GUNAHOON KA DEVTA [God of all sins] part 4

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GUNAHOON KA DEVTA [God of all sins] part 4

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Sudha asked with a great hope in her beautiful eyes.
'yes! I love you' Chandar replied.
all family members just knew that both are love birds and love
each other. When papa I mean when Dr. Shukla will recover it
will be discussed.

It took a whole two weeks to recover Dr. Shukla. Now he was
healtly and kept walking in the lawn morning and evening. Dr.
Shukla liked and loved Chandar very much but he was a true
conservative man by heart.
If Chandar was a Brahmin he must married Sudha to Chandar.
But Chandar was a kayastha. He called Chandar to discuss this

Chandar went to him but he was feeling ashame. He bowed his
head down and he found it very embarrassing to face Dr. Shukla
as he always said him 'son'
Chandar!! I know all things. Sudha loves you. I even you
that it's not you but she renamed this relationship' Dr. Shukla
started conversation.

'Chandar !..i even you that you are very sincere and honest man.
Sudha is like a rebel, uncontrollable girl. She says that she loves
you but beta she is good and pure by heart'
' ji! papa' Chandar replied.
'Chandar!..belive me if I had given Sudha's hand I would be very
happy and satisfied because you both are grown up from
childhood. But beta you are kayastha. I can't marry you to
Sudha. Please forgive me'

'why you say so' Chandar never liked Dr. Shukla asking sorry
him. He always felt him like his own father.
'C handar!.. for me…please make a favour. Convince Sudha to
marry Kailash. We both know she will listen only to you. I want
that you pursue her to marry Kailash. After her marriage I will
search a nice girl for you and after that I will be the happiest
'now tell me..will you talk her about this??' Dr. Shukla asked
with utmost care.

It was a very difficult for Chandar but he was forced. How he
can deny a person who always supported him.
'ji!....papa' Chandar nodded.
for a whole month Sudha did not eat food. She just kept crying.
But at the end she knew that it is her destiny. She must marry
Kailash to save all relationship.
Chandar came her once again to convince her.
Dr. Shukla had asked Binti that Chandar take Sudha to temple to
worship. It will be helpful.

Sudha, Chandar and Binti all three went to the nearest temple.
Sudha wore a blue color lacy saree. Chandar wore a neat clean
white kurta pajama with Peshawar sandles. In that he looked a
nice gentle man. When both walked together them had seemed
like a newly wed couple.
It was godess Durga ji temple. All three stepped the stairs.
Chandar was first to ring the bell. Binti carried flower, dry
coconut and other stuff to make out the prayers. Binti gave
temple pandit the p ooja thali. Temple pandit was a nice kind

He seemed very happy when he noticed something. He
looked Chandar and Sudha both and said..
when you both got married??'
'no!...panditji..we are not married' Chandar told.
Sudha amazed why pandit put this question.
'son!...right this momet a red flower has fell in your pooja thali.
You both are connected by heavens. If you are not married
yet…sooner or later but when day…you both will united.
'you both can never be sepearated by any way.

Make a wish…and I belive it will complete.
Sudha looked Chandar with heavy eyessights like some thing
great but unexplainable was happening in her.
Chandar closed his eyes and wished that Sudha agree for
marrying the Kailash.
on the otherhand Sudha wished that it does not matter whom is
she married. But when it comes to her end (in other word
death).. she must die in Chandar lapse'
when both headed to home all three were silent.

Binti was very confused what to say or should she make a conversation or
remain silent.
Chandar asked in mute voice 'please tell me…will you marry
Sudha looked Chandar and blinked once… ' yes' but I will take
my life Chandar. I may die in that' she said harsly.
Chandar looked her and said 'if It happened I will also end my
life. But believe me…I will not let it happen. If your love to me
is pure….it must loaded with some powers. And I will save you
with that powers' Chandar was determined.

when all three reached home immediately Dr. Shukla came to
him and asked 'what did she said. It is yes??' he asked.
'yes!' but it will garnish unpleasure result.
she may die in that' he clarified.
Arrival of Shankar Babu
Shankar Babu had arrived home to fix the date. He was the elder
brother of Kailash. He was short height, fair complexioned,
round faced with a few two milimetre long hairs. All family
members welcomed him.

