shoulder at the hand-written list of names.
"Their houses all have names, not numbers," she murmured.
Mildred laughed. "This is Maine countryside, dear. The houses and cottages are scattered all over-not
neatly laid out in streets like in the city."
"How do they pay their rent, by check?"
"Some of them, but others are so old-fashioned that they like to pay in cash."
"Do they come to the manor?" Doris asked.
Mildred shook her head firmly. "Never. We collect from them in person."
"You?" Doris looked at Mildred in surprise; she couldn't imagine this aloof woman knocking at cottage
doors and collecting rents.
"Usually," said Mildred, "I used to send Willis sometimes, but-" her eyes became vacant, "the dear boy
always seemed to have problems ..." she broke off, looked at Doris. "Where is he, by the way?"
"I haven't seen him at all today," said Doris, feeling her face blush as she remembered the sensuous
episode in her bedroom the night before.
"Probably walking about the grounds," she sighed. "He loves the outdoors." She looked at the list of
names again: "Well, Doris, it'll be your job to collect rents now-that's one of your duties here. Let me
see," she scanned the list, "you can walk over to Mister Macallister's this afternoon; he always pays in
cash and his rent's due right now."
Doris looked at the address. "Three Hills Cottage," she read. "Where in the world is that?"
Mildred got to her feet, strolled to the window. "Look!" She pointed to the end of the grounds; there
was a gap in the line of trees and three small hillocks were visible. "It's on the slope of the middle
hillock," Mildred explained. "You can't see it from here; it's a small stone cottage."
"What's he like?"
Mildred looked at Doris. "Barney Macallister?" she laughed. "He's an elderly eccentric-lived at Three
Hills for as long as I can remember."
"He lives alone?"
"Mostly," said Mildred, thoughtfully. "He has relatives and friends staying with him from time to time.
Well," her tone became brisk, "you can walk over there, Doris; take this small receipt book, collect his
rent, in cash, then come back." She smiled. "That'll be your work for today."
Doris smiled at her employer; it didn't sound like a big day's work.
* * *
The cottage was a thirty-minute walk from the manor, and Doris was glad that she was wearing
low-heeled shoes, even though they looked out of place with her tiny mini-skirt and nylon blouse, which
was all she needed on this pleasant, balmy day.
She approached the heavy oaken door, looked vainly for a bellpush, then rapped on the wood.
Instead of the door opening, a voice called out loudly: "Who is it?"
" I-I'm from the manor," Doris called, nervously. "I've come for the rent."
"Then come in," the man's voice shouted. "The door's not locked!"
She turned the big handle, pushed, and the door swung open, soundlessly. Doris stepped inside, staring
about her, nervously and curiously. The cottage was well-furnished in a massive, old-fashioned way. The
front door opened onto the main room, and in the center of the floor, a frail, elderly man was sitting
behind a large desk.
He fixed his eyes on Doris with a piercing stare. "You're someone new;
I haven't seen you before!"
Doris approached him, diffidently. "I-I've just started working for Mrs. Wynton; I'm going to be looking
after the rents and things."
He smiled. "Well now, you're a change from Mildred!" He drank her in with his eyes. "Pretty as a picture
and soft as honey and cream," he murmured.
Doris smiled, flushed at the compliment.
He slid open a drawer, took out a small pile of bills, counted some off and put on the desk-top. "Here's
the rent, Miss-" he paused, "you didn't tell me your name."
"Dainton," she said, "Doris Dainton."
He nodded, "You've got a nice name, too." He waited, then: "You'll have to come and get the money,
you see, I'm paralyzed."
Doris drew in her breath, noticed the crutches beside his desk for the first time. "I-I'm sorry," she
mumbled, moving forward, "I didn't know!" She picked up the money, counted it, pushed it into her
small purse. "I'll give you a receipt."
"Don't be sorry," he said, "it's just my legs the rest of me's all right." He laughed. "I get around; you'd be
surprised how I get around."
Doris moved beside him, bent over his desk to make out the receipt then felt his hand on the bare flesh
of her leg at the back. She flushed, squirmed herself, slightly, but went on filling in the amount on the
"Nice, soft young flesh," the old man murmured, stroking the roll of flesh on her inner thigh.
Doris squeezed her legs together. "Mister Macallister-please!"
His hand went on moving, slid up to her silken pantyleg. "Barney," he said, "everyone calls me Barney!"
His finger moved inside the tight pantyleg and he stroked the crevice of flesh where the swell of her
buttock met the top of her thigh.
"Don't," Doris whispered. "That's not right!"
The drawer in his desk was still open; he reached in with his free hand, took out a bill, pushed it across
the desk to Doris. "A small gift for you," he said, softly. "Does that make it right?"
A fresh flood of color suffused Doris's face; she stared at the bill, it was a ten!
His hand was on the back of her panties, where they stretched so tightly across her bottom. He drew his
finger up the silk-covered cleft. "Take them off," he whispered. "I just want to stroke it, caress and feel
Doris stood very still, staring at the bill and trying to think straight. He isn't hurting me! But ...
"I'm just an old man," murmured Barney Macallister. "I'm here by myself most of the time-I don't get
much fun!"
His hand was high under her mini-skirt, pulling at the waistband of her briefs, sliding them down her legs.
Doris squeezed the cheeks of her bottom tightly together to impede him. He felt the muscular
contraction. "Don't do that," he pleaded. He reached in the drawer again, took out another bill, placed it
with the other.
Another ten, Doris saw. Her buttocks relaxed and her panties slid down to her ankles.
He squeezed the soft flesh with lecherous pleasure. "Sweet little bottom," he mumbled, "as nice as I've
ever felt!" His finger slithered through the cleft, touching the small anal orifice, lingering a moment then
moving on. "Lean over the desk," he murmured, his voice shaky. "I want to see it as well as touch it.
Bend forward, Doris, let me look at your soft little ass!"
Her face was burning but Doris leaned forward, propping her chin on her hands as she leaned over the
wide desk, letting her bare, rounded bottom project just inches from the old man's face.
He stroked the soft flesh lasciviously, making drooling sounds of pleasure. He squeezed the pliable rolls
on either side of the cleft with jerky, excited movements. His hand slid lower, touched the crevice at the
top of her thigh-then moved inward.
