GUNAHOON KA DEVTA [God of all sins] part 3

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GUNAHOON KA DEVTA [God of all sins] part 3

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it was important.
It was the morning time. Sun had arisen in the east. Gardener
was watering the plants in the lawn. Sudha was helping
maharajin in the kitchen to prepare morning breakfast. Gardener
came and told her that a girl has come to meet Dr. Shukla.

When she went outside she found a bicycle in the lawn. A
Christian girl was walking around. She must be twenty two
years old, wearing a typical red gown that Christian girls
generally wear. She was looking very beautiful.

'hello….do I know you??' Sudha asked.
'I am here to meet Dr. Shukla' she replied.
'he is outside the station and don't know when he will come.
Was that any urgent work??'
'no…..i just came to see him. You are his daughter?'
'yes….but please tell me your name?'

'it is not important. By the way do you know Mr. Chandar ?'
'ohh!...if I guess you must be Pammi?'
'yes' Pammi shook her head and smiled.
'common!...come inside. I will not let you go back without a cup
of tea' Sudha holded her bicycle and took her inside the home.

She made her sit in drawing room.
'Do Chandar lives here?' Pammi asked.
'infact he lives in chowk. Currently he has gone to a seminar
with papa. One day he was talking about you….he praised you a
'trully??' Pammi face turned red to hear that.
'he is a nice man' Pammi replied. She took a sip of tea then
asked 'what was he actually talking about me??'
'ohh…!' Sudha smiled.

'he was talking about your brother. How fast you type essays, he
talked about your interests , hobbies, your ideas about life and
that you hate marriages very much Miss Dercuse'
'no! me Pammi' Pammi said.
'I think Chandar likes you because that evening he talked all
about you' Sudha told.
'hunn!..' Pammi surprised.

'….and what was he really talking about me??'
'he was talking…that how much fast you type. Your brother lost
his wife and daughter. You hate man and'
Pammi listened and said ' you know Sudha!....i was wrong. I had
stereotyped me that all the men are just want to have sex with
you but I was wrong. Chandar told me the truth that there is a
love thing also'

'you know…I was alone for some years and hardly made any
relation to a man. Chandar looks very honest, intelligent,
genuine man and I am seriously thinking to make friendship to
him' Pammi said.
'ohh!!' Sudha's eyebrows up in the sky. Meanwhile maharajin
came and offered Pammi tea.
'please have it….' Sudha said.

'she want to made friendhip to my Chandar!!' Sudha murmered
herself when she knew Pammi intention.
when Pammi took her tea Sudha said 'how fool I am. I forgot to
offer you ciggerretes. Give me a second I am sending gardener
to shop to get ciggerrete for you'
'no….thanks. Chandar hate it. So I am working to leave it
forever' Pammi said.
Sudha figured out that Pammi is very much interested in

'well Sudha ….i don't know it is ethical or not. But I think I
should talk about it. When I have decided to make Chandar my
friend..will you please tell me…what he likes and dislikes??'
Sudha listened and said 'it is very easy. I will tell you all things
so you can make Chandar your friend. First of all he loves to
stroll at Ganga ghats at Sangam. In morning he must go to river
to take a dip with rising sun.

Second Chandar likes cinema very
much. Show him a film and he is all yours. And don't talk about
poetry. He is a poet himself. And it you sing some good poems
he is all your. He likes sweets very much and one last thing….he
loves tea pudding' Sudha told.
'tea pudding….but I never knew such thing??' Pammi
'I mean Dargelling tea cup cakes…which are made in the oven'
'ohhh..i knew'

'Sudha you don't know how much I thankful to you. You have
helped a lot. Now I will leave. And do come at my place with
'sure!!' Sudha said in cold voice.
When Pammi left Sudha made her face like she was abusing
Pammi in her mind.' I know …she has left her husband and now
to fulfill her lusty desires she has an eyes on my Chandar.

But I will not let it happen' Sudha determined. Overall she did not like
Pammi because she was more focused on Chandar rather than
Dr. Shukla or her.
Sudha felt love for Chandar .It was a whole week passed by Dr. Shukla and Chandar had
gone to Lucknow. This morning Sudha knew that both will
come. She was sitted in the yard and was cutting the vegetable
suddenly she listened the coming of Dr. Shukla. He was coming
along with his sister and sister's daughter.
'papa!!' Sudha exhilarated and hugged him. Dr Shukla kissed her
on forehead.
'how was my darling here??'
'bad!...very bad' Sudha replied.
'how was your conference' she asked.

'…just like that!.....not so good like always' he relpied.
Sudha met with Binti and bua ji.
'papa!..where is Chandar??' she asked.
'ohh…his uncle has come to Allahabad. He want Chandar to get
marry and have come…with a nice proposal. Girl is educated
and they are offering a huge dowry. Only one thing is that girl
lives in the village' Dr. Shukla told.

