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Unread post by jasmeet » 09 Mar 2017 08:45

We all entered inside the huge canteen of my college and settled ourself at the nearby table . After going through the menu we gave our orders and soon the food arrived . Yumm.... seriously it was really yummy .
Later finishing our lunch mom and dad ordered tea for themself whereas me and Naksh bhai ( brother ) went for a big cup of espresso.
After that we payed for our lunch and left the canteen . While leaving the canteen dad got a call and excused himself .

" lucky girl.... your college canteen serves the best food ever. Although not best as mom's homemade one but still yummm...
When i was doing graduation the canteen in my campus was horrible and we friends have to go out of the campus to have a good food ." Naksh said
"Yes... its indeed yummy.. now mom you don't have to worry about me having good food daily or not ." I said with a smile

" oh... just because the food, other facilities and the crowd here is good doesn't means it will cease my worries regarding you. It won't until i myself see my kids happy and healthy " mom smiled and kissed me on my left cheek

"Ok ... ummm... i just now got a call from my client that he have something really important which is to be discussed and he wants to meet me today itself at 6 and its almost past 4 so i think we should leave now . I am really sorry my child ." Dad said

"Oh .. come on dad its ok . Why are you saying sorry . Afterall you came here to leave me right ?? And so what if you are going little before . Its ok dad " i hugged him

"Oh my princess... please take care of yourself and if you ever feel uncomfortable or need something we all are just a call away from you . Ok!! " Dad said

" Yes daddy i know that... you all also take care of yourself . "

I saw mom's eyes getting moistened so i hugged her
"Mom please.... don't make this difficult for me . "
"I am sorry baby ... its just .. you know .. after all i am a mother " then she laughed while wiping away her tears

After giving goodbye hugs to me they all settled inside the car and then engine roared to life. Soon the car was out of my sight and a drop of tear rolled down my left cheek .

I will miss them all so much....

I wiped away that single tear from my face and turned around for going back to my hostel room when i saw a huge board flashing SRMC
and an instant smile came to my face .
I came back to girls hostel and entered my room . As summers were going on and temperature outside was
43' C the room felt like a burning oven. So i swiched on the a.c. and retarded to my bed.
It was a while before i slept when i heard someone knocking my door .
Oh god who is there...? I thought . May be its my room mate . Thinking this all my laziness went away and i jumped from the bed to open the door
On opening the door i saw no one there .
What the hell!!!! I thought
May be someone is playing a prank with me . But why now ... when i want some peaceful sleep. So closed the door.
Shaking my head i saw the time flashing on my phone it was 6 so i thought of sleeping again for a little while .
After few minutes someone again knocked on my door
Now what ?? i said to myself and went to open the door . Again there was no one and even the whole corridor was silent.
Again prank!!!!!!!
Closing the door i again went back to bed and was just going to sleep when the knocking at the door again started and as i was now sure that someone is playing prank with me so i thought to ignore it . They will stop themself after getting tired.

But i was wrong . It never stop instead grew more louder and brutal . It seemed like soon the door will be broken so to stop that i went towards the door and opened it
This is too much ... i was getting irritated now so this time stood near the door only to catch the culprit red handed whenever there will be another knock .
And after like some 15 minutes there was again a knock and i instantly opened the door
"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM !!!!!!" i shouted and saw a short heighted approx 5'1 skinny girl standing there with her mouth wide opened
I was so angry at this moment so snapped at her
" Why were you knocking my door again n again and were irritating the shit out of me . Don't you know that the person inside must be sleeping and you must be disturbing that person!!!! " 1
"Whooooaahh.... first of all what the hell is your problem. My room is the one before yours room no. 306 and i got to know that you are also a fresher so thought of meeting you... may be we will become good friend but now i dont think so ..... " the girl said

"Yes... even i dont think that we can be friends i mean ... i dont want a friend like you who loves to knock at others door to annoy them ."

"Yea.. yea... whatever ..... i have not irritated you ... its you who is irritating me . And WTF is this knocking again n again at your door??? I just knocked for once and suddenly you opened the door and started shouting at me ..."

"Wasn't it you who was loudly and brutally knocking at the door ???"