"No!" Doris tensed herself. "Not there-you didn't say you'd touch me there!"
His fingertip found the wet lips of her pussy, tried to slide in. Doris tightened the cheeks of her bottom;
squeezed her thighs together and his finger was trapped.
"Let me!" he panted, struggling to move his finger. "Let me feel inside your cunt!"
"No!" Doris moaned, gritting her teeth, jamming her buttocks together. "Just-just my bummie-you said
you wanted to touch my bummie-not my pussy!"
"Here," he gasped, breathlessly, "have this-and this-and this!" His hand shook as he reached in the
desk-drawer, took out bills and added them to the two in front of Doris.
She twisted her head down, watched in wonder. One, two, three, four, five ... She gasped; there must
be seven or eight bills by now-and all tens!
She relaxed her buttocks, parted her thighs, waited breathlessly for his reaction.
His hand had moved off her flesh; he was doing something that she couldn't see, in his lap. She could
hear the rustle of clothing, then he spoke. "Now do what I want-any goddamned thing I want!"
Doris screwed shut her eyes. He's paid me! "But don't hurt me!" she pleaded.
"I won't hurt," he promised. "Stand up and turn around!"
Startled, Doris did as he asked, then stifled the sob in her throat. He had unfastened his pants at the
front; now a long, slim penis projected straight up as he slouched back in his armless chair.
He grinned at her expression. "Squeeze your wet cunt onto that!"
Doris felt a crazy blend of fear and fascination.
The old man reached to her skirt, dragged it up at the front, stared at her pubic thatch.
"Brunette," he mumbled. "I like brunette hairs round a young, juicy cunt!" He licked at his lips, then
mumbled, "My granddaughter's brunette!"
"Your granddaughter!" Doris's voice was shocked.
He nodded. "As pretty a little sixteen-year-old as you ever saw."
Doris's mouth sagged. "You-you do this to your granddaughter?"
He gave a cackling laugh. "Every month when she comes to see her poor old grandfather." He wet his
lips, "She's got the tightest little cunt I ever fucked!" His penis twitched as he spoke.
Doris stared at him in horror. "You monster!" Her eyes were round, angry. "Doing that to a little girl-you
awful creature!"
He cackled again, then made his voice wheedling. "What else can a lonely old man do?"
"You-you-" Doris broke off, sighed. He's a lecherous old man; taking advantage of a young innocent girl
and now, trying to do the same thing to me! She moved her lips, indignantly, then had a crazy impulse to
smile. He pretended to be so helpless, sitting paralyzed in his chair, but he'd managed to find a way to
get his erotic thrills by doing awful sensuous things to young girl juicy young girls, he said! She sighed
again. He has some kind of courage-and determination ... and, he's paid for his fun!
"Now, take your skirt off," he said, impatiently. "Step out of those cute little panties and straddle me with
your sexy young thighs-I wanna fuck!" He gripped his penis at the base, and Doris saw the head swell.
"My cock's all ready," he mumbled; he met Doris's eyes, added:
"I've paid for it!"
Slowly, averting her eyes, Doris unclasped her skirt, dropped it on the desk-top; daintily, she stepped
out of her panties and took a nervous step toward the old man in the chair.
He stared at her belly and thighs as she got closer to him; there was a sheen of sweat on her skin,
making it glisten, appear more sensuous, erotic, desirable.
He wet his lips, reached forward, gripped her round the buttocks and pulled her closer. "You'll have to
do it all," he told her. "Like I said-I'm paralyzed." He watched the ripples run across her belly and the
thick pubic hairs seemed to bristle with electricity.
Doris felt herself trembling; more with anticipation than fear. The things that had been done to her-that
had happened to her-in the last few days were keeping her body in a constant state of sexual arousal.
Just the sight of the slim cock waiting to penetrate her pussy was exciting her anew.
"Stand with your legs on either side of me," he instructed, his voice hoarse with excitement. "Then lower
your bottom until your cunt's over my cock, and then-" he took a rasping breath, "jam it down all the
way down on my cock!"
Doris shivered as she took a jerky step into position; moving awkwardly, with her feet apart, inching
herself forward, one leg on either side of his. He moved his hand down, under her crotch, felt at her wet
vaginal lips. She jerked, made a low sound and felt the muscles in her thighs aching as she held them in
the unnatural position.
"Now, let your cunt slide down!" he panted.
She bent her knees, feeling her legs trembling, lowering herself slowly. He gripped her buttocks, guided
her until she was over his cock. Her pussy felt stretched open, her belly stiff and strained as her body
went down.
"Aaaaah!" The long sob oozed from his lips as her vaginal lips opened on the head of his cock, let the
organ slide inside. "Press down," he groaned.
She relaxed her legs; her cunt slid lower, enveloping the stiff, straight and slim cock completely. "Aaaah,
that's good," he sighed. "Now, you'll have to move up and down-I-I can't help you, Doris; you'll have
to glide your cunt on and off my cock. Just bend then straighten your legs!"
The breath panted from Doris's lips as she started to do as he asked. It was new and strangely
delicious feeling to be able to grip his stiff cock with her pussy, move it as fast or as slowly as she liked.
She rotated her bottom gently, squirming her pussy from side to side, letting the slim cock touch all the
special spots inside her bubbling cunt. "Oooth," she groaned, "oh, ooth!"
He lay back in his chair with his eyes closed and a tense, excited expression on his face. He let a smile
cross his lips when he heard Doris softly groan. "You like it," he whispered. "It's different, isn't it,
Doris-it's nice!"
"Ooth," she moaned, raising herself slowly, feeling the cock sliding against the sides of her sucking pussy,
"so new!"
Next time she pressed herself down, Doris leaned forward, her face moving close to the old man in the
chair, as she forced her clitoris to make contact with his stiff, throbbing but unmoving cock; the erotic
friction raised her to a new height of excitement.
"I-I can't move my cock," he mumbled, "but I can play with your nipples if-if you'd like it!"
The breath panted from her mouth as she felt spasms rippling from her clitoris to her pussy as she
rubbed it against his shaft, then she moved her hand from the back of his chair, where she'd placed it to
steady herself during her sexual exercise, and groped at the front of her blouse.
