love story novel GUNAHOON KA DEVTA[God Of All sins] part 1

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love story novel GUNAHOON KA DEVTA[God Of All sins] part 1

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Ashish kumar

sooraj ke chamakne takk…..
kaliyonn ke mahakne takk…..
baharoonn ke aane takk……
aur phullonn ke khilne takk…
Chandar !!.....
…...main tumse pyar karoongi!!

Chandar and Sudha
If it is believed that there are some kind of deities exist in this
world who give shape to a town or city, I would say that
architectural diety of Allahabad must be a very romantic God.
Here was all things. If you go to Sangam you see beautiful rivers
meeting around. People having bath, some doing their religious
ceremonies, some visitors come there just to take a fresh air.
Some are taking the pleaures of boating on the moving water of
river. Here were all things. Here were slums areas where poor
people lives. Here were rich areas who could be compared to the
Delhi posh areas. Here were broad wider national highways as
well as narrow lanes which were as narrow as Lucknow streets.
Here were the river side sandlands and on the other hand here
were very fertile land where farmwers grown their crops and
vegetables. Truly Allahabad was a nice place to live.
It's morning were drowsy wrapped in the sweet sleep, it's
afternoon was fiery and evening were pleasant, relaxing and
soothing. It was a similar sunrise in the town which story I am
going to tell here.
Alfred Park, Allahabad. He was sitted on a bench eagerly
waiting for library to open. Six feet height. Fair complexioned.
Round face healthy face. Long curly hairs and a swinging hair
lock on his forehead. He was impatient. His eyes were
examining each flowers and its buds quickly. For him waiting
was the most tough job. It were six thirty in the morning and
seven am was the opening time of library.
Then the gardener entered the park on his daily duty of
maintaining the garden.
'hey!!...when the hell this library will open. It is difficult to wait'
he asked.
Gardener smiled and said '…in few minutes!'
ha!...ha!...ha!' both laughed.
Each day this was the routine. Chandar would asked gardener
same question and gardener replied in same words. He always
knew Chandar was a little impatient.
suddenly some one came there and put his hands on his
shoulder from backside. He turned around….
'arey!!....Thakur ..come….come on!! For me it was difficult to
pass the time. Now you have come so it will be easy to sit here
'today! wake up so early??' Thakur asked.
'ahh!!....i have come here for Sudha. You know Dr. Shukla. Her
daughter need some books' Chandar told.
'ohh!...for Sudha you are here' Thakur mocked.
'chhi..!!!!..... don't think like that. You know Dr. Shukla is like
my father. I must obey what he orders' Chandar told.
'...Chandar! why are you giving explanations. I know Dr. Shukla
very well. He is one of the kind and benevolent man. Getting
such type of man is very rare. Well!..i will too say that all the
education you received here Dr. Shukla must be given credit'
'huunn!! ' Chandar accepted.
'seen him??' Thakur showed him someone.
'who is he??' Chandar asked.
'He is Ravindra Bishriya. A student in MA hindi final year'
'what is he looking in the lotus pond??' Chandar asked.
'well..he is a poet. He has written many nice poems. Let's meet
him' Chandar and Thakur went to meet Bishriya.
He was a very lean thin young man power spectacle on his eyes
wearing blue check shirt. Bishriya was looking in the lotus pond
of the park. He must be thinking something great. Thakur played
a trick. He went silently to the Bishriya ,plucked a straw and put
it into his ear.
Bishriya disliked it and shouted 'Thakur!!....what you doing??
You did not know I was making some great poems. You broke
the sequence now I lost my all poems' he complained angrily.
'yes! you are right. That's why I am here. Meet Mr. Chandar
kapoor. He is a big fan of your poems. For last many days he
was requesting me to meet you and listen your poems' Thakur
said cleverly.
Bishriya's anger subsided next moment. He said ' You know
Thakur….now my poems are very much famous in audiences.
There is a high demand for that. Soon my poem collection book
is going to publish. Yesterday Triveni's directors came to meet
me and asked my photograph to print in a magazines. When I
told them that right the moment I don't have my photo they
insisted. Finally I had to give them my identity card to rescue.
'Chandar !!..have you listen that? Bishriya is a no longer a
common chap. He is big poet now. He is also invited in public
seminar and marriage ceremonies' Thakur told.
'so….lets' have some poetry session' Chandar said.