"NO!!!!! I WASN'T........" this time she shouted
"Forget it .. whom i am talking with " and she turned to go back to her room
"Hey ... hey listen ... look i am really very very sorry ... i ..i can explain you everything . First please come inside please ..."
I pleaded her and asked her to come inside . At first she was reluctant but soon i somehow convinced her
"Listen ... i am so sorry its just that someone was knocking on my door again and again before you knocked and whenever i checked who is doing this there was no one at all. I got so frustrated and snapped at you without knowing the whole thing .. i am sorry !!"

"Is that so ... ???"
I nodded my head in positive
"Oh ... then its ok " and she smiled " some one was definetly playing prank with you because my parents left me here and i was getting bored because my room mate is not at all friendly so thought to meet other freshers here and then came to your room and honestly i knocked for once only ..."

"Yes .. even i think the same and its ok .. i trust you "

" its ok girl.... these sorts of things happen in hostel but if it happens again then you have to report this to warden and i will surely accompany you ."

"That means you forgive me for snapping at you without your fault "

"Yes.....!!!!" She smiled and soon we hugged each other

"By the way i am Navya Arora and you ?"

"Tanya Sehgal" and we shook our hands

"I am so sorry once again " i once again apologised to her as i was feeling guilty

"Oh goddd..... thats it . ..if i once again heard this word 'sorry' from your mouth i am leaving this instant."

" i am sorry ...i won't .....ooopppssie"


"No.. no nothing " and we both laughed

We chatted a lot and got to know so many stuff about each other. Soon it became all dark and we were feeling hungry so decided to have dinner. After dinner we strolled for a while in the campus and then came back to our respective room .
I talked for sometime with mom on the phone and then retarded to the bed. Hope now no one will disturb my sleep .......

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Unread post by jasmeet » 09 Mar 2017 08:47

After talking to mom for awhile on the phone i felt so tired that i hit the sack as tomorrow is my first day of college and i don't want to get late on my first day
Hope now no one will disturb me ... i thought
So i switched on the a.c. then wrapped myself in my comforter and drifted off to sleep.
Suddenly i woke up at 3a.m. during midnight when heard a huge bang .
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
Again someone is playing prank with me ...i thought and went inside my warm comforter to sleep. But due to the continous banging i didn't get a wink of sleep .
Removing the comforter i came out of the bed and went to open the door . On opening the door i saw no one in the corridor . But the continuous banging was irritating me so i went to see where it was coming from .
I came out of my room and while walking down the corridor i saw the lights of all the rooms were switched off and all were locked from inside except 1-2 rooms which were still unoccupied 3

I came out of my room and while walking down the corridor i saw the lights of all the rooms were switched off and all were locked from inside except 1-2 rooms which were still unoccupied.
Am i the only one who heard these banging ??? How is everyone still sleeping ???
I slowly walked towards the place from where the noise was coming . As i was getting nearer to the place the banging was becoming more louder and harsh.
It was like someone was doing it with full aggression and rage . And it felt like someone was banging on a metal surface.
As i came at the T point from where either i have to take left or right the banging stopped. And to my left i saw a huge metal railing sliding door just before the staircase which was locked.
Was that banging voice coming from here ?? i thought and taking the left turn walked towards that metal door passing the 6 rooms before it .
Reaching there i saw no one and the door was also locked from inside . I once again saw here and there may be someone was hiding but there was no one .
May be i am just imagining voices.... i said to myself
Shaking my head i walked back to my room . Reaching the room i pushed the door to open it as i didn't locked it but it wasn't opening . Why the hell is this not opening now??
I didn't even locked the door!!! i thought and started pushing the door .
(but little did she know that the spirit which was residing with her in that room was now standing near the door inside the room and was pushing the door with full force outwards with the help of her back whereas Navya was pushing it inwards to open it ..... ) 1

