GUNAHOON KA DEVTA[ God of all sins] part 2

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GUNAHOON KA DEVTA[ God of all sins] part 2

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Dr. Shukla

next day when he reached Dr. Shukla's home it was already
eight o ' clock. He got up late by seven o' clock. After that he
rushed and took his bath, wore clothes and rushed to Dr. Shukla
to deliver him speech by time.
The sun had risen higher. It was bright and very much hot. Not
as soothing as earlier days as summer season had come. In the
lawn Sudha was sitted on a chairs. With Crosio she was knitting
a piece if cloth. Her fingers were playing with woolen thread.
She had worn a light brown color saree and an orange colored
fitted blouse. Her hairs were falling on her orange blouse. It
seemed like a colorful butterfly was sitted on it. Sudha had just
taken the bath as her hairs were not completely dried. Chandar

Chandar went straight inside the house. But he did not find Dr.
'where is papa?' he asked.
'I don't know' she replied without putting his eyes to crosia.
'please tell me' Chandar said.
'..really I don't know' Sudha repeated.
'you know very well. Don't make always jokes. I am getting late.
I have to give him speech'
'he must be in bathroom taking bath. I know you have come to
give him speech but it does not mean he will not take his bath'
she rolled her eyes and made her face.
'don't play me. I am very angry today' Chandar said.
'you always tease me. I don’t like this' Sudha was angry too.
' I am never guilty as you start to quarrel' Chandar said.
Sudha felt sorry and sat down silently. But she broke into tears.
Chandar seen her. Chandar could fight her but could not see her
in tears.
'are you crying??' he asked.
'no..but tell me why did not come yesterday evening?' b ade aaye
kahin ke.. it is not like that I am homeless and there is nobody to
talk me. I have my home, family members. You show a lot of
tantrums. If you will not come it is not like that I will die' Sudha
said sulking her face.
'you are crying just for that??' Chandar laughed.
'yesterday Gesu's servant had come to pick me. There was her
younger brother birthday. There was a party. All guests were

'..then why you did not go??'
' hunn!.. why you did not go?...whom I take permission?'
'of course…from papa'
'….and when I go somewhere you criticize me a lot..
Sudha! must behave like a girl. Sudha ! must take
permission before going outside. Sudha! should do this.
You should not do this….that..Bla bla bla bla… I am fed with
your rules!!'
'next time you can go. There is no need to take my
permission…now is it ok??' Chandar asked.
Sudha was not happy and said ' you did not know how much bad
Gesu had felt ??....and soon there are there also my exams. I will
not have a single minute to visit my friends...' Sudha annoyed.
'when it is starting?'
'soon…and you are so bad that have not searched a tutor for me
yet?' she said.
'ohh!....i forgot'
'Please don’t forget…..otherwise I went angry and will throw all
my books' Sudha tantrumed.
'ok…I find find a tutor by afternoon. I will talk to Bisriya. He
needed money. Sure he will agree to teach you' Chandar said.
'…by today afternoon??' she rolled her eyes again.
'yes!!' Chandar said. Now she was ok. 'see!....papa has come'
Chandar turned back. Dr. Shukla had taken his bath and had
come in the verandah. He was drying his haris with white towel.
Chandar went him Sudha left inside the home.

He looked Chandar and said 'oh! have come. Have you got
that typed?'
'yes' Chandar said.
'where?' he asked.
'by miss Decruse'
'yes!...that's a sweet girl. Now she would be grown up to a
women. Has she got married? I was wondering you will find her
or not? it has been many years she was my student'
'…she married but divorced' Chandar told
'huunn! is she lives alone?' Dr. Shukla asked.
'no…she lives with her brother…Birty'
'…and do Birty got married?'
'yes!...he had married but his wife died'
'Raam! Raam!... sad story' Dr. Shukla showed his sympathy.
Sudha came and said 'papa….i have made arrangement for you
to worship'
'Chandar !..have your tea. I am just coming after my prayers'
'ji' Chandar said as he repected him always.
'there is a chart on my table. Will you please complete it?.
Dr. Shukla went to the worship room and Chandar went to the
study room. Dr. Shukla was whitish brown complexioned man
with fatty belly. He was always serious in studying and teaching
works and his politeness had increased with his age. But he was
a kind of reserve man.Personally he had no friends. Beside this
he was considered an intellectual personality of the north India
and he was always invited in major conferences, written exams
and government committees.