'No Chandar !!...not like that. Bishriya is a natural poet. He
create poem from heart. Come tonight. We will go to Gangaji,
will have bath there. Will have some food and will have
Bishriya's poems'
amid conversations a car came there and stopped at the library
'friends!.. pardon me. I will have to go. They have come here.
See you tonight' Chandar handshaked to Thakur and Bishriya
and rushed to car. Car window downed.
'come….come out of the car' he said.
'no!....i feel shame. You go and bring out my books' a girl said in
shying hesitating tone.
'feel shame! tomorrow when you will get married say me to sit
at bride place. Don’t give excuses. Come out of the car'Chandar
when he insisted she came out of the car. Wearing red color
salwar suit, small heighted, thin tall face with ponytail. Wheatish
complexion. Not very beautiful just normal looks. She was
Sudha Dr. Shukla daughter. She was afraid like a new sparrow
who had first time had come out of her nest. Her eyes were
moving quickly here and there and examining the all things.
Probably it was the first time when she had come to library.
'Sudha !!....don't fear when I am here' he took her hands in his
hands and let her go inside the library.
After fifteen minutes when Sudha came out of the library. Her
hesitation had vanished completely. Now she was as frank as
leader of town. She threw the books at the back seat of the car
and chirped.
'ohh!..Chandar why you came here. I am capable to issue my
books. I don't need you' she boasted and said
'Chandar!!..come...get in the car'
'no!...i have a lot of works. I have to study a lot. Have to make
notes, wash my bicycle, wash my closthes. I have not taken my
morning tea yet'
'uuuhhunn!!....come with me I will get you your morning tea'
Sudha said.
'no! ' Chandar showed tantrums and took his bicycle to leave.
'arey!!... stop!! stopp!! papa has given a assignment for you. He
has written a speech that he will speak in conference. Go to
typist and get it typed'
finally Chandar had to get inside the car. After thirty minutes
drive Dr. Shukla white ambassador car took a left turn at
Baadshahi Mandi and entered into a bungalow. Sudha asked
(homemaid) whom she called maharajin to prepare two great
cups of tea. Maharajin went inside the kitchen to make tea.
This house, its rooms,walls, family member were no more
stranger for Chandar. Seven years ago he had come here when
his mother died and father remarried. His stepmother did not
like him and to save the relationship to his father he left home
and moved to Allahabad. Dr. Shukla was the first person
Chandar trusted first time in his life. On that time Dr. Shukla
was his class teacher and lended his supporting hand on
Chandar's head when he found him a sharp, studious intelligent
boy. Dr. Shukla adopted him like a son. On that time Chandar
had first seen Sudha. She was a small twelve year school going
when Dr. Shukla wife passed away he sent Sudha to his sister in
village. But when Sudha was fifteen years old his sister forced
him to marry Sudha as girls are married early in their young age
in villages. Dr. Shukla was a educated professor of Allahabad
university. He refused the idea and brought Sudha to city and
made all arrangement for her study.
When Chandar looked Sudha he felt very awkward as she was a
girl and Chandar was a boy. By his nature Chandar was a very
strict natured boy. He never liked crying shedding tears kids
showing tantrums to their parents.
When he has seen Sudha first time she was like a wild beast
uncivilized untamed unmannered girl. When maharajin forgot to
put butter in her food Sudha stole it from the kitchen without
cleaning her hands. When gardener did not give him flower she
bit him off at hands. When papa(Dr. Shukla) was late to come
home due to his university work she made hell in the home.
Chandar hated Sudha habits and would raise his hands to hit
him. But God knows only why he could never hit her. Chandar
was a small boy on that times but she understood the pain of a
motherless child because his own mother had died in his early
age. Then Sudha had stopped crying. She was never afraid to
anyone in the home but was afraid by Chandar.
Gradually these small things developed into a invisible but very
strong bond between Chandar and Sudha. Whenever Sudha
needed something Dr. Shukla said Chandar to get for her. When
Sudha needed costumes Chandar went to garment shop. When
Sudha needed jewellery Chandar went to jewelers. When she
needed books Chandar went to bookstore. And it was the time
when Sudha can’t imagine herself without Chandar.
During these seven years both were brought up like friends. Dr.
Shukla always said that he had two children Sudha and Chandar.
For always Chandar was a brilliant scholar. He always focussed
on his studies and never gave attention what should he wear,
what should he eat, what should he drink. And it was Sudha who
entire focussed was on Chandar. Chandar is doing Ph.d so he
must take green vegetables. Chandar is writing thesis so he must
take milk at night and etc. things .