He helped her unbutton it, then cupped her braless breasts with trembling hands. "Sweet little tits," he
murmured, then he forced his head forward, took a nipple between his lips, sucked at it as Doris raised
her body, lowered it, increasing then decreasing the tension on the stiffening tip of her nipple.
"That," she hissed, "oooth, that!"
The muscles in her thighs were beginning to ache from her strained position and constant raising and
lowering action, but the thrills, running from her nipple to her clitoris then spiraling inside her belly were
making her throat contract with sexual excitement. This is different, thrilling and excitingly new!
He let his mouth slip off her nipple. "How'd you like it?" he asked in a hoarse whisper. "I'm not fucking
you, Doris, girl-you're fucking me!"
A ripple of excited laughter ran through his body and Doris felt his cock swelling, swelling!
"I-I'm going to come, Doris," he gasped. "Your tight little pussy is hugging my cock so snug that
I-I-Doris, urgh-urgh!"
She jammed her body forward, felt the swollen organ gyrating against her clitoris. His mouth groped,
blindly, for her nipple, found it and bit. She squealed, feeling her orgasm starting.
"Ooth, my pussy," she gasped, "my clit-ooth-my breast!" She shook her whole body, wildly, pressed
down with all her strength and felt the head of the cock jam against the top of her pussy, jerk, spurt and
"All over me," she squealed, orgasming, opening and closing her legs; bending and straightening her
knees. "Right up my cunt all wet, all hot, ooth!" Her buttocks contracted, opened, jammed closed again
and the walls of her vulva sucked at the jerking, spurting cock until all the juice was spent.
The old man sank back in his chair; his lips slid off Doris's sensitive, bitten nipple. "You juicy, young
cunt," he mumbled in appreciation. "You sweet fuck-you've the sexiest cunt of the lot!"
Doris rested her cheek against the top of his head, still straddling him; her legs limp now, as the warm
wetness slid down from inside her pussy and saturated the base of his softening cock. She dragged in a
gulp of air and said, "I've never done that-anything just like that- before!"
He reached behind her, stroked her sweating bottom. "But you'll do it again-" he smiled, confidently. "At
least once a month-probably more, Doris-so much more!"
She drew her head back, looking into his face. "I-I don't know," she murmured. She turned, saw the
small pile of bills on his desk. It has been different and thrilling and wonderful-and he paid me for it, too!
"You'll come again, won't you?" he asked.
She giggled, blushed. "I'll have to collect the rent each month, anyway," she admitted.
"Maybe I'll start paying weekly," he said with a smile.
She laughed. He is an old devil!
His face became serious. "I want you to come and see me at least once a week, will you?" He glanced
at the open drawer with the pile of bills in it, "You won't be sorry," he added, softly.
She blushed again. It wasn't just the money ...
"All right," Doris said, "but not just because of that." She nodded to the open drawer. "But because
you're a lonely old man with nobody to help you except, maybe, your granddaughter, and ... who else?"
She looked at him with raised eyebrows.
He gave her a sheepish grin. "My-my niece-my young niece!"
Doris drew in her breath. "You devil!" She tried to look shocked. "Has she got a nice, tight pussy, too?"
"No nicer than yours," he assured her, stroking her bare bottom.
"You're it, Doris-the sweet, fucking most!"
"What a thing to say," she protested, but she didn't really mind his words. "And who else is there?"
He shook his head, didn't answer.
Suddenly, a thought occurred to Doris. "Who used to collect your rent?"
"Mildred or Willis," he muttered.
"Willis?" Doris sounded surprised.
He nodded. "Yeah, stupid idiot-can't do anything right!"
Doris was quiet, thinking about the previous night. She wasn't so sure that Willis couldn't do anything
"What about Mildred?" she asked, curiously.
He tried to move himself. "Let's not talk about her. I'm glad you're here, Doris, and that I'll be seeing you
Doris lifted herself. His limp cock was still inside her pussy; now, it slipped out, slowly and sadly.
"You've got a wet pussy now, all right," he said, watching the fluid drip out of it.
"Your stuff," said Doris, edging herself back and reaching down for her panties, "-you shot it all into me."
He watched her take a tissue from her tiny purse, wad it then wipe at her vaginal lips. "And very nice,
too," he said. "Juicy cunt, luscious fuck!"
She dragged on her panties, then wrapped her tiny skirt around her waist.
"I can suck you off if you'd like it sometime," he informed her. "D'you like having your pussy sucked?"
Doris dropped her eyes. "Maybe," she whispered, coloring, "but not now." She picked up the small pile
of bills, stuffed them into her purse with the rent money. "I'd better be going-Mildred will wonder what
I'm doing all this time." She gave an excited giggle.
"If she knew what an oversexed kitten you were, she wouldn't wonder," he said slowly.
"D'you think I'm oversexed, Mister Macallister?" Doris asked seriously.
"Definitely," he answered, "and I like it."
Doris was thoughtful. "I don't think I am, not really. It's just that
things have been happening lately-"
He nodded, smiled knowingly. "I can believe that!"
Doris turned to the door. "I'll see you next month, Mister Macallister."
"It's Barney," he said. "Don't you think you know me well enough to call me Barney?" He grinned at her
expression. "And I'll see you before next month-some time next week I hope!"
Doris looked doubtful.
"I'm always here," he added. "Please come, Doris; I'll be waiting-and looking forward to seeing you."
"I'll try," she promised, opening the door. "I'll try, Barney," and she exited.
She saw Willis before he saw her. He was standing behind a low bush with only the top part of his body
visible; his head was thrown back and he seemed to be staring at something in the sky.
"Willis!" Doris called, moving toward him, "what are you doing here?"
It was only ten minutes since she'd left Barney Macallister's cottage.
Willis started, then a slow smile spread over his face when he saw Doris.
"D-Doris-doll," he stammered, "I-I was waiting for you."
"Waiting for me! But how did you know where I was?"
He grinned, idiotically. "I saw you going to old Mister Macallister's house!"
"And you've been waiting all this time?" Doris glanced at her watch; she'd been inside the sensuous old
man's cottage for nearly two hours. "What did you want to see me for?"