Please goddd help me !!!! WTF happened to this door now??
Aaaaarrrrrggghhhhh .....
i got so frustrated and started pushing the door with as much strength i had . After somewhat 20-25 minutes don't know how exactly the door opened suddenly and as i was pushing the door i went inside with the door and landed straight on the ground whereas the door was standing intact at its place.
It hurts !!! I landed harshly with the right side of my body in contact with the ground . It was paining like hell. I somehow stood up with the support from the left side of my body and walked towards the switch board to switch on the light .
It was not switching on....
Now what the hell happened to you??? i shouted in anger and without thinking punched the switch board with my right hand .
Ouuuucchhh!!! Oh god its paining more now .
Then i saw that all lights were ON in the corridor . Then how come mine are OFF.
I need a light..light?? My phone !! mummering to myself i started searching for my phone and then remembered placing it on the study table.
I took my phone from the study table and then clicked on the flashlight app in it . With the help of the light from the phone i took out the first aid box which i got from my home . With as much strength left in me i settled myself on the bed and don't know how applied the ointment on the wound i felt was paining me alot.
After applying the medicine on the wounds i searched for my water bottle and found it under my studytable . How did it reached there? I had kept it on the table ....
As i was feeling very thirsty and also had to take painkiller i kept all the thoughts aside and picked up the bottle from under the table then saw it was all empty...
How come ?? Before going to sleep i had filled my bottle till the top... i asked myself
Now my throat was all dried up and body was paining like hell ...i really need a pain killer !! so i stood up from my bed to bring water . Slowly slowly i walked out of my room . And this time i left the door of my room open because i am left with no more strength for pushing it again . With the support from the nearby wall i went down the corridor reaching the T-point and i saw the metal railing door to my left side .

"Its all because of you!!! i said pointing towards the metal door

Shaking my head i went towards the right side where the water cooler was located.

Although it wasn't that far from my room but right now with pained leg it seemed very far. Reaching there i kept my water bottle under the tap of the water cooler.
Opening the tap water started falling inside the bottle. I was feeling very tired so i leaned against the wall and closed my eyes .
( Navya leaned against the wall next to the water cooler closing her eyes meanwhile the water coming from the tap was replaced by green dirty water )

As i was leaning against the wall i heard some weird noices and suddenly the lights of the corridor became dim and started blinking . I didn't know what the hell was happening with me . It frightened me so much that
i did the first thing that came to my mind . Picking up the bottle i ran back to my room. Now the pain in my leg was unbearable. I went back to the bed . Popped the painkiller in my mouth and drank the whole bottle in one gulp . And started coughing
"Eeewwwww.... " i said while making a disgusting face.
"Why the hell is this water tasting so bad ??"
But this time i was hell exhausted so keeping all the thoughts aside i dropped myself on the bed and soon drifted off to slept .

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Unread post by jasmeet » 09 Mar 2017 08:47

My alarm triggers at 7 a.m. waking me from my deep sleep. Lazily i took my phone from the study table which was next to my bed . Ending the alarm i saw the time .
" 7 a.m. " i sighed and then saw my room mate Yami was still sleeping .

"Come on Tanya get your lazy ass out of the bed . " i said to myself then standing up from the bed i went to the small balcony attached to our room.
Opening the door to the balcony i came face to face to the hot humid sunny climate outside and immedietly closed the door .
" oh god the weather outside is so damn harsh today "
i said on closing the door and went towards my cupboard to take out my toiletries and bathrobe to have a nice long bath as right now maximum girls would be sleeping and the shower room would be all vacant . 1
Thinking this i went outside my room closing the door behind me slowly as my one heck arrogant roomie was still sleeping.

After closing the door of my room i was turning around it is then i saw the door to the room of my newly made friend Navya was slightly open .

"Maybe Navya is also all awake . Lets see if she had her bath or not . And if not then she can give me some company .Hey.... don't take it in a wrong way .....i mean not together but in different cubicles as i have this stupid habit of talking to myself or singing song while having bath . And right now as i am in hostel people will find my this habit and me weird but Navya is different she will understand my this habit and while having bath we can do some gossips.

Thinking this i went towards Navya's room . Opening the already half opened door i shouted
"Good morning Navya !!!!!"
No response!!!! Is she sleeping and yes she was i saw her laying there on her bed with one of her leg hanging down at the right side of the bed.

"How is she sleeping ??" I chuckled on seeing her sleeping posture

I thought of not disturbing her and was going to leave the room when i saw that she was sleeping with both a.c. and fan switched off.
How come?? Isn't she feeling hot ?? i thought and even the door was open . Did someone came to her room when she was sleeping ? i thought
I went towards her and started shaking her body
"Navya !!!! Navya come on wake up ....." i said while shaking her body lightly i felt her body was hot as a burning lava. Oh god she is having such a high fever .It is then i saw the purple bruises all over her right arm , knuckles of right hand were having cuts and were swollen and even her right leg was having so many bruises .
" OMG !!! What the hell happened to her ??" i said to myself while examining her whole right side of the body . "I have to anyhow wake her up now.... " saying this i started placing light slaps on her face to wake her up but was all in vain . She was sleeping like a dead person .

