Erotic Book - HEARTS AND HANDCUFFS( Sunset Point by Erika Reed)

Contains all kind of sex novels in Hindi and English.
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Re: Erotic Book - HEARTS AND HANDCUFFS( Sunset Point by Erika Reed)

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Chapter Twelve

Amber woke up the next morning startled when she noticed her wrists and ankles were bound by Velcro straps to each corner of the bedpost. She had found Reid standing at the doorway to the bathroom, smiling mischievously. The Velcro straps were another surprise he had purchased when he bought her the vibrating nipple clamps.

Reid teased and taunted her body mercifully by attaching the nipple clamps and using her own vibrator on her pussy begging to come. Reid used his mouth and fingers all over her body causing Amber’s body to wiggle in frustration until he finally made her come with his mouth, as he greedily ate at her pussy.

Reid carried her sated body into the bathroom where he washed and pampered her skin. He then had Amber ride his massive erection in the tub as they brought themselves to a satisfying release.

After breakfast, Dante had snuck up on her in the living room and asked her to turn around, facing away from him. He had told her he had a surprise for her. It was more like a fantasy come true. Dante had handcuffed her wrists and bent her body over the back of the couch. He widened her legs and spread her cheeks to smother her anus and his cock with lube before he entered her sphincter. He played good cop bad cop with her and read Amber her Miranda Rights. Or in her case, Amber rights. Dante fucked her from behind with wild abandonment. She loved how he took charge and knew exactly what she wanted.

Reid and Dante had told her they had some things they each had to get done and for her to relax by the pool and maybe read her Kindle. Amber liked that idea so she put on her suit and grabbed her Kindle. She must have fallen asleep at some time only to awaken by a hand sweeping her long auburn hair away from her cheek. Amber looked up to see Dante and Reid on bent knee, each holding a dozen red roses in their hand.

“Are those for me?” she asked while batting her eyes.

“Well of course they are, my beautiful green-eyed girl. Love you, baby.” Dante said before giving her a kiss on the lips.

“They’re gorgeous. They’re so perfect. They almost don’t look real.”

Reid bent down and handed the crystal vase to her before kissing her. “Perfect just like you, honey. I love you.”

“I love the both of you so much too. Thank you!”

Later in the afternoon, Reid and Dante had wanted to enjoy a late lunch on the patio table that sat on the edge of the grass in the sand. The three of them sat under the shade of the umbrella, enjoying the warmth of the sun. Amber had thrown some grilled chicken Caesar salads together.

“How about we all go take a stroll along the beach? It’s a beautiful day out,” Reid said helping Amber from her chair.

Dante and Reid walked hand and hand, talking about when Dante spoke to his Lieutenant back in Chicago. He told Amber his plans to head back long enough to pack up his belongs, sign his paperwork at the station, putting in his notice of quitting the department, and then rush back before he was missed by Amber. Dante had told her and Reid that he was thinking of opening a private security company, one that would entitle security to the rich and famous that visited the island. He also wanted to start offering self-defense classes to people that were interested.

Amber was so excited that they were all willing to work at their relationship. Reid had received a phone call from Esmie the day before saying that she was going to stay in the mainland and she wasn’t returning. Esmie realized how much she missed her family and new she wasn’t getting any younger, so she wanted to enjoy her time with her grandchildren.

As they walked hand in hand, Dante stopped her and looked into her eyes as Reid stood at her side, watching them.

“Baby, how do you feel about kids?”

Amber knew Dante had struggled in the past with giving his ex-wife the child he could never giver her.

“I love kids. Someday I can’t wait to have them.” Amber told him wholeheartedly.

“What if I can’t give you the children you want?”

Amber took Reid’s hand as she held Dante’s. “I will love the both of you no matter what, even if Reid couldn’t conceive children or didn’t want them. That will never change the way I feel about either of you. As long as the both of you love me, nothing else matters.” Amber hugged Dante.

Reid pulled her into a tight embrace. He then pulled back to look her in the eyes. “Honey, nothing would make me happier to see you round with a baby, whether it’s my blood or by the grace of God, Dante does get you pregnant, I can’t wait to see you raise our children.”

Amber quietly asked, “If I can’t get pregnant…maybe we could adopt a child that needs a good home?”

Reid pulled her against his body. Dante stood behind her rubbing her shoulders. She was surrounded by their warmth and love.

“I will do anything to make you happy, honey. Even if we have to adopt the world, nothing will ever stop me from seeing to your happiness,” Reid said against her ear.

Dante and Reid continued to walk with her along the beach. Further up the beach, Amber saw that someone had built a giant sandcastle, with small flags blowing in the sea air.

“Oh, look how adorable. Someone must have made a sandcastle earlier,” she said as she started to walk toward it.

As she grew closer she saw that behind the castle someone had picked wild flowers and thrown them around what they had written in the sand. As she looked closer, Amber now saw what the writing in the sand said.

Will you marry us, Amber?

Amber gasped and quickly turned around as Reid picked up a sea shell that was lying on top of the sandcastle. Beneath the shell was a small black box. She quickly turned to face them and found Dante and Reid both down on one bent knee. Reid had opened the black box, presenting her with a gorgeous silver, three carat diamond cluster, crisscross shank engagement ring. There were two lines that crisscrossed around one another until they met at the top of the large diamond that sat in the center.

