Gay story - Life Sucks If You're Married To a Billionaire

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Gay story - Life Sucks If You're Married To a Billionaire

Unread post by jasmeet » 20 Mar 2017 09:35

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by kristelgrace6

Welcome to Life Sucks If You're Married To a Billionaire.

This is a gay-themed story so open-minded people are only allowed to read this.

For your information, I'm a college student and being one, it requires lots of pressure and exhausting tasks so please be aware that not every week I can give you an update.

However, if you're patient enough then I salute you. ;)

Now, without further ado, read on and find out why life sucks if you're married to a billionaire. ^_^


Gay story

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Life Sucks If You're Married To a Billionaire - part 1

Unread post by jasmeet » 20 Mar 2017 09:36

woke up with a massive headache. Damn, it hurts. My body feels like lead and my ears are ringing. Shit, did I drink last night? How come I don't remember a thing?

Then, all of a sudden I heard ruffling of sheets. I slowly turned my head to see what or who caused that noise, and then oomph! I was pushed into the bed and felt a body on top of mine. Ugh, not again. 1

"Jace Langlois! Get the fuck off of me, you idiot!" I shouted at my husband. 1

Jace ignored me and snuggled even closer to me, much to my distaste. God, I hate this man.

"Get. Off." I said seriously.

To all of those who are confused, I'm Kei Forest. I'm 21 years old and, although I hate to admit it, I'm married. The heavy idiot who is currently on top of me is my husband, Jace Langlois. We've been married for almost a year now but I still have a hard time falling in love to this man. Why, you may ask? Let me tell you. It all happened when a lawyer told me that it's finally time for me to read my dead parents' last will a few months ago. 2


"Mr. Forest, here is your parents' last will. They told me to give it to you once you turned 21." The lawyer informed me.

I took the piece of paper and started reading. I got bored from the first few paragraphs because it's just the typical 'i love you's', 'i'm sorry's', and 'wish you a happy life'. 5

I didn't cry because I got over their deaths a long time ago. I continued reading until I got to the part where I was taken by complete surprise.

"Lastly, our dear son, even though how much we love you, we can't afford to just give your inheritance right away. We apologize but due to reasons we cannot say, it is a must to keep it from you until you turn 21. If you're reading this, then it is already time for us to give your inheritance. However, this cannot be fulfilled if you do not adhere to our simple condition. Now, don't be upset about this our dear son. It's all for your own good."

I was dumbfounded to let the last words of their will sink in. It was probably the only thing that makes me speechless.

"You must marry the only son of our longtime friend and business partner. He is just the right man for you to spend your whole life with. Do not worry. This man will find you. And if he finally does, please let him take your hand in marriage. We love you. Love, Mom & Dad." 6

I didn't believe it at first. However, my doubts are shattered when a man named Jace Langlois came to me in the middle of my class in university, and straight off proposed to me. Yes, I was extremely embarrased, what with all of the people in the huge room witnessing that unforgettable moment. And then, I accepted Jace Langlois' hand in marriage, just like what my parents told me to do. I got no choice because my inheritance is on the line.


Well, there you go. My life started to wreck itself when I received that last will. And worse, my parents' are not very good in choosing great life partners. Oh yeah, sure I'm happy with what happened to me but there is one little problem I detest from the very depths of my soul.

"Hey. Make me breakfast. Pronto." Jace ordered.

I gritted my teeth to prevent cursing profanities at him. See? This man right here is overbearing and idiotic as fuck. He thinks he got me wrapped around his fucking finger just because he's so damn rich. Hell, he can even beat Bill Gates if he weren't such a lazy ass. How can I fall in love to this guy when he's got the attitude of a bull? A very, very evil bull. 3

"So get the fuck off of me, asshole." I grumbled.

He finally got off me, but not before messing my bed hair even more. Ugh, I hate it when he does that. It's been a habit of his since we got married. 4

After I showered and dressed, I went straight to the kitchen. Oh, and by the way, Jace has a massive kitchen. And I mean massive. Apparently, the Langlois family is so damn rich. They got a bunch of huge companies all over Europe and America. Even now, they are planning to build up more branches in some parts of Asia, like China and Japan. I'm lucky to have a wealthy husband, if I do say so myself. Though his attitude is what angers me almost every second of the day. He treats me like I'm some lowlife servant on the very bottom of the food chain.