He licked his thick lips, moved out from behind the bush. "Fuck," he said. "I wanted to fuck your cunt,
Doris-doll!" And she looked down, saw the immense shaft projecting from his open pants. As usual, his
cock was in a state of erection.
Doris's face paled. "But here-" she panted, her eyes flickering around them, "not here, Willis!"
"Ya, here," he nodded eagerly, "nice soft grass, Doris-doll; soft and smooth to lie on." He moved up to
her and she took an instinctive step back. "Lie down, Doris-doll-open your white legs, let me fuck your
"No, Willis, no-I don't want it!" Doris panted, moving back.
His face looked unhappy and angry. "Last night, Doris-doll-last night
"That was different," she cut in. "Don't think you can just grab hold of me whenever you feel like it," her
breasts shook with indignation, "just because your cock gets hard doesn't mean you can rape me!"
His face set in a stubborn expression. "Wanna fuck," he said like a peevish child, "wanna fuck your cunt,
"No!" she snapped.
He pushed at her and she almost fell. "You're my doll-my Mama said you're my doll!" He pushed again
and this time Doris lost her balance, fell onto a grassy hillock on her back. Her skirt was around her
waist and Willis stared at the tightly stretched panties, still damp at the crotch. His words had startled
her. "Your mother said that!"
He was staring at her crotch. "You're wet there, Doris-all wet!"
"What did your mother say?" she asked urgently.
He grinned. "Mama said I can fuck your pussy!"
Red spots of anger appeared in Doris's cheeks. What do they think I am?
"Well, your precious Mama's wrong!" she snapped.
Willis dropped down beside her, and a long fingernail ripped at her panties, splitting them open at the
"No, Willis, no!" Doris panted.
He pressed his hand into the opening, found her saturated pussy, clawed inside it, clumsily, painfully.
"You're hurting me," she panted, wriggling out of his reach.
He looked at her, breathing hard through his nose. "Wanna fuck!" he mumbled.
He rolled himself toward her with surprising speed; before Doris knew what he was going to do he had
twisted her face down on the grass. She felt him lifting her skirt and felt the cool air on her bottom; he
moved the torn panties off her buttocks then brought down his hand in a slap.
"Owww!" The startled gasp of pain shot from Doris's lips. She was startled as much as hurt.
He slapped down again and his hand sank into the soft flesh, leaving a red mark on each palpitating
"Don't," she moaned. "Owww, don't, Willis, don't!"
He slapped again, watching her buttocks wriggling about as she squirmed herself, trying to get away. He
spanked her bottom more viciously and she opened and closed her thighs in pain and frustration.
"Stop spanking me," she pleaded. "You're hurting my bottom!"
He laughed. "You're my doll-I can do what I want with my doll!"
He spanked her bottom again.
Frantically, Doris twisted her eyes sideways. He was sitting beside her while he administered his
punishment. His cock was huge and she saw it swell and twitch each time his hand slapped onto her
helpless flesh.
Stealthily, Doris stretched out her hand touched the massive organ.
Willis flinched, made a sound of surprise, then his hand spanked down onto her red and throbbing
bottom again.
Doris curled her fingers round the swollen cock. "Urgh!" Willis groaned deep in his throat and his legs
seemed to tense. He slapped her bare skin again, but not so hard this time. Doris barely made a
whimper-but her hand moved on his cock. It was slimy with its own secretion and her fingers glided
gently up and down. Willis pressed himself back and his shaft seemed to grow longer, thicker. Doris
drew the skin down from its head, watched the red ball slide out. The sight excited her; her hand moved
more quickly.
He spanked her again, but she was hardly aware of it. Her bottom was deadened by the series of slaps
it had received. Her attention was riveted on the throbbing organ within her hand. She squeezed, slid her
hand down, up again. Willis made an animal-like sound. She turned the head of the organ so that she
was staring into the slitted lips in its head; it was so long that it seemed only inches from her face. She
massaged it, watching the lips spew open, squeeze closed, then open again. A sound of pleasure oozed
from Willis's throat and his hand rested on a cheek of her bottom, not moving, not spanking any more.
She massaged his cock sensuously; slowly then quickly, hearing the grating sobs pant from his throat.
"Urgh, Doris-" he gasped. "Urgh, Doris!"
Her hand moved more quickly; she felt the veined walls expanding, contracting and the pulsating inside
became fiercer.
"I-I'm gonna shoot!" His voice went up high.
She squeezed as tightly as she could; felt the cock squirming, jerking in her hand-then thick spurts of
juice shot from the open slitted lips, hitting her face-then shooting again, thickly, sickeningly, obscenely.
Willis had dropped onto his back; his hand had slid off her abused bottom. Now he raised and lowered
his buttocks as the dregs of his lust flowed down his cock, squirted from the lips onto his Doris-doll's
Crazily, Doris felt her clitoris jerking wildly when the thick droplets of juice hit her mouth. She slid out
her tongue, tasted the thick fluid. The taste repelled but excited her at the same time.
She looked at Willis; his eyes were open and he was staring at her. "I--I'm sorry, Doris-doll," he
His words reminded her; she reached to her bottom, felt the bruised cheeks, tenderly. "I-I'm all sore.
My bummie's so bruised!"
"I-I'm sorry, Doris-doll," he said again. Now that she had appeased his lust by masturbating him with her
hand, he was quiet and apologetic.
"It'll hurt me to walk, I'm so sore!" Doris mumbled, exaggerating.
He scrambled to his feet. "I-I'll carry you. You're my little dollI'll
carry you through the bush!"
Before she could answer, he stooped, picked her up in his arms as though she was a baby, then started
to walk through the bush, carrying her in his arms.
After the first moment of surprise, Doris found it wasn't an unpleasant sensation. Willis, you'll put me
down before we get to the manor."
"Yes, Doris-doll," he answered. "I-Ill do anything you like!"
"Why did you spank me like that?"
"You're my Doris-doll," he mumbled. "I wanted to fuck your cunt!"
"But why?" she persisted.
"Nice tight cunt, sucks my cock!" he answered.