He also liked to participate such type of programs which helped
India to grow. In these events Chandar worked as his secretary
and now he was also known as the young brilliant man
recognizable by ministers and politicians. When Chander had
passed MA in the Allahabad university finance department
offered him high paying posts but Dr. Shukla opposed it.
According to him Chandar should complete his research first.
If he gets an educational foreign trip to abroad it will be very
nice. After that he could join any job Dr. Shukla had no
objections. In his personal life Dr. Shukla was a man of opposite
ideas. He never objected to have lunch with Muslims or
Christians but he always took food at home in kitchen sitting at
the aasan wearing silk dhoti. He had advised government to take
work to sadhus and ascetics and to seize the properties of
temples. On the other hand he too worshipped for many hours in
the morning and put liquid sandal on her body. He believed in
caste system but never asked his pupils about their
caste….which one is Brahmin…thakur ,khatri or kayasta.
Chandar took water, put it into the dry ink and would mix it to
prepare ink to write. Meantime Sudha came. she was wearing
her light green salwar and white dupatta. She hid behind the
door and put her one leg in the drink and shook her leg silver
bracelet. It produced a very nice sound when small gunghrus
moved in the air. Chandar knew Sudha is behind the door.
'come….in!!' he looked the door and said.
'jaaneman!!' she said with love of love. It was her trademark
style to call Chandar. Chandar never it and scolded her many
times but Sudha was Sudha. Unchangeable Sudha.
'hey!!..' Chandar shouted. 'how much times I said you not to say
things to me. I don't like this things' Chandar

eyesbrows up in the sky.
'..but I love you!' Sudha said innocently.
'Love??? don't the answers the question of your books.
How can you know the love thing' he said.
' I can not learn the long answers from my book. But for you…I
can write an entire book!' Sudha replied.
'huunn' Chandar made his face. Sudha had prepared tea for him
and put it at his table.
Chandar resumed his map work and would draw lines on the
paper. She moved his sights all around to see if somebody was
seeing them. She came to his ears and whispered 'I got nankhatai
(home made cookies)for you only..'
'what the hell is this?' Chandar asked mixing the ink.
' is a very nice cookie and it made at home with floor and
butter. I also put a lot of cashew, Badaam and other dry fruits.
Papa love it. I prepared it myself in the very morning' she said
silently 'and you know only for y ou!!!….. ' she leaned over
Chandar and murmered.
'Will you have it' she asked with lot of love again. Chandar liked
it when she requested him something to eat or made something
for him.
'ok! are requesting so much. I think I should take a bite.
Give me one' Chandar said.
'….i have already this in my hands' she uncovered nan khatais
that she had hidden in her white duppatta and put two pieces on
the table.
'..shit! dirty you are??'
'why you did not take it in plates. See…its butter has sticked on
the clothes. All dress is spoiled now. You have become a grown
up girl now….but got no manners' Chander annoyed.
'..i got at five in the morning. Did a lot of hard work. Make its
dow. Lit the furnace and made nankhatais
for you only so that

you can get some sweet taste after the food and you are scolding
me?' she said.
'okk…okk!...don't cry. I am having it' Chandar took a bite and
liked it. 'give me two pieces …more' he said. Sudha left and
Chandar sat down and was busy to prepare the map. Chandar
always knew Sudha is never a bad girl from her heart. She was
just a bubbly girl who did not think too much just followed her
heart. That's why Chandar never misbehaved her. But some time
when she said Chandar her ' jaanemann!!' he was a little scared.
It meant a lover or we love someone very much. But Chandar
knew that Sudha did not say it in that sense. Till this time neither
Sudha nor Chandar know the meaning of love. They were just
college going student who did not know more than their course
books. Chandar was sure.

This was a map of north eastern Uttar Pradesh districts of Balia,
Azamgarh, Basti, Banaras and has to show the death graph in
that areas. Chandar was a workaholic man. If he took any
assignment in his hands he must finish it as soon as possible.
Then he would forget all things only focus on his work. This
was his best quality. He belonged to a poor family where he had
seen lacking only. From outside he looked like a normal chap
but inside he was very serious. He had a clear aim in his mind
and that were to get a high paying government job to support his
family. He would take his assignment like people worship god.
Chander was a patriot and socialist too but in his own style. He
knew very well how the society works.

He also believed in revolution and expected one must come ahead to bring the
change in society. He was the student of Economics and knew
that it is the very subject which can help the society to increase
the living standards of its people. When Chandar calculated the
salary of Kanpur mill workers or seen the death rate ratio he felt
very sad about the decreasing economical conditions. He was a
very emotional man. Once he read in a book how Britishers
looted Indian brutally pretending business in India. He went
emotional and cried a lot.
The entire map was complete now and Chandar never knew Dr.
Shukla was standing behind him.
'wow! looks nice'
'Well done' he said. He took place by him and said 'Chander !....i
am planning to write a book. It will study the caste system in
India by scientific ways. What you think about that??'
'nice!....very nice idea' Chandar said.
'Chandar ! will also focuss on the current trend. For
example today's young boys and girl does love marriage and end
up to divorce. I will also advise the young one not to make love
marriages but go for arrange marriage'
Chandar was not agreed and said 'I don't think it is correct. If
two people fell in true love marriage will never fail' Chandar
said in such a confidence that Dr. Shukla could say a nothing.
Chandar always knew that he always belived in arrange

He said 'ohh…leave it. why we both are brain storming in such a
discussions when there are other important things.
'Chandar….complete your all works. Next Sunday we both are
going to Lucknow in a conference'
'will we go there by car or train??' Chandar asked.
'by train' Dr. Shukla said. Chandar gave him speech and returned
to his room.