For Dr. Shukla Sudha was a child and for Sudha Chandar was a
Chandar was always a very studious boy and Sudha was always
a dougher. A girl who never liked to study. Her sole
concentration was on Chandar. Chandar does not wear good
clothes. Chandar does not eat vegetable. He is so careless for his
health. He must take a glass of milk at night.
Sudha was the manager of home. She always knew when to pay
the bills. She exactly knew which societies made Dr. Shukla
their member. She always knew which vegetable, which fruit
should papa take in different seasons to remain healthy.
Once Chandar fell ill. He was severely suffering with cold and
cough. Sudha was very much worried for him. When she
observed that it will take many hours for doctor to come home.
Immediately she searched a cough syrup in the almirah. It was
expired two years earlier. Sudha did not know that and gave him
whole bottle. Chandar's condition became severe and he had to
be admitted in the hospital. When Dr. Shukla knew it he scolded
her very much. Since then Chandar was always beware to Sudha
and her medicines.
Maharajin had placed a cup of tea at the table but Chandar was
memorising all these things.
Sudha came and chuckled ' hey!! dear …. what are you
thinking?? '
Chandar came into the real world. He saw again milky tea and
quickly exchanged with Sudha's cup.
'huunn!!... again you changed cups. I have a friend Gesu. Her
mother always give me pure milk tea. And you know she always
come first in the class'
'no!...i will prefer to fail rather than your milk tea!!' Chandar
'now give me the speech'
'take it' Sudha gave him papers.
'her name is Promila Decruse. She lives in civil lines. She is a
papa's student. Go there. She will type the speech' Sudha told.
Chandar sat on the car. Car started and crawled..
'stopp!!' Sudha shouted. Car stopped.
'you are going to that girl. But don't try to flirt her. She has two
big bulldogs. If they chased you…I will not be there to save you'
Sudha pranked.
Chandar sulked and said 'Driver!!..let's go''
Sudha kept him watching unless they did not disappear.
Chandar and Sudha were just like that. The two made for each
other. The two who were inseperables. The two who were one.
Like sky and earth complete each other. Like day and night
make this world. Like sun and moon complete the light system
in day and night.
Chandar and Sudha were just like that.
After driving for an hour car reached in Civil lines. Chandar
took out the address. Car stopped at an old bungalow.
'driver!!.. take a few steps back'
car moved back and stopped at its main gate.
Chandar was wearing his regular white decent ironed shirt and
pant and typically was looking a college student. He came out of
the car and went to the gate. It was junked and once it must be
new but now it looked like an old unused piece of tin after
facing rain and sunlight for a longer time.
'Roselaan Villa
Miss Promilla Decruse
805, Civil Lines, Allahabad'
Chandar read the address and was satisfied that he checked into
the correct house.
'driver you go!' he said and driver left. It was a huge old English
mansion built in british style. Its name was roselaan but there
were only straw and wild plants and bushes in the compound.
No roses at all. No guard was available to open the gate. No
door bell to ring. Its gate was also very old and now it was
supported by the wooden planks and logs.
Chandar put his hands inside the door and opened it. A red hen
was wandering in the compound. As it saw Chandar it was so
much frightenend that it put its leg on the it's head and ran to
backyards to save its life. Chandar went to the entrance door and
knocked twice.
no body came…no reply.
He knocked again but same again no reply. Doors were covered
with dust. Many spiders has made their nets at the corner of the
door. It were eight thirty of the morning but silence made it like
a haunted ghosty mansion.
'I think Decruse family have shifted to some other place'
Chandar thought. He turned around to return. As he walked on a
rose scented gush of air came and bathed him.
'rose???....but there are no roses??' he said.
He noticed a trail in ground going to the backside of the
mansion. Chandar followed and went inside and he found
himself in the biggest rose garden that he ever seen.
'ohh!!...truly it is Roselaan' he said. Black, green, yellow, pink,
red, white all types of roses were available here. Plants were
planted carefully. Bushes were nicely cut by the scisors to give
beautiful look. Water tap was open and water was irrigating to
each bed. But its was invisible yet.
Chandar entered the garden to have a look of flowers. He was a
nature lover. He liked flowers very much. He had a deep
knowledge about the plants and knew which season has its star
flowers. Beside it he has a very special trait to go to each flower
and try to understand its dintinct massage. For him flowers were
the sign of life and were very important to keep someone happy.
Morning dew were dropped on all the roses like a pearl. All the
flowers were facing the sky and were welcoming the morning.
