Stephanie’s Ghost

Contains ghost & scary story in wild sex
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Stephanie’s Ghost

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Stephanie’s Ghost

This is the first story I’ve published here, or anywhere else, my english isn’t great as it is not my first language so please comment on both grammar and content. Enjoy!

Stephanie’s Ghost

Stephanie had just moved in to a new house on the country, she had recently come into an inheritance and decided that she wanted a change of scenery, the house was about a mile outside of town and had no nearby neighbors. The inheritance was so large that if she didn’t get to luxurious habits she could live her entire life doing only things she liked.

Stephanie was preparing herself for her first night in the new house; she had taken a long bath to relieve some of the tension built up in her muscles from carrying boxes and unpacking al day. Al day she had felt as if someone was watching her, sometimes she even thought she felt someone caressing her gently, but every time she looked where she thought the stare or the touch came from she couldn´t see anything so she just convinced herself that it was all in her mind. After drying herself she checked herself out in the full body mirror, the person looking back at her was a short brunette with perky b-cup breasts, a pretty flat stomach and wide hips with a very nice ass. She then went to bed, naked as always, and started to read.

When she had read about ten pages she felt the presence that she had felt before and started to look around, then she felt as if fingers were caressing her stomach, one hand creeping upwards, the other hand tracing circles downwards. Stephanie threw of the cover and but saw nothing over her stomach, but she did see that there were small indentations in her soft skin where she felt the fingers now. She quickly ran her fingers across the area but didn´t bump in to anything, then she started to get up to run out of the room but then she felt the weight of a body pressing down on her chest and stomach, filling Stephanie with a paralyzing fear. A sheet from a moving box then starts floating through the air is torn into stripes by the ghost. Stephanie was so taken aback by what she saw that she didn’t even struggle when she felt her arms being pulled to the headboard being and tied there, the ghost then proceeded to tie her legs up to the headboard so that both her pussy and ass was on display for the unseen assailant. Stephanie started screaming but then realized that there was no one around for miles, so the screams turned in to silent sobs.

Stephanie then felt a mouth on her breast, sucking and nibbling on her nipple and fingers lightly pinching the other nipple, her nipples got very hard despite the fear still gripping her body. Stephanie could feel her pussy getting very wet and she started to moan, both from the ghosts’ attention to her nipples, but also from the situation. She had always had fantasies about being tied and dominated, but had never had any experience in the matter, in fact she had very little sexual experience altogether, she was twenty years old but the furthest she had ever gone with a guy was to give a blowjob, but she did use her trusty dildo to get her of almost every night.

The ghost now got rougher, it started biting her nipples and squeezing around the base of the breast to get more blood into the nipple so the pain got even greater, making Stephanie moan and groan even loader. Just as the wetness between Stephanie’s legs started to run down her belly and into her bellybutton the ghost started caressing her slit and Stephanie let out a loud moan. Most of the fear had now subsided as the pleasure increased and as the situation was becoming clear to her she realized that there was no point in struggling and just enjoy the experience.

The ghost now began sucking her clit and penetrating her, first she felt something thin go in deeper and deeper until it rested against her cervix, then begin to grow until she was full beyond anything she had ever felt. When Stephanie thought the pleasure couldn’t get any greater the ghost started massaging her g-spot and applying a tremendous suction to her clit, throwing Stephanie into the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced. Her entire body shook violently for a long time and at the peak of ecstasy the ghost squirted a large amount of lotion up her sphincter and started penetrating her ass. The pleasure and pain Stephanie experienced as the ghost broke her anal cherry threw her into new heights of orgasmic bliss that lasted for several minutes.

As Stephanie’s body slowly came down from the mind-blowing orgasm the ghost started penetrating her ass deeper and slowly stretching it wider and wider while removing itself from her pussy, the stinging sensation made tears roll down Stephanie’s cheeks, but her body was responding to the anal manipulation and Stephanie started to moan and buck against the unseen lover to get more into her tight ass. The ghost responded by going even deeper inside her and growing to an even greater width, it also started torturing her nipples again. As Stephanie was once again nearing orgasm a mirror floated through the air and was positioned so that Stephanie could see straight up her own ass and still wide-open pussy. As she stared at her obscenely stretched ass she realized that she now could probably fit her own fist up there. Then the ghost started pulsing and humping the thing in her ass, making it grow thinner and thicker as it moved in and out of her ass at an increasing speed. The sensation this gave Stephanie was one of mixed pleasure and pain that made her juices flow like never before and when she came from the deep anal probing it was deeper and more satisfying than any orgasm to date and for the first time she squirted massive amounts of cum all over herself, a few of the jets even made it to her face and open mouth, almost making her choke before she could swallow the tasty liquid.
The ghost now untied her and enveloped her entire body like a protective cocoon, and Stephanie had never felt safer or more loved and at peace, and so fell asleep and slept the best sleep she ever had.

When she awoke in the morning she almost thought it had all been a dream, but then she felt the soreness in her ass, nipples and pussy and realized that it had actually happened. She also felt that she needed to make a bowel-movement and so went into her bathroom. There the ghost seized her again, bending her down on all fours with her ass just above the toilet and her knees hovering over the floor. The ghost then started massaging her breasts and pulling her nipples, it then started playing with her now soaking pussy, squeezing her swollen clit and dragging her juices up to her butthole and greasing it up.

The ghost then started the tap and led a small torrent of body-temperatured water to Stephanie’s ass and then led the water inside while making sure the contents did not escape. Stefanie started to feel that her colon was filling with water, but the ghost started caressing her clit again and was filling her very slowly to avoid cramps and discomfort, the ghost then penetrated her pussy as deep as possible and swelled up inside her, it then started pulsing the organ inside her and plugged up her butt with 1 L of water inside it the enveloped her entire body and started squeezing and massaging her belly and intensifying the assault on her breasts and vagina, it also started expanding the plug that held Stephanie’s bowels inside. When she was close to cumming the ghost lifted her to a seated position on the toilet and pinched her clit and nipples hard as it reached out a smaller tentacle deep inside her pussy and penetrated the cervix, simultaneous with these actions it released the plug from Stephanie’s ass, making her expel all of her insides and throwing her into yet another powerful and long orgasm.

Stephanie was sitting on the toilette panting and sweating after the day’s first orgasm when the ghost bent her over again and again filled her ass with water and also her vagina which felt incredibly good. The ghost then started fucking her ass with the water still inside, contiously growing, but doing it so slowly that Stephanie hardly felt any discomfort, the ghost was pounding away faster and faster, making Stephanie have multiple orgasms from both the water filling her pussy and now cervix, and the incredible feeling of being butt-fucked with a colon full of water. When Stephanie felt she couldn’t take any more the ghost sat her down on the toilet and pulled out of her ass and she came one last time from the release of the water, this orgasm making her tired body black out.

Stephanie woke up again from the shower jet hitting her body and the ghost washing her limp body gently, paying close attention to her breasts and nether regions, it then carried her out of the shower and dried her of gently. When it felt it was safe to let her go without her legs giving way it sat her down and she heard her stomach growling, so she went to the kitchen to get some breakfast, when she had eaten she felt invigorated and up for some more wild sex, so she started caressing her nipples. The ghost was directly reacted to her display of excitement and so began another session of strange and great sex.

Stephanie truly loved her new house and its spectral inhabitant and almost never left the house, they lived happily together ever after.


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