Sudha was the darling of Dr. Shukla. She was a grown up girl
for the world but behave like a child with him. On the same
evening when Dr. Shukla came Sudha served him her
homemade nan khatais(cookies).
He took a bite and said 'very nice' and asked ' Sudha!..tell me
which is the day at Monday??'
'it is Monday at Monday' Sudha giggled. 'ohh!....sorry. Please
tell me the date at Monday?'
'11….but why you ask so??' Sudha asked.
'Nothing…at 10 there is a conference in Lucknow! and at 14
your Bua ji and Binti is coming here'
'Binti is coming here!' Sudha was very happy.
' mean she will stay here for three months. We will get a
chance to play together. Nice….very nice papa. Papa do not
send her back to village' Sudha said.
'yes!..... by July she will stay here. And after that we will marry
her' Dr. Shukla said.
As I told earlier Sudha was a childish girl. There was a paradox
in her. One side she always talked Chandar and Gesu and other
friends about marriage. Other hand if someone talk her about
marriage she disliked it.
'why….so early papa!. I don't think she is ready for marriage??'
'she is. And Buaji is also planning for your marriage'
'no…no...papa. I will not marry' Sudha threw tantrums.
'then what will you do??' Dr. Shukla asked with a lot of love.
'I will study…study……and only study papa!. Then BA, MA,
research and then one day I will be as old as you. It so so simple
Dr. Shukla listen and said 'are you nuts??..... you are completely
a crazy girl. Pass me nan khatais' Dr. Shukla asked. He disliked
Sudha's childish behaviour.
'papa! first promise me… will not get me
'give me nan khatais??'
'promise first' she adamanted.
Dr. Shukla lost to her. 'ok…I will not marry'. When your mother
in law will come to see you offer these nan khatais to her. She
will be very happy and will select you at the moment' Dr. Shukla
Literally Sudha was an immature fool girl without a brai.
Chandar knew.
Sudha's college was located in a peaceful and beautiful location.
There were big trees all around and a circular brick road was
made to reach there. Right side of the college there were wheat
fields, mulberry and guava bushes. And left side there were long
palm trees. It was a Allahabad best countryside place away from
the city and making it the best place to study. Students could see
the mango tress right from their classes.

And Gesu was highly impressed by the beauty of college and its
surroundings. She knew very well which flowers are bloomed
behind the bamboo bushes. A creeper of giloy has climbed on
the Peepal tress and there is a den of syahi there. There near by
the cactus shrub once she had seen a fox. She was the eldest
daughter of city most influential's personality Sabir Hussain
Kazmi. Her mother whom his father had taken from Aadan was
a famous gazal singer. Although she was always invited by the
government to sing gazals for them but she never accepted it and
always put herself to take care of his husband and his children
only. She gave sayrana names to their children. She gave Gesu
and Phool name to daughters and Hasrat to son. Gesu's mother
always disliked the tobacco pipe of her husband and called him
'Aatish Fijan' by love.
Gesu inherited singing qualities from her mother. Luck by
chance she got college with was very beautiful and encouraged
her gazal singing lust. Whenever Gesu got chance she ran to the
meadow and daydreamed there. And she got only one friend
except this natural environment and that was Sudha. Under the
cool mango shades both layed down putting their hands under
their heads for hours and talked about the whole world. They
talked on small topics to big, serious topics to minor and it can
be understand only if anybody had eaves dropped them. They
discussed about the Galib's saayri, her brother Hasan's doggy,
Sharat's novels, the current trend in the jewellery. Both were
young new maiden innocent girl who were unaware to the real
life situation. Both were innocent and always talked flimsy
topics. But there was a difference Gesu was a singer but was a
realistic girl. She was more mature to Sudha. And Sudha was
not a singer but she always day dreamed and always put herself
in imagination. Sudha was the immature one. When Gesu
plucked any flower she smelled it, and put it in her ponytail or
bun. Made flower garland and was happy with that. But Sudha
never plucked any flower. She only observed it and god knows
what she always thought about.

