Ghost Hubby Haunting

Contains ghost & scary story in wild sex
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Ghost Hubby Haunting

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Ghost Hubby Haunting

"I just don't think it's a good idea, Andrea. I remember how it was, right before he left us that night, furious over your infidelity. He was boiling with rage. He could well have crashed specifically because of that. In any case, there's a terrible aura in this house. For once, listen to me- I am a Wiccan, you know! Don't hold that seance tonight!"

Andrea Wallace had always been somewhat reckless, and this seance idea was just her newest, and worst, idea at that. She had shoplifted, committed fraud and blackmail a few times, and finally, cheated on her husband, leading to the confrontation that may well have led to his car wreck. He was normally a very careful driver, so what else could have explained his fatal accident?

Marla, her best friend, never understood her friend's monogamous marriage, but she respected them for holding to their principles. The thing that bothered her was the hypocrisy of her friend espousing monogamy, and then cheating on her husband. Marla was a swinger, not a cheater, and knew that the differences lay in honesty and fairness. Swinging was open and mutual, whereas cheating was dishonest and unfair.

The worst thing was that Marla knew this field of expertise, this area of magic, better than her friend, so she wished that she would listen to her for once. Out of all the people to listen to, she should have chosen her Wiccan friend. The "3 times rule" was real, in Marla's opinion. Whatever you did to someone else, always came back to you three times over. There were times when Marla just shook her head, at the whole "naughty girl", double life approach that Andrea was choosing for herself- believing something to be wrong, she took pleasure in doing exactly that thing!

Marla knew that this was going to get Andrea into serious trouble, sooner or later, and she feared that this was the time. She felt chills up her spine when she remembered Alexander Wallace's last words to his wife, in his confrontation with her.

"Andrea, how the hell could you do this to me, to us? I promised you fidelity, swore off other women for you, and this is how you repayed me! You lied to me, denied me sex, and took an unfair advantage in our relationship, while I was masturbating to avoid cheating on you, because of my high libido! You broke our wedding vows, to "forsake all others"- remember those? You were the one wanting monogamy, and now you've done this? I am too disgusted with you to tolerate your presence at the moment- I am going for a drive!"

The sick thing was that Alexander was spot on, totally correct, in his description of the situation. She had betrayed her vows in 2 ways: denying him sex, and cheating on him with several men, not just one. The latest affair was the only one he knew about, but she had been a real slut, sleeping with her boss, her co-workers, and everyone else in the company who wanted to spread her legs. Andrea had pushed him, and he had naturally pushed back, as he should!

When he left to drive that night, Marla had the oddest feeling of dread. She knew that this night would change everything, and Alexander's death, she now feared, was just the start of the change. All of Andrea's evil deeds were going to come back to, literally, haunt her this time! Sometimes, Marla wondered why she bothered to be the best friend of an unethical person like Andrea.

What would happen?, wondered Marla, in total panic. Well, anyway, she had to be present, because, as a witch, she would have to limit the damage and protect her friend as best as she could. She only hoped that Alexander would not haunt her, as well, for being Andrea's friend. She knew that something horrible would happen tonight, and she feared that she knew exactly it would be.

That night, several of Andrea's friends: Cherry, Marina, Susan, and Michelle, were there, as well as Marla. They were all excited, though perhaps a little worried, especially Marina, whose Jewish faith specifically forbade this sort of activity. As expected, Michelle, a lesser, more amateur witch, was the medium. That, in itself, bothered Marla. She doubted that Michelle was experienced enough to understand what she was channeling through her own body.

"Oh, spirits of this house, whoever you may be, listen to us, as we call upon you. We are seeking communication with all spirits that may rest here, in the afterlife, in the spirit world. Enter me, now, and speak to us through me!"

Everything seemed normal for a second, and then, suddenly, Michelle's eyes glazed over, and her pupils looked dilated and vacant. A new voice and presence filled the room- a distinctly masculine persona.

"bitch!", she unexpectedly screamed.

"What?", Susan asked.

"Not you, ma'am, THAT one! My wife, my widow, the lying, cheating bitch! You cheated on me, Andrea! I died because of my wrath, when I went out to drive, and clear my head from the pain and rage about your adultery! I crashed because of you!"