As usual, I cooked his favorite... omelette with caviar. How he can eat that disgusting food I could never tell. He doesn't eat anything without caviar, so as his husband, I am obligated to cook it for him. I'm still having a headache, but it's slowly fading away. Thank goodness. 8

"Where's my coffee?" Jace asked. Huh, so the devil finally came to eat.

I flipped the omelette and turned the stove to a minimum heat. Then I opened one of the cabinets and grabbed the jar of his favorite coffee. I turned the coffee machine on. After that, I poured a spoonful of the coffee grains and waited for it to be done.

"You know, you completely look like a caring housewife right now." 4

I scowled. "Shut the fuck up."

"That damn mouth of yours again. It doesn't suit you."

"You're the one to talk."

I took the omelette from the pan and put it carefully into a plate. I was about to put caviar on it when he grabbed my hand. I jolted.

"W-What now?" I asked.

He stared at me intensely but later on stopped and let go of my hand. What's with him? After that, it was so fucking quiet that you could hear a needle drop on the floor. Usually, he doesn't stay quiet like this. He just talks on and on about his business and whatnot but today seems to be different. I better be careful around him or else I'll snap a nerve. Maybe he's in a bad mood or something.

"You're going out with me tonight so you better be ready at six. Exactly six." He suddenly announced.

The fuck?

"What? But I have art class tonight!" I exclaimed.

Jace glared at me. I glared back. Who does he think he is, ordering me around and controlling my life? Despite the fact that he is my husband, he still can't tell me what to or not to do. He can never act all mighty and bossy around me. I hate him even more and more. 3

"Cancel it." He said casually, like my art class isn't fucking important. 10

I held my ground. "No. You can't be the boss of me, Jace Langlois."

He stood up and slowly made his way towards me. I flinched when he loomed over me and spouted out that menacing and dangerous aura of his.

"Oh yes, I can be. Kei Langlois." He said lowly. 14

I put up a serious face just to make him believe I'm not intimidated by him. I know what this man's true personality is. On the outside, people assume he's the most noble and greatest guy there is. However, what they don't know is that the real Jace Langlois is the worst kind of guy in the whole fucking planet. What he wants, he gets. That's just how he is.

"Now, are we clear?" 1

I got no choice but to nod. He then smiled in triumph and sat back down on his seat as if nothing happened. I sighed and finally decided to eat my breakfast anyway. 1

This will be my life from now on. I hate it. I won't blame my parents though. I'm just going to face this without any qualms. I sighed. Yeah right. +

Truly, life sucks if you're married to a billionaire.
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Thank you for reading the first chapter of LSIYMTAB. *_*V
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Life Sucks If You're Married To a Billionaire - part 2

Unread post by jasmeet » 20 Mar 2017 09:37

gay story
My Economics class just got finished and I'm on my way to the school parking lot to wait for Jace to pick me up. I already told my art professor I won't make it tonight and he said yes. I was actually hoping for him to say no so that I will be able to have an excuse to not go with Jace's plans tonight. But my life is like a bitch so this happened. 4

"Kei!" I heard a female voice shout from behind.

I turned around to see my only three friends here in my university. I greeted them all with a smile and a wave. 2

"Hey, what's up?" I asked.

"Kei! Will you go shopping with me? Please? These two jerks don't want to go with me!" Summer asked. She's the only girl in our little circle of friends. The two jerks she's referring were actually her brothers, Autumn and Winter. I know, they got seasons for names. Hurray for that. And by the way, the three of them are triplets. Amazing, right? 28

"Shut your mouth, Summer. If you weren't such a heavy shopper we would have come with you." Autumn said loudly. He's the oldest sibling and acts a bit wild and free sometimes. But he's a good listener.

"Yeah. What he said." Winter mumbled. He's what people call the type of person who has a massive brother complex. He loves Autumn so much and never gets shy of proving it to other people. Most students in our school often interprets their relationship with each other as incest. However, that's not true at all. It's just excessive brotherly love, as what Summer repeatedly explained. Between the three of them, Summer is the only sibling who is distant with them. Sure she loves Autumn and Winter, but she doesn't get along well them because she's the only girl. 11

"I hate to say this, but I can't go with you." I said to Summer.