Doris wriggled with impatience. "I don't mean that why do you think you can-can fuck my pussy any
time at all!"
"Because you're my doll!" he answered, simply.
"Why d'you keep saying that?"
"Because Mama told me-"
"Told you what?"
"You're my doll-she got you for me to play with!"
Doris gasped. "What do you mean?"
"Mama bought you for me for my birthday." He smiled into her face. "I'm twenty-five years old. Mama
always said she'd buy me a doll-a real live doll-for my birthday!"
Doris's face was white with shock. I am a doll! Solely for the purpose of amusing, being fucked by, this
half-witted man-boy! It's crazy, crazy, crazy!
He put her on the ground when they were a hundred yards from the manor, and Doris walked the rest of
the way in a kind of daze. Willis supported her, tenderly, carefully-just as he was supposed to: she was
his own little doll and he had to look after her. He knew. His Mama had told him!

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Re: Erotic Book - House of Dark Pleasure by Gloria Day

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Chapter 12
Mildred sat on the edge of her bed and looked at Doris with that cool, self-possessed expression on her
"What Willis said is partly true, Doris, but-" she shrugged her
shoulders, eloquently, "you've seen enough of Willis to realize that he
fantasizes, imagines things, exaggerates-"
"He-he thinks I'm a doll," Doris blurted, "just for him-to do what he
wants with-use and abuse-"
Mildred gave her a piercing stare. "No one abuses you!"
"He spanked me," Doris muttered, "-ripped off my panties and spanked me!"
"I saw him carrying you toward the manor," said Mildred carefully, "holding you protectively as though
you were something very precious, very important."
"That-that was after," Doris mumbled, her eyes downcast.
Mildred glanced at a pile of bills that lay on her dresser. "I was counting the money," she said, softly.
"Mister Macallister gave you eighty dollars too much!" She fixed a penetrating gaze on Doris's face:
"Why is that?"
The color flooded Doris's cheeks. "That money's mine," she blurted. "I--I mixed my money with the rent
Mildred smiled; a slow, knowing smile. "Barney gave it to you, didn't he, Doris?"
The color drained out of Doris's face. "Well-I-" she stammered.
"You don't have to explain," said Mildred, coolly. "I know all about Barney and the things he likes." She
made her voice very soft. "Did you enjoy it? Eighty dollars for doing something you liked is all right!"
Doris didn't answer.
"But you don't have to be so goddamned smug!" Mildred shot out. "Complaining about poor Willis
when you've just been jerking your hot pussy up and down on an old man's cock till he came." Then she
added, softly, "For eighty dollars, of course, I'm sure that that made it right!"
Doris jerked to her feet. "Stop it! What makes you think you can talk to me like this?"
Mildred looked surprised.
"You're an employee of Romily Manor, Doris." Her voice was soft. "I can say what I like to you
because I'm the mistress of the manor. You work here-and do what you're told!" Her voice rose sharply
on the last words.
"I don't have to stay here," Doris snapped. "I can walk right out ... I
don't have to put up with your half-witted son trying to rape me
whenever he feels like it. I don't have to-"
"You don't have to do anything, do you, Doris?" Mildred put in coldly. "You can do whatever you like,
can't you? But you liked it well enough when Willis was waiting for you in your bedroom last night-you
didn't come crying rape then!"
"You planned it that way," whispered Doris. "You-you got me worked up,
watching what you were doing to Mabel and George, then you made me
please you, satisfy you-then you left me up in the air-way up high
and dry-"
"And dear Willis was waiting for you in your room-with his huge organ all ready, no doubt-he was just
what the doctor ordered, wasn't he, Doris?" Mildred spoke quickly.
"You planned it all!"
"But you enjoyed it!" Mildred's voice was sharp.
Doris was silent for a long moment, then: "But, I don't have to put up
with being abused all the time. I-I-"
"D'you get paid enough, Doris?" Mildred's voice was sugar-sweet. "Would you like more?"
"It's not the money," Doris muttered.
"Any extras you get-like from Barney, you can keep, of course-that's all yours!"
"You have a choice," snapped Mildred, "staying or leaving; punishment or pleasure?"
Doris jerked her head up. "What d'you mean: punishment or pleasure?"
"I'll show you," said Mildred, giving Doris a Mona Lisa smile then touching the bell-push beside her bed.
Doris stared at the self-possessed woman in mingled confusion and shock; then there was a tap at the
"All right, come in," called Mildred.
Mabel and George entered, looking as though they'd been waiting for the summons.
They must have been outside the door all the time, Doris thought with fright. This is all pre-planned! Is
everything Mildred does so very well-planned beforehand?
"Fasten her to the punishment stool," said Mildred, casually.
Doris's eyes jerked open wide. The stool!
"No!" she screamed, "I won't do it-no, no, no!"
Mildred lit a cigarette while Mabel dragged the strange stool from its place in the closet.
Doris made a lunge for the door, but George blocked her, regretfully but stolidly. "Relax, Miss Dainton,"
he murmured.
Miss Dainton! She felt like laughing hysterically.
They stripped off her skirt, removed her shredded panties then tied her face down over the
leather-covered stool. With vicious pleasure, Mabel tightened the straps that held her wrists and ankles
in place.
"Get me the strap," said Mildred, and Doris's mind careened wildly. It isn't possible! This can't be
happening to me! I've seen this happen to Mabel ... but me, Doris, it isn't real!
"No, no, no!" she screamed. "Stop it-I want to go-I'm not staying here-Yiiiiiiih!" The high sound of fear
spiraled from her lips.
"Please, Doris," said Mildred, patiently, "if you persist in screaming I'll have to gag your mouth-the sound
is hurting my ears!"
"Relax, Miss Dainton," said George in his level voice.
She screamed again, and the sound seemed to excite Mildred. "See how her bottom squirms each time
she screams," she hissed.
"Is this the right strap, Ma'am?" George asked.
"Yesss," Mildred hissed. "I don't want to break the skin-this two-inch thickness is perfect."
Petrified with fear, Doris heard the rustle of movement behind her; heard Mabel draw in her breath with
an excited sound of anticipation ... then the strap whistled through the air. The sharp pain cut through her
buttocks, piercing from one sensitive cheek to the other then throbbing all over her bottom.