Andrea was terribly pallid upon hearing this- Alexander was speaking through Michelle! He was still enraged at her! What would he do to her? She knew now, too late, that she should have listened to Marla. Her Methodist background gave her no preparation for this kind of matter. A Wiccan would know it better, and Marla was the head of her coven.

Michelle then grasped Andrea by the throat, nearly choking her! She breathed into her mouth, with an obvious intent to scare her, and screamed obscenities at her. She then ripped Andrea's blouse, tore it off of her, and fondled her breasts. She hiked up Andrea's skirt, and shoved her fists, in succession, into Andrea's pussy.

Everyone watched in shock and horror- Michelle was raping Andrea, and it was obviously Alexander that was making her do it! Then, he abruptly left Michelle, and entered Susan. Susan went over to Marla, threw her onto the floor, and ripped off her clothes as well. She then landed on top of Marla, and started riding her like a lesbian, rubbing her rug against the other. Evidently, Marla was partly to blame, in Alexander's opinion, for helping her conceal the affair.

Marla struggled under the unexpectedly strong new Susan, as Susan planted a french kiss on her lips, and moved down to her pussy, eating it with gusto. What's worse, Marla seemed to enjoy it! Susan then turned Marla over, grabbed her butt, spread her cheeks, and started tossing her salad, right in front of Andrea.

"See, wifey, I can play now, too! I am taking revenge for your affair, plus I'm dead, so that frees me from my wedding vows! I have to admit that Marla's ass tastes better than yours- alot better!"

Alexander was clearly rubbing Andrea's face in his new, posthumous freedom from their unhappy marriage. He was deliberately humiliating her, by describing the greater pleasure that he derived from rimming Marla, her own best friend.

The worst part was the growing satisfaction that Marla was showing with her ravishment- there was no longer any pretense of resisting him/her! Alexander, through Susan, was pleasuring Marla, and she loved it! Maybe he didn't blame Marla so much after all?

After grabbing Marla and rimming her for a while, Alexander Wallace, possessing Susan's body, began to insert his fingers into her ass. There was no lube, so it took some effort, and Marla was in some pain for a while. Still, she found herself enjoying this experience of being sodomized by Alexander's ghost.

"I think that Marla is liking this, don't you, Andrea?" Susan/Alexander said to Andrea.

Mrs. Wallace was too frightened at this point to respond, as she saw her friend, inhabited by the spirit of her dead husband, bring Marla to orgasm with her fingers. The witch's pleasure was evident, with her panting and low groans as her bottom was fingered.

Having enjoyed her, Alexander switched his focus, seizing Andrea again, and this time, shoving his fist into her pussy. There was no preparation, no effort to ease it into her sex. It was a brutal, violent invasion of her body, not a gentle or passionate penetration. His widow shrieked in agony as she felt the hand reaching as deep inside her cunt as possible.

"Please, Alex, don't do this anymore." Marla begged him. "It's not just hurting Andrea now. You've hurt me, Susan, and Michelle, as well as the others who have had to witness you raping us. Please stop it."

"You were her friends, and you didn't tell me what she was doing! You betrayed me!" the ghost angrily spoke out of Susan's mouth. "Now, I will have my revenge on all of you arrogant bitches! I died because of your betrayal!"

"You shouldn't have driven in your anger, Alex. Some of the blame for your death is your own!" Marla pointed out, scared as she was now.

"I had to escape, and that was the only I could! Don't you get that I killed myself on purpose, and she drove me to it!"

"What do you want from us?" Michelle fearfully asked the spirit that had recently possessed her.

"I want to make you suffer!" the specter exclaimed. "I want to have fun and a laugh at your expense, just as you did at mine! Admit it, all of you laughed at me behind my back, knowing that I was a cuckold! Now, it's my turn to laugh, and you can't stop me or get back at me for it!"

"Ok, we're guilty of that, but, surely, when you're done punishing us, you'll let us go, right?" Cherry asked, trembling.

"I'll let you go when I've decided to, not before! In the meantime, I'll have my way with all of you!"

At that, he applied some lube to Andrea's anus, and then thrust 3 fingers at once into her butt. Despite the lube, which wasn't nearly enough, she screamed in pain as the digits probed her rear end.