'marriage??' Sudha shocked. Like she did not like it at all.
' can Chandar marry??' Sudha asked shockingly.
Dr. Shukla smiled and said 'why???...
Chandar is now a grown up man. One day he must marry. And
see him he lives in the chowk. Wash his clothes..prepare
breakfast himself. One women must be there to take care him'
Dr. Shukla said.

'..but papa..i am always care him. For so many years.
It's me who took care him??' Sudha told.
'yes!....b eta. That was very good. But one day he must marry a
girl' Dr. Shukla said.
Sudha was shocked. Like before this she had never imagined
that Chandar may be get married one day. It was crystal clear
that Sudha never thought her life without Chandar. She was
restless since when she had listen the Chandar's marriage chat.
At evening Chandar went to Dr. Shukla home. Dr. Shukla asked
'Chandar ..give me the good news.
have you fixed your marriage???'
'no!' Chandar replied.

Dr. Shukla was just talking him then Sudha came and said
' papa!... you talk Chandar later. First let me talk'
'okay!..okay…take Chandar and you talk first' Dr. Shukla said.
Sudha did not take a breath and asked with lot of attention.
'is it true….your uncle had come to Allahabad to get you
married???' Sudha eyes wide open.
'yes!!' Chandar replied.

'…and..did you say yes??' she was about to cry if the answers
was yes.
'no!' Chandar said.
Sudha took relief breath like it saved her life.
'I know my Chandar will never marry and always live with me'
she said.
'aaey!..Chandar !.. you never marry' Sudha rolled her eyes and
said shaking her entire body. Chandar just could looking her.
Like she had something inside her.

'why??' he asked.
'no question. When I said you will never marry…it literally
meant you will never marry'
'if you will leave the home…I will die' Sudha said holding her
white dupatta and moving it around with hands.
'..if I marry I will come here to you with my wife. And you will
have another women to make your friend. And you can chat her
all day long' Chandar said.

'no…I don't need any friend. You are with me. That is enough'
Chandar insisted like a small child.
'okay!..i will not marry' Chandar said with same love and
'hunn!' Sudha exclaimed.

Sudha always felt Chandar like a family member Chandar
always knew this. Both fighted and quarreled but at the end of
the day both agreeded on the issue and again would develop
friendship and love. But that childhood affection between the
two no has changed its form. As Chandar was a well grown up
man he was sure that Sudha is falling for her. Sudha has started
developing love feelings for Chandar. This was the very reason
when she knew Chandar's marriage news she was upsetted
Same day when he went on the bed at night hardly he could
sleep. All hours he kept changing his sides. Chandar was sure
about this.

But Dr. Shukla was still unknown the fact that Sudha
loves Chandar. Dr. Shukla still belived that Sudha is just an
immature girl. It could incur unpleasant results Chandar was
sure. It may destroy the relationship between Chandar and Dr.
Shukla so he decided to maintain a distance now. Now he
focused on his studies and research. Now we was busy in
writing his thesis. For a month Chandar did not visit Dr. Shukla
and so Sudha.

One day it happened. Driver arrived with in the hustle bustle
busy area of chowk and finally parked at the house in which
Chandar would live. Dr. Sudha just wanted to meet him.
Chandar dressed up and reached the bungalow.
'hey! man…where are you??..
are you angry with us that's why are not coming??' Dr. Sudha

'no!..i was just focusing on the studies' Chandar said.
'studies are important. But there are some works which are also
'see! Sudha's bua ji has arranged marriage for her' Dr.
Shukla said.
marriage???.... Sudha's marriage??... these two words echoed in
his mind. It felt him very strange. Like this news provided him
no happiness.

Chandar took the photo of the boy and said ' aachi hai' coldly.
' I was sure…you will like it. You know boy's name is Kailash.
He lives in Bareliy. They are the landlords by family. Boy is
educated. He is making is career in politics too and is a president
of a local party.
'what you say Chandar should I marry Sudha to him??' Dr.
Shukla asked with so honestly that Chandar could not say no.
'j i…jaroor' he said pretending that he was happy with his

'Chandar …as you know I will retire in some years. After
Sudha's marriage I will search a nice bride for you and will get
you married and will be the happiest man on earth.
'ji papa!'
'now take this photo and make Sudha agree for the marriage' Dr.
Shukla said.
Chandar took the photo and went inside. Binti was standing in
the corridor and was looking bothered. Sudha's room door was
closed by inside.