It was then i saw her water bottle on the bed and thought of sprinkling some water onto her face but on picking up the bottle i saw it was all empty .
Then i went back to my room and brought my bottle to Navya's room.
Sprinkling some water on her face i said " Navya wake up girl !!!! Wake up please !!"
i was getting so worried . I continued sprinkling water onto her face and soon she stired a little .
" oh thank god!! Navya!! " i relaxed on seeing her opening her eyes


It felt like cool water was dripping from my face.
Water!!!! On my face .how??
Suddenly i opened my eyes somehow as they were paining alot and found my friend Tanya standing infront of me with a worried face .
How come she is here ?? i thought and was going to ask her when suddenly she started speaking
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"Oh my god Navya ... you scared the shit out of me !!!" 1

"Tanya ... how come you are here ? What happened ? And whats the time ??" i asked her while rubbing my eyes

" What happened ? Like really ... you are asking me this when it should be me who should be asking you "

I don't know what the hell was she talking about and even my head was paining so ignoring her i picked my phone from the study table and saw the time

"7:44 a.m. !!!" i shouted and
jumped out of my bed and soon regret it as i forgot about the injuries i have on my right side of the body.
"Ahhhh..... ouch ouchhhh....
Oh god ......aaahhhhh "
soon each and every moment of last night started flashing infront of my eyes . Bangings,
Door got locked , my injuries ,
Electricity gone everything ..... tears started running done my face .
" Hey .... easy girl!!! You already are having so many bruises on your body . Want some more huh??? Idiot !!! "
Tanya snapped at me and then made me sit on the bed
Cupping my face she said
"What happened Navya ? Why are you crying ?? Did someone hurt you ? How did you got those bruises ???......."
I hugged her and cried my heart out
"Tanya... ( hiccup) last night (hiccup) i...i....i was (hiccup)..."
"Hey .. hey calm done ... calm done ... have some water first"

Taking the bottle from her i drank it in one go . She also gave me some tablet to have which i had with the water as it will reduce my fever and this stupid headache .
Meanwhile Tanya was rubbing my back softly .
" now tell me .... "
Nooding my head in positive i told her everything from the time when i heard the bangings till the end .
" What ??? again prank!!!!! "
I nooded my head
"I am not gonna leave this person now . Who so ever it is . This is wrong !!! We will now tell everything to the wardern. She will definetly help us . Don't worry . You just take rest . We will visit the wardern after i will be back from college." she said while hugging me

"No Tanya i can't take rest . Today is our first day . let me get ready . "

"But you are having fever and your whole body is paining " i said

"Its not that bad Tanya . I will manage it . Don't worry " saying this we both went to the shower room and took a hot nice bath in our respective cubicle .

Coming back to room i started getting ready . I was going to wear my cotton trouser when i heard a knock on the door. I got little scared . Please god no more prank now please....

"Whos it ?? I asked

"Its me ....Tanya . Open the door . "
I released the breath which i don't know i was holding and as it will take huge time to wear the jeans on my injured leg i simply wraped the towel at my waist and went to open the door .
"Hey ... i got you this . This is the best medicine ever . It will heal your wounds quickly. " she gave me the medicine and left the room so that i can get ready .
I applied the thick dirty brown liquid material on my wounds and damn!!!! its hurt alot . After applying it i wore a loose cotton trouser then did my hair and as today is our first day i only took 2 notebooks ,my phone and a pen .
While i was placing all the things in my bag i saw a girl entering inside with a huge luggage trailing behind her.
"Are you Navya Arora??"
" Yes and you.... ???"

"Hi... i am Sophie D'souza . Your room mate " she said with a smile

"Oh.....oh.. hi... come inside . " i said excitedly . Atlast she came . Now i would be no more alone in this room.

On coming inside she placed her handbag on the bed and roamed her eyes all over the room +

"Not bad ..... " she said while smiling at me . Then we got into conversation and forgot about the time . It was then Tanya came to our room and told us about getting late . I introduced her to Sophie and as we were getting late we missed our breakfast and left for the college.

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