After a few minutes, he added a fourth finger, and then his thumb, fisting his wife's ass to her horror. She was stretched out considerably, and it soon reached the point that she started bleeding a bit from her torn asshole. The others just watched in total shock.

Alexander continued this double fisting for several minutes, which no one bothered to actually count, since it felt like it would never end. Andrea was sobbing from the sheer pain of her sodomized bum. It was "on fire", as the saying goes, and even the angry ghost realized that she needed medical attention.

"Go bring some bandages and a vibrator, Marla. If you obey my commands, it will go easier for you. If you don't comply with my plans, you will suffer even worse. Do it now!" he instructed Marla.

Alexander grinned as she left for the bathroom, while the others sat on the floor with their pulses racing. Well, Andrea lay there instead of sitting, since she was in far too much pain.

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Re: Ghost Hubby Haunting

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

When Marla got back from the bathroom and bandaged the tears in Andrea’s ass, Alexander suddenly entered her. Picking up the vibrator again, he shoved it brutally up Cherry’s butt, making her squeal. While he did this, he stuck two fingers inside Michelle‘s cunt, as if it to say that she wasn’t off the hook yet.

“Get out of me!” Marla demanded in her head to the ghost possessing her.

“No thanks! I’m having FAR TOO MUCH FUN to do that!” Alexander refused with a devious laugh.

“I’m sorry that you died and Andrea cheated on you, but do you have to ruin everyone’s life for that?” she furiously asked him.

“Who says that I’m ruining anything? Don’t worry. It’s not cheating for them to do it, if I AM in control of their bodies and the house. Besides, 2 of them have unfaithful husbands and another one has just gotten divorced. One of them, of course, is a widow. You are a swinger. I don’t see a problem here,” he commented.

“But, this is RAPE, Alexander! You’re better than that! I can understand getting back at Andrea, but do you have to assault all of her friends?” she cried.

“Like these friends of hers are so innocent? They knew about her affairs, felt bad about them, and didn’t tell me because they couldn’t bear to snitch on their friend, even to another friend. Doesn’t stop them from gossiping about everyone and looking down on me for being a cuckold. That includes you and don’t deny it! You’re all guilty of protecting her secret, which, as I said earlier, is why you deserve to be punished,” he insisted.

“Touche, Alex, but please let us go. I can’t stand being made to brutally sodomize my friend! It would be different if she were enjoying herself, but she’s clearly not! Take pity on us! You’ve gotten back at us by now, surely! Leave us alone!” she begged him.

“NO! You will all suffer! You MUST all suffer! I will make you regret never telling me what she did, just as I will make HER regret fucking around on me! If she wanted an open marriage, she could have asked for one. As long as it had been fair to both of us, I would have agreed to it. Instead, she lied to me and withheld sex from me. She is a cheating, lying, heartless bitch! And you’re not the friend that I thought you were to me. Otherwise, you’d have told me about her adultery, instead of keeping her secret double life from me,” he thundered at her.

“PLEASE, Alex, stop this! I BEG you! I know that I was not the best kind of friend to you that I could have been, but I DID try to get her to stop her affairs and put out for you. I promise you that I did!” she shouted in her head.

“I know that you did, which is why I have been nicer to you than the rest of these bitches. Believe me, my friend, you will get off a slap on the wrist compared to them. They are going to pay dearly for their mistakes. I have a few more things to do to your friends. Then, I’ll focus completely on punishing Andrea. By the time I am finished with her, she’ll have to wear a strait-jacket. I’m going to drive her totally insane. That’s my revenge. I’ll ruin her life and take away the career for which she broke her promise to me. I’ll destroy what she whored so much to get!” he shouted.

“So, you’re going to leave us alone after tonight?” Marla asked tentatively.

“Yes. After tonight, only Andrea will suffer my wrath, as her offense was far worse than those of the rest of you. Now, I want to have some more fun, damn it!” the ghost insisted loudly.

Alexander/Marla shoved his/her ass into Andrea’s face, making his widow kiss it. He began using her friend’s butt-crack to get his wife to rim him. While not keen on anilingus, Mrs. Wallace didn’t have much choice about licking the witch’s bottom. He continued to sodomize Cherry and finger Michelle while he enjoyed Andrea’s mouth and tongue.