She screamed again-with rage as well as pain. That they should do this to me!
The strap slashed down again, and she screamed again.
Again, the slap of the leather then the shrill sound from her lips. Hazily, she remembered how Mabel
had urinated when Mildred had punished her and as the thought ran through her mind, she felt wetness
between her thighs and knew that her bladder had reacted under the stress and pain.
"Oh, pleeeeze, " she moaned, "no more-please!"
Miraculously, the slashing ceased.
"Such soft young flesh," Mildred whispered; then she felt fingers pinching her bottom, squeezing abused
flesh cruelly but sensually and something stiff but narrow stabbed into her anus. "Hot little asshole,"
murmured Mildred. "She's a delicious piece of flesh. How could I ever let her go?"
There was a rustle of movement again, then Mildred snapped, "Is Doctor Basil here yet?"
"Waiting outside, Ma'am," said George in his deferential voice.
"Have him come in," Mildred snapped.
Doris heard the sound of the door opening, then Mildred spoke to Mabel.
"Get the box from the dresser."
"Yes, Ma'am," said Mabel, eagerly, and Doris knew from the tone of the cook's voice that she was
looking forward to jabbing an electrode into her sensitive anus, then sending in searing shocks.
"No," she moaned, "please, Mildred, not that!"
"Be patient, dear," said her mistress. "Punishment before pleasure!"
Mabel's voice was hungry. "Shall I stick it in her, Ma'am?"
"No!" Doris screamed, "oh, no!"
"Proceed, Mabel," said Mildred, her voice calm, "don't hurt her more than you have to!"
Doris felt as though her bottom was protruding up to the ceiling; she wanted to draw the cheeks in,
contract her buttocks and make her small anus even smaller.
Mabel probed at the wet opening; Doris felt the cool end of the electrode touching the inner tissue, then
Mabel stabbed it in, deeply, cruelly.
She screamed again; racked with pain but hopeless.
"Now turn on the current," said Mildred.
The jolt made her flatten her belly against the leather-covered stool; an agonizing pain spiraled through
her anus and into the base of her belly.
"Again," said Mildred, "just watch the water squirt from her pussy- it's a most exciting sight!"
The fierce current throbbed through her flesh again, making her squeal with agony, bite at her lips and
urinate again.
"Just one more," said Mildred.
This time Doris jerked herself up until only the straps kept her body from twisting off the stool. The
shocks throbbed all over her, paralyzing her throat so that she couldn't even scream any more.
"That'll be enough," said Mildred. "We don't want the poor girl to faint-we have so much more in store
for her." Then she laughed, a sickening sadistic laugh.
"What are you doing?" It was Doctor Marston's voice.
"Ah, Basil," said Mildred, "you've brought your appliance-your magic box?"
"Yes," he answered, "but what're you doing to this poor girl?"
"Make them stop!" Doris screamed. "They're torturing me, Doctor, make them stop!"
"It's just an experiment," said Mildred, coolly, "just like your tests!"
"My tests!" He sounded angry. "Release this young girl immediately-my tests provide pleasure, not pain!"
"That's why you're here, Basil; you're going to provide the pleasure!"
Mildred spoke soothingly.
"I'll have nothing to do with it," Basil's voice was harsh, "I'm leaving-unfasten the girl and I'll drive her to
the station!"
"Basil!" Mildred's voice was like the crack of a whip. "You're forgetting something. I give the orders
around here-not you! You do what you're told, Basil, exactly what you're told, or else-" She stopped,
Doris heard the ex-doctor drawing in his breath, then when he spoke, his voice was strangely subdued.
"What do you plan to do?"
'That's better," Mildred murmured. "Just excite her anus-gently, Basil, bring her to a state of relaxed
eroticism and then we'll untie her before we proceed any further."
"I don't like this," he muttered. "I don't like any part of it!"
"But you'll do it," said Mildred. "You know very well that you'll do it!"
Doris felt another hand touching her buttocks; gently this time, tenderly.
"Oh, Doctor," she moaned, "don't hurt me-I've been hurt enough already!"
"Don't worry, my dear," he whispered, "this won't cause you any pain."
She felt a slim tube being inserted up her sore asshole and jerked herself.
"Just keep still," he murmured. "You'll like this, Doris, really like it!" He pressed the electrode in more
deeply, then she heard him step back.
In a moment, a soft, soothing current flowed into her anal opening, veered gently through her flesh,
making it feel warm and causing her to forget the pain she'd suffered.
She drew in her thighs, squeezed them closed, trying to grip the tube with her pussy; it was thrilling her
now, sending exciting stabs of pleasure zooming through her bottom.
"Oooth," she moaned, "oooth!"
Mildred laughed. "She likes it; her sexed-up pussy's getting happy now!"
"Leave me alone for a minute," Basil's voice was gruff. "I'll get her in the state you want in a few minutes
but I want to do it without you here!"
There was a moment's silence, and Doris waited, feeling the soothing, sensual current pulsing into her
body; thrilling her gently, relaxing her and making her fear diminish.
"Very well, Basil," said Mildred. "Make sure you get her into the right state." She laughed shortly. "We'll
leave you with your guinea pig. Come with me." And Doris heard movements as Mabel and George
exited with Mildred.
She could hear him breathing before he spoke: "Feel better now?"
"Yes," Doris murmured, moving her bottom very slowly and feeling the electrode send out its magic
throbs, "but-but why-why do you do anything she tells you?"
Basil sighed. "There's nothing else I can do, Doris-she knows something about me; something that
happened a long time ago, but she could use the knowledge to ruin my life if she wanted."
"Blackmail!" Doris hissed.
He gave a dry laugh. "More subtle than that! Very genteel pressure, veiled threats." His voice dropped
down. "I can't afford to take a chance, Doris!"
She was silent, thinking about what he'd said: that explained some things that she hadn't understood.
Mildred can force him to do anything she wants!
His hands went onto her buttocks and he lifted her higher on the bench. "Relax your pussy," he
murmured. She did as he told her, then the familiar electrode was slid between her vaginal lips.
Doris drew in her breath when the first sweet shock rocked into her.