'Binti….where is Sudha??' Chandar asked.
'since when she had known that papa is looking a boy to get her
married she is crying. Not even she took her breakfast' Binti
Sudha's room was closed and she was crying continuously. Her
hairs were ruined, her yes were wet, her kajal was spread all
around her eyes.
Chandar asked Binti to get the door opened. Binti urged a lot
then Sudha opened the door and immediately laid on the bed.
'Sudha…see how nice is the photo. Tell me will you marry

'go away Chandar!!...nither I want to see someone nor I want to
talk' she shouted and kept her eyes covered with her hands. She
was in very bad mood. Chandar knew. Then she remove her
hands and sat down on the bed..
'it's me who always want to live with you and it's youuu…who
want to marry me with someone else….how bad, unsensitive are
you??' Sudha said like Chandar was offender.

Binti too came in the room to see what was happening.
Chandar could not understand what exactly Sudha wanted to
say. 'tell me clearly what you have in your heart??' he asked with
same clearty.
Sudha cleaned her wet, teary eyes with her hands. She stares at
Chandar and said 'listen carefully what I have in my heart. In
childhood when we played the games I always made myself
your bride in the games. I was thinking that one day literally it
will happen and I will marry you in the real world and we will
live together entire life'

'Sudha!!' Chandar yelled.
'what the hell are you talking??..i never seen you such way' he
'…but I always seen you that way. Like my husband. And its
you who want to marry me someone else. It is not this wrong??'
'Sudha !...slow down your voice. If papa listened it havoc will
happen. What will he think that he supported me and I stabbed a
knife in his back. Sudha !!...papa will think me a wrong man'
Chandar said.

'marrying someone is not a wrong thing. I am adult, an educated
grown up girl. I have the right to marry with my choice. There is
nothing something wrong as you think' Sudha replied.
Sudha sobbed and said very clearly 'I love you very much
Chandar. I can never imagine my life without you' she said and
would cry a lot.
Chandar silent.
Binti silent.

Clock was making tik!..tik!..tik!..tik!... noise.
Binti was unspeechable what Sudha just said. Chandar never
imagine her such thing. Then he pulled a breath inside his
'Sudha it seems that you misinterpreted my attachment to you as
love. You must have made a mistake' he said.
'no…Chandar !! I have not done a mistake. I am fully conscious
and I am accepting that I love you and want to marry the very
you Chandar' Sudha looked in Chandar eyes.

Chandar listened.
'now…I want your answer. Is it 'yes' or 'no'?? she asked in loud
voice. Like she wanted to listen just a word from Chandar
Chandar released a very breath and said ' Sudha!!see attachment
to someone is different thing and love is different thing. I know
that we both have grown up together. We both fight each day
and in the evening we agreed to each other. But what you
thnking and expect to happen is almost an impossible thing'
Chandar made her understood.

'why??....why it is impossible??' she asked.
'Sudha !!.if papa listened this he will think me a wrong disloyal
man' Chandar wiped the sweat of his forehead.
'no Chandar. Right the moment I am going to papa. I will tell
him all things that it is not Chandar but me who has fallen for
him and want to marry him. Then papa will not think you an
disloyal man' Sudha said.

'now!!..i just want to listen your answer. it 'yes' or 'no'?? she
Chandar found it very difficult to answer. Now Sudha was not
that childish Sudha. She was grown up women who loved all life
to Chandar and today she was asking her answer. In life most
probably after graduation all girls are able to discuss their
problems by herself. Sudha has become immidiatelt an
intelligent adult grown up girl. Unlike to earlier days today her
voice was very loud and she was shouting for her rights.
Chandar noticed.

'how..immidiately I could give you answer. It is not so easy
Sudha!!' Chandar tried to save himself.
Sudha took it in negative sense and said 'it just meant that all life
that you cared me, your all attachment, adorable were just a fake
thing. All the relation what were between me and you was a fake
one. But I know very clearly that my love to you is very pure. It
is crystal clear' Sudha shouted.

'I still adore you..but never thought you by love sights' Chandar
said struggling the situation.
' when will you think Chandar when papa will married me
someone else?? …then you will think???' she shouted in such a
loud voice that her voice echoed in the entire house.
Dr. Shukla was at the ground floor and listened Sudha very
clearly. Maharajin and Bua ji also listened Sudha that she loves
Chandar and want him to marry.It boomed like a bomb.
same evening Dr. Sudha got ill very much.

There was a severe pain in his heart. Chandar brought the doctor. He gave
medicines and adviced Chandar to give maximum relief to the
patient and not to talk somethink that patient does not like.
Dr. Shukla took the medicines and laid down on her bed. It
was the silent evening in the house. Nobody talked. Sudha was
calm now. Chandar, Binti, Sudha , Bua ji and maharajin all took
the food unspokenly.

Chandar broke the silence and said to Sudha '….we will not talk
on this issue for some days till the papa fully recovered' he
'but…tell me just a thing. It is sure..that you me ne na??'
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