“Susan and Marina, come here and have your way with my widow. Feel free to use her pussy and ass for your pleasure. I want her to turn her on, but give her NO relief. She is NOT to cum! Is that clear?” Alex commanded the two other women who had attended the séance.

A mixture of fear and lust caused the girls to obey the spirit possessing Marla. Susan put herself underneath Andrea, tasting her ass. Meanwhile, Marina got on top of Susan and rubbed her cunt against her friend’s, eating her hostess’s pussy. Every time that Andrea got too close to a climax, however, the ladies stopped sucking clit, twat, and butt. They, of course, got to cum.

“Ah, fuuuuck!” Cherry screamed as she also experienced an orgasm from the vibe in Marla’s hand that was buried in her sphincter.

Marla’s and Michelle’s release followed shortly afterward. To Alexander, such things were nice, but irrelevant. What mattered was the suffering and frustration of his widow. He wanted to hurt her more.

There was an unplanned effect of this spectral sex, nevertheless. Susan and Marina enjoyed the sensation of each other’s clits and pussies rubbing against them a little more than Alex or either of them planned. The divorcee and her single Israeli friend decided to explore their newly discovered bi-sexual tendencies.

After the women left the house, Alexander began knocking things around. Andrea saw bathroom mirror break when she entered the room to shower and clean up. The TV kept switching to porn channels, despite her efforts to prevent that. Finally exasperated, she threw the remote at the wall and broke it. An angry ghost then selected an alternate remote and caused it to seemingly levitate.

“Please, just STOP, Alex! Hear me! I know you’re still here! Why don’t you just find a nice lady ghost and fuck her crazy!” Andrea screamed.

“NO, you stupid cunt! Do you really think that I’m going to stop short of making you suffer complete ruin? You’re going to pay for what you did to me, slut!” the ghost’s outraged voice came through the stereo speakers.

“Oh, just HOW are you going to ‘ruin’ me?” she defiantly taunted him, which proved to be very unwise of her.

“By making you insane, tramp! I’m going to give you no rest. Your life will be the closest thing to an actual hell that there ever was! I will fuck your mind up so totally, that you won’t be able to focus on anything other than the whiteness of your room in the psych ward! You damned fool! I’m going to break you!” he shrieked at her.

Andrea found out, much to her terror, that her late husband was as good (or evil, depending upon your point of view) as his word. She tried desperately to sleep, but he kept screaming at her all night long through the vents. He affected the shower, making it too cold and hot several times. He knocked over her cereal bowl, spilling the multi-grain, high-fiber cereal that she finally managed to pour for herself.

When she tried to shave her legs, he made sure that she nicked herself. He deliberately caused her to miss her exit and arrive to work late. He threw away her files and messed with her computer. Finally, she screamed angrily at him and cut herself, which caused the whole office to think that she had gone nuts.

Her boss gave her an extended leave of absence, but her career was irrevocably affected by her apparent mental instability. When Marla visited her in the hospital, it was evident that her old friend had gone completely downhill.

“Are you better?” she asked Andrea.

“Why the fuck do you care, Alex? You hate me!” the woman snorted angrily.

“It’s Marla, not Alex. I’m your girlfriend, remember? I am worried about you,” the witch tried to explain.

“Stop teasing me with your lies, Alex! I know that you’re pretending to be my friend! Leave me alone!” the seriously disturbed and obviously delusional woman screamed at her.

Marla knocked on the door, the guard opened it, and then it slammed behind her. She now knew that Alexander’s ghost had carried out his threat. He had pushed Andrea over the brink. She was a real lunatic now. It was largely her own fault, but Marla still felt awful about the revenge that the spirit of Alexander Wallace had exacted. Clearly, he had been justified. Just as evidently, however, he had embodied the full effects of the “3 times rule” of Wicca. Still, he was a ghost, and they were beyond human laws and ethics.

The witch was glad that she was a swinger, not a cheater. She couldn’t bear to deal with that kind of wrath and pain. She also would think twice about her next séance before she went to it. This was one experience of communion with the dead that still gave her the shivers and goose bumps.

Alexander, for his part, having made his peace with the past, entered the chamber of Osiris in a state of calm. He could face whatever judgment the God of the dead imposed, knowing that he had punished only the guilty and was therefore innocent of evil himself.

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