"Oooth," she murmured, "that's nice, Doctor."
"Don't call me doctor," he muttered, "don't remind me-just call me Basil."
But Doris was paying little attention to his words. The sensuous thrills were throbbing into her vulva,
making her clitoris jerk and pulse with excitement. She wriggled her bottom, felt the thrilling current run
from her anus to her pussy.
"It-it's going to make me come!" she hissed, her voice going high.
"Doris," Basil said tensely, "would you like me to-to get inside you?" He drew in a sobbing breath.
"Would you like me to fuck you while you're electrically aroused?"
"Oooth, Basil," Doris moaned, almost delirious with excitement, "you can do anything-anything you
want!" She pressed back with her buttocks and he saw the red orifice of her anus expanding round the
His hands trembled when he ripped open his pants, let his erect organ burst out. He stood close behind
her naked, writhing flesh then withdrew the tube from her pussy. Carefully, he steered his cock into the
wet opening, feeling her vaginal walls close around his shaft, hugging it. His hand went to the knob that
controlled the current flowing into her anus, and he turned it very gently. Doris made a wet sound of
pleasure, and Basil stood very still, feeling her pussy contracting as the mild shock ran through her flesh
so that the soft walls hugged his cock more firmly. He increased the power; her pussy jerked closed,
tightening its grip on his cock, then expanding, closing again.
Basil closed his eyes; felt the sweat streaming down his face. This was the ultimate thrill: standing
motionless; feeling a juicy young cunt suck, grip and hug his organ.
"I-I 'm going to come," Doris mumbled, squirming.
He could feel the head of his organ swelling, growing thicker and thicker until the walls gripped it like a
snug velvet glove.
"Aaarth!" he gasped, starting to orgasm. "Doris-oh, Doris!"
Doris felt as though she might faint again: her pussy was vibrating, squeezing on the delicious cock that
filled her hot, wet vulva. "Eeeeeh!" she squealed, "I can't stop myself. Eeeeh, Basil-I'm blasting!"
The orgasm rocked through her body, making her pussy palpitate, sucking every last drop of the hot,
spurting juice from Basil's spitting cock. He turned the power up high, sending strong sensual waves
jolting into her asshole-then flowing through her body to her pussy until the current was transmitted to his
The sex-juice drained out and he leaned forward limply. She was still writhing herself, squirming her
buttocks and letting the soft, wet sounds drip from her lips.
"That was-was like heaven," she whispered. "Please do it again!"
* * *
The voice hit her ears like a thunderbolt. "I think you've had sufficient of Basil's cock for now, Doris."
Mildred gave her dry laugh. "It's as I suspected, Basil; you wanted to sample her young pussy
yourself." She added, "Again. Now," her voice became brisk, "complete the preparations on her body!"
"No," moaned Doris, "you're not going to hurt me again."
"Don't worry, Doris dear," said Mildred, "you've had your punishment- now it's time for your pleasure,
as I promised."
Dazedly, still experiencing a sweet sensation from the residue of the electrical treatment, Doris felt Mabel
and George unfastening the straps which bound her, then leading her to the bed.
She was completely nude now, her blouse having been removed at the start of the punishment session,
and her breasts felt heavy, the nipples stiff and demanding.
They had sat her on the edge of the bed; now, she dropped onto her back, passed her hand across her
Mildred stared at the naked, sensuous flesh, then she licked at her lips with quick flicks of her tongue.
"Her body's still hungry," she whispered. She moved up close, reached down, touched the top of Doris's
sexual slit.
She flinched when Mildred's finger touched her clitoris.
"Ooth, " she moaned, "ooth-I'm on fire all over!" She touched her breasts again, then squeezed at the
"Mabel!" Mildred snapped. "Eat her nipples!" She leaned over Doris. "There's no one, absolutely no
one, my dear, who can lick nipples as exquisitely as Mabel!"
The cook moved onto the bed; lay at the side of Doris.
Doris looked into her face with momentary fear. "You-you hate me, don't you?" she mumbled.
Mabel smiled. "No, Miss-" Her lower lip quivered. "Maybe I'm envious because you're so young and
enticing." She moved her face over Doris's breasts, then added, "because everyone wants to do things to
you-to your luscious, young body-" her eyes went onto Doris's as she added in a whisper, "even me!"
Then her mouth went down and she drew a nipple between her lips, sweetly and sensuously, and tickled
the tip with her tongue. Doris sighed; then felt someone doing something between her open thighs.
"It's all right," said Basil's voice when Doris jerked. "I'm inserting the electrode." She felt the tube sliding
into her vulva and opened her thighs wider, sighed with pleasurable anticipation.
Mabel's mouth was doing delicious things to her nipples now; switching from one to the other, keeping
them both at a throbbing peak of excitement. When she wasn't kissing one, she squeezed it with her
clever fingers, then reversed and repeated the process.
The electrode was gradually increasing the strength of its thrilling waves inside her pussy and Doris was
experiencing a euphoric, all-embracing sensation of sensuality in all parts of her body. This is worth
waiting for-this is pure heaven! The thought flickered in her mind and she squirmed herself, feeling every
part of her body alive and aware.
"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Mildred murmured as she seated herself on the bed and looked into
Doris's face.
Doris jerked open her eyes and a momentary haze of fear shielded them.
"Why-why are you doing this to me?"
"Don't you like it?"
"Oh, yes," Doris sighed, "but why?" She moved her breasts, felt Mabel's soft lips caressing the nipples
with delicious persistence.
"Because I want to show you how nice things can be. I want you to see that you can have a lot of
pleasure here ... because I want you to stay with us."
Doris blinked, thinking about the strange, sensuous but exciting woman's words.
"Do you want to stay at Romily Manor?" Mildred asked.
A deep throb jolted from the electrode to the top of her vulva and Doris felt her clitoris vibrate.
"Ooooth," she moaned, "oooooh- ooooth!"
"What are you thinking about now?" Mildred asked.
Doris screwed shut her eyes, considered the question. "My-my pussy," she whispered at last. "How it's
throbbing ... it keeps coming to the- the brink of an orgasm, then dying down, then rising up again. It's
wonderful-and my breasts are on fire, all throbbing at the tips!"