Chandar took a dew drop and drank it. All the roses were big
and aroma was spreading all around. Then he saw a yellow big
rose. It was looking the prince of this wonder flowerland.
Chandar went to that rose and had a look. He thought to pluck it
but it was not his garden and its owner were also not there he did
not pluck it. Then he thought to smell it. He leaned it over and as
he bowed his head down someone attacked him backside and
caught him with his arms.
'there you are!!' attacker shouted.
'I was sure that one day I will be successful to catch the culprit.
And see today I caugt you red handed to steal my roses. Now I
will punish you!!' attacker yelled and holded Chandar at neck.
'what the hell!!' Chandar scramed and pushed him with a great
force and freed himself. When he turned he saw he was a tall
middle aged Englishman. He had fallen down on the ground. His
eyes were yellow and he looked sick and ill.
'hey!!...i never stole your roses. You have misunderstood. I
came here to meet Miss Decruse.
'liar!...liar!! are the very person who stole my roses. Today
when I caught you red handed you are making excuses. If I were
as young as you I would have crush your head like a football
and had been played it' Englishmen shouted.
Chandar got angry and said ' you!!...dirty white pig!!....if you
now said a word I swear I will throw you in the main whole'
Chandar said angrily.
Englishman was afraid and ran to the back doors of the mansion
and shouted ' pommy! tommy!...are you both dogs are dead.
Come here …and save me otherwise he will kill me' he said.
suddenly the back doors opened at once with lot of noise. A
young maiden girl of twenty to twenty two years old came out of
the house. She was looking angry probably she was taking a
bath. She came to the Englishman in bathing gown and shouted
'Birty???....what happenend?...why you screaming??'
Englishman pointed to Chandar and implored ' Pammi...
Pammi….I caught that man stealing my roses. When I scolded
him he says he will throw me in the drain' he said.
Chandar came in attention and stood like a gentleman.
'don't bother Birty…you stay here I will call the police' young
maiden girl whispered.
she came to Chandar and asked 'stranger!!....why you
misbehaved him??' in bad tempered fighting mood.
'..i think he is an insane!' Chandar said.
'hey!! mind your language. He is my brother'
'I have nothing to do him. I have come here to meet Miss
Dercuse' Chandar took out Dr. Shukla letter and handed her
She read the complete letter and left a long breath. 'ohh
..Birty!!.. one day I must admit you in the mental hospital. He is
not your rose thief. Dr. Shukla has send him to type a speech'
'uuuhhhnn!!' Englishman whose name was Birty ashamed and
bowed his head down.
' Chandar ji!..i am really sorry for my brother. Some years ago
he lost his wife. Since then he have become half minded. I am
Miss Decruse. Why you standing outside please come inside the
home' she walked inside the home. Chandar followed her.
Finally he was welcomed in the mansion.
He threw himself on a sofa.
Miss Decruse said 'are you hurt somewhere and her middle sized
black eyes inspected his neck and she put her hands on it.
It were as cold as ice and a shiver ran all across his body.
'your hands are very cold' he said.
Miss Decruse realized that she was in bathing gown. She felt
humiliated and ran immediately inside the house. Birty got
disappeared in his rose garden. Chandar had a look of the house.
It was very old. Must be built before freedom by birtishers in
American style. From outside it looked dusty and dirty but on
the contrary it was very neat and clean inside. Floors were
shining like a new steel plate. All interiors were wiped carefully.
Beside of electric fans hand pulling fan which were used before
the freedom were also fixed in the ceilings. Chandar found.
some minutes later Miss Decruse returned in elegant long
Christian frock and sat by him frankly. She was brown
chocoloate dusky complexioned. Thin eyebrows on eyes,
beautiful lips with nose Chandar noticed. Now she looked great.
She had boycut hairs to the neck. Talcum powder on her necks
and a very light on lips may be only noticed to very near.
'let me put a balm there!' she said and Chandar offered his neck
without a delay.
Chandar was a clever man. He always knew to use the resourses
very well. And when it was a good looking young girl he can not
'ouch!!..there' he told Miss Decruse.
'by the way….your brother is quite healty as he is abnormal. He
holded me very harshly!' he said.
Miss Decruse put the balm on his neck with her soft cold
fingers. When it is done he stopped her and said 'I its
'call me Pammi!' Pammi said. 'how is Dr. Shukla??'
' he is fine'
'…and are his…??'