She pouted. "Eh, why not?"

Should I tell them? Nah, better get it over with.

"Um, yeah. Jace is taking me out tonight."

The three of them went silent. I fidgeted and waited for them to go all crazy on me. Three... two... one.

"Holy shit!"

I knew it. Since I told them the news of me married to Jace Langlois, they got crazy and told me I'm not the type pf guy to do something like that. They assumed I'm not the 'commitment type' of guy. After all, I haven't even been in a relationship with anyone until Jace came into my life. Until now, they still don't believe me being married to the Jace Langlois himself. Of course, it didn't surprise me they already know who my husband is. I mean, who wouldn't? He's like the goddamn second-in-command of Bill Gates. He's that rich. 4

"I still won't believe you're married to Mr. Langlois. Not until I see you two together!" Autumn exclaimed. 2

Winter nodded in agreement. He always does.

"Why would I prove anything to you? It's not a big deal anyway." I muttered, glancing at my watch. He should be here soon.

Summer scowled. "Not a big deal? It's a huge deal, Kei! We're talking about the richest guy in the whole world!"

I rolled my eyes. Now she's exaggerating things. What a drama queen. 1

"Guys, just stop it. If you don't want to believe me, then don't. I don't care anyway. I've been telling you this for almost a year now."

Then suddenly, Jace's car stopped in front of us. My jaw dropped. Could this day get any worse?

Jace casually got off his sleek Porsche car and took off his sunglasses. He looked at me then to my friends. They were speechless and probably paralyzed for a bit. I told them I'm not kidding about Jace and I. Now look at them. Their faces are priceless. I wish I brought my camera with me. Summer recovered first. 4

"Y-you're Mr. Jace... Langlois?" She stuttered.

Jace put on his most charming smile, showing off that pearl teeth of his. I thought so. Only I know how he acts in public and around people. He's the most two-faced man I've ever met in my life. He acts all goody two-shoes around public but if it's just the two of us, he acts like the devil.

"Call me Jace, mademoiselle." 24

Summer blushed fifty shades of red. Winter and Autumn finally recovered from their temporary coma-mode and glared at my husband. 2

"Is it true Kei married you?" Autumn said sternly. He can act tough around Jace but it's no use. Jace Langlois always wins.

Jace chuckled lowly. "No. It's the other way around. I married him." 7

Winter's eyes widened in disbelief. Summer was still blushing and kept staring at Jace, who completely ignored her. Autumn choked on his own spit and lightly punched his chest. Winter looked at him in concern, to which he only smiled. 4

I sighed. This is not going well for me. Damn it. It's all Jace's fault. He shouldn't have come here to pick me up.

"Kei, we'll be late. Let's go." Jace said, getting his car keys from his jacket's pocket.

"Y-yeah... um, I'll see you tomorrow guys." I said.

Summer grabbed me all of a sudden, pulling me into a stop. Here we go again.


"Yes?" I asked, uninterested.

She looked at me intensely. "Can I have his number?" 22

This time, I choked on my spit. Autumn snickered. "W-what?!"

"Oh come on! You didn't tell me he's even more handsome in person! I always just see him in magazines and television." Summer said loudly.

I covered her mouth. Ew, lipstick. "Shh! He'll hear you!"

Autumn smacked me on the back, hard. "You are one lucky man, Kei."

I stepped away from them. "Do you believe me now?"

They nodded.

"Kei! Hurry up!" Jace shouted from his car.

I bid goodbye to my friends and hopped inside Jace's car. Then he drove off. The car ride was silent until Jace spoke up.

"You didn't tell your friends about us?" He asked. Whoa, is he mad?

"I keep telling them, but they don't believe me. Well, now they do." I explained to him.

He hummed. I glanced at him. What is he thinking? I can't tell if he's mad or something. Why would he be mad anyway? It's not like our marriage needs to be announced in public, righf? Ah, that reminds me. Our marriage was kept secret from the outside because of privacy reasons. I hope those triplets don't spread the news around the university, or else I'm really gonna get in trouble.
gay story

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