"What else would you like? What else is in your mind? What do you see when you screw shut your
eyes?" Mildred hissed into Doris's face.
The color heated Doris's cheeks. A cock! I want a cock in my pussy! She squirmed. A thick, massive
"I-I want," she stammered, "a-a cock!" She opened her eyes; watched Mildred's expression.
"Can you see it in your mind? Can you see what you want?" Mildred's voice was tense and tight.
Doris closed her eyes again; drew her eyebrows together in a frown of concentration. I can see it! A
huge, monstrous thing with red and purple veins and it keeps swelling, getting bigger while the ball at the
end gets redder! The thrills seemed to flow through her flesh with renewed intensity. I want it now! I
need it-I want to be fucked-right now!
Doris kept her eyes closed; seeing the massive balls behind the thick cock-then above them, high up, the
face of the man ... a slavering, idiot face ... She jerked open her eyes.
"Is this it?" Mildred asked, pointing the huge penis at Doris's face. "Is it Willis's cock that you want?"
And the thick-set young man grinned down at Doris, slavering, drooling and rolling his eyes while his
mother held his cock so delicately and pointed it at the face of the girl she was going to let him fuck.
"Yes!" Doris whispered, "that's it!" And she opened her legs wider, felt Mildred pulling out the electrode,
then Willis dropped onto her belly and the massive shaft drove into her, thrilling her and bringing her to
an intense, throbbing orgasm while Mabel still sucked her nipples.
* * *
"You see," said Mildred afterward, "there are so many things here that you like." She smiled at Doris.
Willis had left the room with Basil and George while Mabel was busy, smearing a new, exotic kind of
cream on every sensual part of Doris's still-naked body.
"Yes," Doris murmured, "I can see that." Her eyes clouded, momentarily. "But I was frightened,
Mildred, when you did those terrible things to me!"
"But they thrilled you in the end!"
"But they hurt me, really scared me!"
"Punishment before pleasure," Mildred murmured, "but the pleasure's worth all that goes before." She
paused, then: "But that won't ever be necessary again, will it?"
"I don't think so," whispered Doris.
"So you'll stay here!" There was relief in Mildred's voice.
Doris drew her brows together. "I don't think there's anything else I can do," she squirmed, "the way I
feel-all sensuous and aroused ... I get worked up so quickly that I have to have relief!"
"It's always available here," murmured Mildred.
"Yes," said Doris, "I can see that!"
"I've wanted to have someone like you with me for a long time," said Mildred, "but I doubted that I'd
ever find the person I wanted."
Doris stared at her mistress.
"You're very much like me, you know," Mildred smiled down at her.
Doris's mouth dropped open in surprise.
"And you'll be much more so when you're older!"
"Why do you say that?" gasped Doris.
Mildred smiled. "I can tell." She took a deep breath. "I'm not as young as I was-and I worry about Willis
sometimes. If I wasn't here, God knows what might happen to him-they might even put him away in
some institution. The poor boy'd really go out of his mind then. Of course if you were here-" she looked
at Doris very intently, "-as a legal guardian, in charge of the manor, there wouldn't be any problem."
"Don't talk like that, Mildred. You're all right-what makes you think that something'll happen to you?"
Mildred smiled. "Nothing really, I'm just thinking out loud-and I want to know how you feel about the
Doris moved herself gently as Mabel massaged a very sensitive part of her body. "I-I don't know what
to say, Mildred. I don't even like to think about it!" Her eyes were troubled.
"That's all right," Mildred reassured her. "I intend to be around for a long time yet-but I want to be sure
you'll stay!
"I'll stay, Mildred, I promise. I want to stay-there doesn't seem anything else I want to do!"
Mildred hesitated, then: "And Willis-what about him?"
Doris stared at Mildred. "You-you mean him being after me all the time, trying to get into my pussy?"
"That's what I mean," Mildred said.
"I don't mind," said Doris. She giggled. "In fact, I'm beginning to like it!"
Mildred smiled. "I thought you would, " she whispered. "You're a dear girl, Doris, a very sweet girl!"
Doris smiled back, then a dreamy expression came onto her face. "Willis has got a-an amazing cock!"
She giggled.
Mildred nodded. "I know just how amazing it is!"
Doris looked at her face slyly. "I'm sure you do!"
Mildred laughed. "And it's always in a state of erection; always ready!"
"So I've noticed."
"Just a glimpse under your skirt-just one little hair of your pussy makes him want to masturbate."
"I guessed that!"
"He even masturbates at the dinner table!"
"I've seen him," Doris admitted.
Mildred looked at Doris, fondly. "I think you'll fit in perfectly here."
Doris nodded. "I'm beginning to think that, too."
"The money," said Mildred, "you can save just about all I pay you-and
then there are extras-"
"Like Barney Macallister?"
Mildred laughed. "Like that-and I'm sure there'll be more if you want it!"
Doris was thoughtful, then: "And Doctor Basil?"
"He'll always be here," said Mildred, "whenever you want to see him, he'll be ready." She met Doris's
eyes: "He'll do anything you want- anything!"
"That'll be nice," murmured Doris. "I like him."
"He's downstairs now," said Mildred. "I'd go down and invite him to stay for dinner."
Mabel's hands did delicious things between Doris's thighs.
"And Doris," said Mildred, "tonight-" she hesitated.
Mildred took a deep breath. "Would you like to have Basil stimulate both of us, and after-" she wet her
lips, "we'll spend the night together in my bed?"
A new kind of excitement throbbed through Doris's body. She had never really experienced the delights
of another woman's body.
"There are some-some new things I could show you," murmured Mildred, her voice strangely unsteady.
"Oh, yes," hissed Doris, "oh, Mildred, yes!"
Doris followed Mildred with her eyes as the older woman left the bedroom.
Mabel massaged, silently, thoroughly.
"Deeper!" muttered Doris, squirming her young flesh. "Dig in deep, keep me aroused, touch every
throbbing part of me-make me come and come and come because I can never have enough. The more I
get, the more I want. Appease me, Mabel, now!"
And Doris twisted herself onto her face as the cook's skillful, experienced hands did voluptuous things to
every sensuous part of her erotic body.
The End

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