Dante took her hand and kissed it. As he pulled away he was giving her one of his brilliant, wildly intense smiles that could make her weak in the knees.

“Baby, I fell in love with you from the first moment I looked at your picture that you left behind in your apartment in Chicago. But the minute I met you in the hotel, I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with you. I love your caring ways, your sexy body, the way you’re not afraid to express your sexual needs and desires. But most of all…I love you, Amber, and I want to spend the rest of my life making sure I never stop telling you or showing you how much I love you.”

Reid pulled the ring from the box and slid it on her finger. He too kissed her hand before speaking.

Reid took a deep breath and said, “For so long I never thought I could learn to trust or ever love again. I gave up hope until the day I met you, Amber. You have made me realize that I could move forward and leave the past behind me and finally learn to trust someone as special as you that never gave up and broke through the barrier I had kept safeguarding my heart for so long. Because of you I feel like a new man, someone that was lost for so long. I will never grow tired of telling you how much I love you. Amber, will you marry me and Dante and promise to live a happy, long life with us until we grow old and grey together?”

Amber could feel the wetness sliding down her cheeks as they looked up into her eyes. This is what real love felt like. This is what she had always wanted in life. To be loved and give back the love that she wanted to share in her heart for so long.

Amber dropped to her knees and kissed them as she cried in their arms. After hugging and kissing them both, Amber stood and looked at them before answering them.

“Yes…yes…yes! Of course I will marry you both. I love you both so much. You have both changed my life for the better. I can’t imagine my life without you both in it. You have made me the happiest woman on this earth.”

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Re: Erotic Book - HEARTS AND HANDCUFFS( Sunset Point by Erika Reed)

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Nine months later…

Amber sat in the lounge chair that overlooked the ocean. It was a peaceful day as she enjoyed reading her Kindle as she heard the sound of waves crashing against the shore. She would never grow tired of hearing that sound. Sometimes she would ask Reid to leave the doors to their bedroom open so that she could fall asleep to the sound of the ocean in the background.

Reid had told her to go relax under the shade for a while he and Dante made a snack. Amber had been extremely tired the last month. Reid and Dante were like mother hens, always at her feet, trying to get her to rest. Reid had insisted she needed to take some time off from work. He always told her that she didn’t need to ever work again. Amber worked part-time at the spa nowadays. She told Reid she did it because she enjoyed her job.

A month after their proposal, Reid and Dante held a private wedding ceremony that consisted of Dante’s family, Trinity, and her men, Jackson and Max. Amber also wanted to share and included their new friends in this joyous time. Lexa, Beau, and Diego, Reece and her men sat in the chairs, along with Gaby, Austin, Michael, and Kendrick watching as they spoke their vows.

Trinity had stood by her as her maid of honor as she spoke her solemn vow to love honor and obey Dante and Reid until the day she died. They had decided it to be best for her to legally marry Reid. Amber would be well taken care of with the money Reid left if he passed on. Just before the wedding, they had a private bonding ceremony that would forever tie them together.

Reid and Dante asked her to stop taking the pill the night of their wedding proposal. After two months of trying, Amber was pregnant. They didn’t care who the father was. They all just prayed the baby was healthy.

Amber laid her Kindle on the chair beside her and looked down at her swell that had grown to be so big in the last six months. Reid and Dante were so excited when she found out she was going to have their baby. Amber was at the high point of her life. She never imagined life could get any better than this. Amber looked forward to spending the rest of her life with her two husbands that would show her unconditional love and complete devotion every day of her life. And now that she was pregnant with their child, Amber knew that they would be the best daddies in the world to their daughter she carried beneath her heart.

“I brought you some fresh fruit, honey,” Reid said as he placed the plate of watermelon, strawberries, and grapes next to her on the table. He then squatted down and held her round belly in his large hands. “How’s my sweet angel doing? Is she still kicking the hell out of you?”

“It’s because she’s hungry,” Dante said as he handed Amber a bottle of water. He walked to her other side of the chair and touched her belly as he leaned over to kiss her.

Amber had been feeling frisky today and wanted to play with her husbands. One of her wedding gifts from Dante and Reid were given to her on the night of her honeymoon. This special gift had become a favorite of hers to play with.

She looked at them and twisted her body to get up off the chair. Amber turned and faced them as she said, “I’m not really hungry for that type of food right now, boys. I am craving something else in mind right now.” Amber then reached into her dress pocket and pulled out her pink plated handcuffs and twirled them around her finger.

Reid and Dante looked at one another and grinned.

“Who wants to be the first to cuff me up and have their wicked ways with my body?”




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Re: Erotic Book - HEARTS AND HANDCUFFS( Sunset Point by Erika Reed)

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I think my family and friends were pleasantly surprised when I broke the news to them one day in October of 2011 that I submitted an erotic romance novel to Siren and they were going to publish it. I am very lucky to have such a supportive husband, family, and friends.

I currently reside in Southern California with my husband and two beautiful daughters. When I am not working my part-time job and running my busy household, you can find me spending time with my family and friends.

I started off writing late in life. Sometimes it takes years to discover your true calling in life. Besides being a wife, mother, and provider for my family, I really do enjoy putting my heart and soul into my writing.

Visit me at Facebook, Erika Reed Author.

I always love to hear from my readers. If you wish to send me a personal message, you can do so at [email protected]

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