He sat in the drawing room. Dr. Shukla asked Bua ji to bring
breakfast. Shankar Babu asked Dr. Shukla about Chandar. Dr.
said said 'he is Chandar. My student and an intelligent economist
of the city.
When he sat to take the food asked Chandar to sit with him and
have food.
'no!' Chandar said.
Shankar Babu laughed and said 'you know I am a Brahmin. If
you will food with me …heaven door will centainly open with
you and if some food is sticked at your fingers after having food
then definiltely you found a place in heaven'

Chandar said 'why ..are you so hurry to send me in heaven' and
all burst into laughing. Binti came with rotis, sabji and other
food items. Shankar Babu said Dr. Shukla 'send your daughter to
five me a glass of water. I will see her and will decide about the
Chandar said Binti to send Sudha.
Binti went to Sudha and asked her to go to Shankar Babu. Sudha
came in red saree and offered a jug of water with a glass. She
did not look Shankar Babu.

Shankar Babu looked Sudha. Sudha's eyelids were down. She
was shying. Shankar Babu said ' I liked the girl. I am ready to
marry Kailash to your daughter. Dr. Shukla was very happy at
the moment.
Shankar Babu said 'I think we should marry within a month.
when all things are so auspicious then why should we wait.
All agreed.
'Kailash was never wanted to marry in Brahmin caste. He
wanted to make intercaste marriage. But when Sudha is a nice
girl in our caste Kailash must marry her' Shankar Babu said.
All nodded.

Kailash has told that he wants to five Sudha further education.
Like other newly bride Kailash does not want Sudha to sit at
home. He is a politician and wants Sudha to support him in
political works. He wants Sudha to give speeches around the
whole region. Shankar Babu told very body.
When it was after and cloack ticked two pm Shankar Babu
prepared to leave.

He took out a gold chain from his bag and put
it in the hands of Dr. Shukla and said 'from our side it is fixed'
Chandar went to railway station to drop Shankar Babu. When he
returned Dr. Shukla gave Chandar that gold chain and said
'..take it Chandar and give it to Sudha'

when Chandar went to give gold chain to Sudha. Sudha said 'it is
not a chain but a piece of rope that will become a rope to hang
me and will give me death'
Chandar did not reply. Infact he had nothing to say.
Dr. Shukla asked Chandar to make all prparations for the
marriage. Marriage will happen in a month.

All preparations had been started. Painters started their work to
paint the house. Electrician were reparing all wire and were
reparing all fans and all equipments. Garderner was removing all
wild grass from the lawn. Dr. Shukla said Chandar to fulfill
Sudha's all wishes. As she sacrificed her love to fulfill Dr.
Shukla wish. All home was shining like a silk. It looked very
happy, lively and full of life.

Sudha liked kites very much. Chandar went to market and
brought a bundle of kites, manjha and thread. Chandar would
fly the kites very high in the sky. Then Sudha would take kite in
her hands and would enjoy a lot. When Chandar found her
happy he too becomes very happy. Sudha and Chandar both
showed that they were very happy for the marriage. But all knew
the truth that they were just pretending to look happy.
In verandah Bua ji had put many sofas to guests to sit.

She had also called out some nighbour women to help her. Puja room
which was adjacent to kitchen was made new store room. All the
edible stuff like floor, maida, pulses, sugar, butter and other
things had been stored in puja room.
Binti had become like a machine or more that machine. It was
daily schedule now. Binti would wake up in the morning. Then
she would broom in all rooms. After taking the bath she would
prepare tea for all and would give to Chandar,

Dr. Shukla, Sudha and other members. In after she would make food for all. In
evening she would cut the water melons and colddrinks for all.
Buaji was very hardworking by her name. She would make all
the sweets, pakoris, kachoris and different items. In night Bua ji
would sit with a d okal and would sing marriage song. All
womens and Binti would join her too.
when Sudha saw Binti so much happy Sudha asked 'you are so
happy in my marriage what will you do in your's'
Binti would answer 'I will dance myself and will play the band
self in my marriage'

Entire house was shining like a new silk. But inside that silk two
human beings were silent and just watching the show of life.
Like a silk worm which lives in the cocoon, makes silk and in
the end it dies. But make it life meaningful by leaving the
precious silk. Condition of Sudha and Chandar was just like that.
Like all these songs, all gladness and cheerful were saying that
when it will end it will separate Chandar and Sudha. When it
will finish it will only leave a barren desert of both Chandar and

Both of them knew very well. D olak sound was saying
that Sudha has completed her half live here but rest of the life
she will live in Kailash home and will die there. It does not
matter that Sudha loves Chandar her childhood companion.
Amid preparations some time Sudha cried a lot and said '
Chandar!.. my soul does not permission me to go there. If I went
there certainly I will die'
Chandar said 'I will never let that happen. If you died I will die'
he said.