Gesu was logical and always knew how to use things properly.
How to use things in real practical life. But Sudha had different
behavior. She just wanted to get lost in a flower's beauty. She
just wanted to paint herself in flower colors. After that Sudha
did not want to come out of her fantasy and imagination. While
Gesu was a real rational girl, more practical and emotionally
strong and stable girl. Gesu expressed her fantasy in her songs
only while Sudha could not compose songs. Sudha looked like
seven surs of music.
All girls had known well about Gesu and Sudha's friendship. So
when today Sudha's car stopped in the premise of college Gesu
and Sudha came out of the car holding files in their hands.
Kamini laughed out and said 'see….sun and moon pair is here'
Sudha listened and smiled. Sudha always talked very less but
her smile had proved her a good hearted happy girl and she was
the darling of all girls.
Prabha came and put her hands in the neck of Gesu and said
'Gesu Baano!...can we take Sudha Rani for a minutes to copy
yesterday's notes'
Gesu laughed and said 'You must talk to her father and after that
you can take her your home for ever….i will not mind it'
Soon bell ranged for the class. It was the home science period
and Miss Umalkar was in the class. She was teaching the
'suitable food for patients' chapter.
'one must not take potato if he is ill. It is dry, hot and difficult to
suddenly Gesu stood and said 'Miss….Had Ghandhiji would eat
potato or not??'

All girls laughed. Miss Umalkar saw her angrily and said 'Why
you talk of Gandhi?? I want no political discussion in my class'
she dashed her book on the table. All girls who were just
giggling burst out laughing.
'Silence!!' she shouted.
Miss Umalkar busy again in teaching. Gesu took out green
grams out of her pockets. All girls were nibbling it. There also
had salt with them. Teacher's looked Gesu and asked 'Miss
Gesu….. with which food item a patient should take milk?
meanwhile Sudha asked Gesu with which stuff I should take
'…with salt' Gesu said.
Miss Umalkar angry again. 'huunn….you mean a patient should
take milk with salt??.....where were your attentions??...tell me?.
Today I will not going to leave both of you. You both go to out
of the class. Today I will write letter to your parents'
both got up to leave the class. Kamini said 'Do send us
letters…otherwise we will die' and whole class laughed out.
Miss Umalkar turned blue in her anger. Sudha came out of the
class. Gesu was inside and said
' Bade beaabru hokar hum
tere kuche se nikley sanam' All girl listened Gesu's this dialogue
and class went out of control. Miss Umalkar was so angry that
she left the class immidaitely.
Sudha and Gesu both went to college meadow were all students
sat in their spare time. Sudha laid down on the soft grassy land.
Gesu laid her head on Sudha's chest. Sudha played with her
locks and said
'Gesu….you know what I was thinking. How much it would be
very nice if whole life we live together like this. No boundation
of marriage and living like that?? But see…. how girls are
unlucky as they have to do marriage??..and leave their home.
Who will take care of my papa after my marriage??'
'yes!..its a rule. But there is way. Why don't you marry a person
around you?'

'you mean?'
'I mean someone who lives around your home or may be your
'yes!..but it is very rare case. Have not you seen girl are always
married to a distant city' as Sudha opened her arms and yawned.
Sudha's assets were visible.
Gesu saw her for a moments, she was getting very naughty then
said 'Sudha Rani….this…body….this feeling….this lust….this
dark side of the desire. Now you are not a small girl anymore….'
'dhatt! you…shamesless girl!' Sudha exclaimed. 'you marriage is
fixed that's why all time you talk about marriage'
'..exactly that thing I am saying. My marriage is fixed that's why
I am worried only about you as you will be alone and you will
have no other work to sit and see clouds or reading books.
Gesu took Sudha's finger in her hand and cracked it 'You know
Akhtar. I am engaged to him. He is very nice. When he come to
home like light spread all around. You know I love him very
'you know I too….' Sudha said but stopped quickly. Sudha
wanted to share something but had stopped herself.
Gesu naughty again and said '
yeh kaun le raha angrai
aasmaamon ko need aati hai.
'wow!...that was a nice one poetry' Sudha exclaimed.
'Sudha!.....why do not learn Urdu. It will make you a nice poet.
'I too want to learn it….but I find it very difficult'
'sometime you come to my home. I am sure my mother could
teach you basic of poetry'
Driver reached the college to take Sudha. Sudha asked Gesu to
sit in the car. Gesu too sat in the car. Driver first dropped Gesu
at her home and then returned to home.
Pammi comes home
Chandar and Dr. Shukla both had gone to Lucknow in
conference. Sudha was alone in the room. Homemaid whom
Sudha called ' maharajin' was with her in the home. Sudha never
liked it when Dr. Shukla or Chandar went outside the station

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