' I am his student. Currently I am doing Ph.d in Economics'
Chandar told.
'ohh.. Chandar ji!.once again I pardon for my brother. He is not
a bad guy. But when he see a stranger he hardly believes him'
Pammi said.
'it's fine!'
'you know once my brother was the happiest man on the earth.
He had married to Mary. She was a good girl. She was a singer
and would write the songs and would sing. She also liked to
dance. After the marriage they had gone to Celone for
honeymoon. This rose garden that you see here Mary had built it
as she liked roses very much. After three years of the marriage
she got pregnant and died during delivery. Birty cried a lot but
handled him somehow. Mary gave birth a daughter. Birty named
him 'Rose' . He loved her very much and always played with her
in this rose garden'
'you know Chandar when she was one year old an snake bit her
off and she died' Pammi sighed.
'uffff….very sad story' Chandar said and immediately felt very
pity for Birty.
'let's do your work. Give me the papers'
'here it is…' Chandar gave Pammi all papers. Pammi walked to
the typing room. Chandar followed her. Pammi took out the
printer. Once she started the work her fingers stopped after an
hour. Chandar saw that one hand Pammi is very modern,
fashionable girl, on the otherhand she is great in her work.
'now some rest!!' she discontinued the work and cracked her
fingers. And streached her limbs. Her slim trim body bended
like a rainbow.
'no thanks!.. I have taken it some minutes ago!' Chandar said.
'..but I must take it …as I can't work without it' she stood up and
left. When she came she was smoking a ciggerette. Tea cup was
on her right hand.
'ohh… smoke' Chandar wondered.
'yes! take also' she put the packet to him
'no!...never. I never smoke and I think smoking is not good for
women' Chandar said.
'..but I am forced. It is my only friend. You know after my
divorce I locked myself in home and did not talk to any women.
When I found my husband hungry only for my body….i hated
all men. I am a very different type of person'
'yes!! is true that man are offen inclined to have sex with a
girl…but there is a love thing also. When a man will fall in love
with you…he will more focus to talk…to chat you. Not sex.
Only a man will fall for you truly….he will ask you to offer him
your body. Sex is a minor thing compare to True love'
'great!!' Pammi was so much impressed with Chandar's
conversation that immediately she threw her ciggereette.
'…all the mens are not the same. There must be some man who
fall for a girl true to their heart' Chandar said in very determined
voice. He was very confident.
'well!!...well!...well!..yes I am agree. Like that you are
talking…it seems that you are a very knowlegable person!!'
Pammi said.
'no..' Chandar laughed. ' I am just an MA in economics. Now
going P.hd' Chandar said smilingly.
'..i think I know there is a thing called true love' he said in same
'do you love somebody??' Pammi fired a question abruptly.
'no!... but I know. But I is very clear that when I will love
somebody….i will love her from my heart….and then I will
think to have sex with her' he said.
'…wow!!...such a great principles. I am impressed' Pammi said.
'when you will leave I will definitely think about you' she said.
'let's finish…your work. I may consider to make you my friend'
she said.
and again Pammi worked nonstop
for an hour and all speech
' is'
'thanks!!' Chandar said. 'now ..i will leave'
'let's come ' Pammi stood up to drop him at the gate. Both were
crossing the compound. The pavement was made with bricks
and glass had growed up in the corners of the bricks. At the
same time Birty called Pammi and said '
'you know Chandar who steal Birty roses. It is me. After my
divorce I hated the love thing. I thought it is a thing which make
somebody weak fron inside like a virus or a bacteria. But now
after your explanation I think it is not a bad thing' Pammi said.
'see….when you love somebody only to have sex with her then I
will say it is bad. But Pammi when you love some body for life
time. You can sacrifice all things for that single one then Pammi
it is not weakness but a strength'
'true! true!...true!! is true' Pammi shook her head and was
fully agreed with Chandar.
'I understood the difference now' she said.
Birty was again in his rose garden and shouted from there '
Pammi are you…she is hidden in the garden??'
'yes!!' Pammi shouted.
'Pammi ..!! now youdon't steal Birty's roses. There are not the
bad things. Flowers are not the badthing' Chandar said. He felt
very pity in Birty.
'I swear….now I will hate roses' she said.
'come again!....when you are free' Pammi said.
'you come also our home. There is Sudha ….Dr. Shukla
daughter. She will love it If you will visit us' Chandar said.
'very soon I will come to you…..promise' Pammi offered her
'promise' Chandar made a hand shake and returned to home.

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