During these period Dr. Shukla maintained a distance to Sudha.
He believed that if he talked her again Sudha may get emotional
and could change her decision. So it will be better that Chandar
communicate her only.
sometime Chandar thought to run away all these things. But it
was a real life where nobody understand the meaning of love.
Where it was more important to count the rupees rather than
counting the tears of Sudha.

It was the real life where man's soul
is depressed in the sound of songs and musical instruments. A
couple has to forget themself among goldsmith discussions. A
couple has to sacrifice them among coustumes discussions. This
was the ugly rough real world where two love Birds have to
press their soul to make other's happy. They are not happy but
they have to show that. Like inside they are burning ut they can't
protest. Chandar and Sudha condition was just like that.

True love

now it was a week remaining for the marriage. All preparations
had been completed. Marriage cards had been came. It were red
colored beautifully printed., It was the morning time and
Chandar and Binti were in the study room and were writing the
address of guests to whom it had to send by post. Total five
hundred adressess were there.
Sudha came there and said 'Chandar…let's go to the temple'
Chandar looked up. He could not understand why Sudha wanted
to go to temple.

'Sudha ..few days ago we had gone there' he said.
'but….today is something special' Sudha said.
'common leave the work. Just go with me' she forced.
Chandar wore his dress and both walked to temple.
'any thing special??' he asked.
'!!' Sudha exclaimed and said him not to talk.
She went to same temple when few days ago they both had
came. Sudha gave puja thal again to pandit. He offered Gods
sweets and flowers.

And in return she got a garland. Chandar
was praying to Gods on that very time. His eyes was closed and
Sudha took the garland and wore it to Chandar.
Chandar was shocked.
'what you did Sudha??' he shouted.
'…..that I wanted to do more many times' she replied.
'you are a silly crazy girl. You don't know the meaning of these
things' Chandar yelled.

'I wanted to marry before I go Shahjahanpur' she said.
amid heated conversation temple pandit came and said to
Chandar 'she loves you and wanted to marry you….take the
vermillion and put in her hairs' he said.
Chandar did not answer.
pandit looked to Sudha and said 'Beti! it seems he does not love
'no!...i love her pandit ji!!....butyou don't know she is going to
marry to somebody else.

Not me' Chandar said immediately.
'it makes no sense at all. Within some days she will be too far to
me. This is complete nonsense pandit ji' Chandar annoyed.
'pandit ji!..this is true that I am going to married someone else.
But from my childhood I lived him and always seen dreams to
be his bride. But unfortunately I could not happen. But pandit
ji…first and last time I just wanted to marry him' Sudha argued.

Temple pandit said '…I don't know what will happen tomorrow
but I belived in today. It is true that you both will be separated
after some time and will never meet again. But if girl just
wanted to marry you sacredly without any expectation of
physical union that means she truly loves you. You know son
there is a thing called p ure love which is very strong and is
understood on the earth as well as heaven. This type of love
makes stories which is told during ages.

You both will never meet physicall but your hearts is already
met each other. Loving someone by heart is more important
rather than love someone physically.
Chandar were thinking what to do.
He said 'love someone by heart??'
' yes' pandit said.
Chandar was agreed with pandit arguments and put the
vermillion in Sudha hairs. Like both were husband and wife.
Both walked to home silently. But were talking by hearts and
with the help of eyes as temple pandit had said.

Sudha's marriage

…and it was the judgement day when Sudha's marriage had
been fixed. As the sun rose Sudha started crying. Till this day
Sudha had proved himself a strong women who could face all
problems, all trazedies but it was not so easy. Binti took
breakfast for Sudha but she did not eat. Just kept crying.
Chandar came to stop her but she did not listen.

Finally papa(Dr. Shukla) went to Sudha to convince her.
Sudha saw papa and hugged him very tightly.
Dr. Sudha too went emotional and would cry.

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Re: GUNAHOON KA DEVTA [God of all sins] part 4

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Re: GUNAHOON KA DEVTA [God of all sins] part 4

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