Selena Gomez's Mystery Girl

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Selena Gomez's Mystery Girl

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I came home from my 'Flaunt' magazine shoot horny as hell. So I went to my room I stood in front of my mirror. I immediately began thinking of HER. Her beautiful red hair, soft yet intense bold blue eyes, soft pink lips, even smoother silkier pale skin.
Selena Gomez's Mystery Girl
"You look so ready for me beautiful. You look so ready for me to take advantage of this beautiful body." She kisses me. I hungrily kissed her back. She cupped my cheek and pulled back. "Aw," She cooed me in a baby voice. "It is so cute how desperate and horny you are. But you know that I'm going to take it slow." She takes her hands and starts to remove her robe, already naked underneath. "You my body don't you?" I cried tears eagerness and desperation. She pressed her forehead against mine and began to every inch of my face. "Only I can touch you. Now let's get you in the nude."

She starts by kissing my neck. Every inch. Torturing me. Degrading my skin with her kisses.

She begins to peel me out of my dress in a painfully slow mmanner. I moaned a lot. "God, please, speed it up. I want to come." She giggled her sex little giggle. "All in good time darling. All in good time." I felt her finally move her little tortured kisses on to my collarbones and start to suck. "GAH, FUCK PLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!" She just chuckles and continues kissing and now sucking all the way down to my breast and dipped into my cleavage."Fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!!"I moaned huskily.

"I love how you are already naked for me." She whispers in my ear pulling my lobe. "AH!" I scream out. She chuckles. "I love sopping wet you are for me. You're so beautiful. At twenty-two years old you became a gorgeous, sexy play toy of mine." I was in tears. She licks my salty tears and begins to suck on my left nipple. I loved how she went and started licking around my aureola. Around and around until she got to my nipple. "Oooooohhhhh!!" I moaned as she continued the process. She started to suck on it. Twirling it around with her tongue. They were already hard and now she was making it painful. She tested it to make sure she can pull. "GOOOOD, YES RIGHT THERE JUST LIKE THAAAAAAAAAT!!" I gripped the sheets as I moaned and she continued the process on the right.

Didn't know how much I could take left. I was convulsing. And she didn't even touch my pussy yet.

She did what she normally did and took my breast, put them together and pulled on both nipples at once. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!" She kissed them both after the torture and went down the rest of body slowly. "You know, I love how you just committed your body to me and only me. How I turned you into a lesbian. I love that. Old Disney Channel starlet now my property." She says that as she kisses my stomach. "Ssssss yes I'm all yours. I'm your lesbian property." She smiled a wicked smile and moved on to sucking and licking my naval. "Oh, I love the way you suck my naval. Like it is my clit. Ooooh, I love you so much. My dripping pussy. It begs for you. Yearns for your mouth. PLLLLEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE!!" I need her in me. I need her tongue in my hole while she is sucking my clit. I love how she moans and has her wicked laughs knowing that she is getting her pleasure of torturing me. I'm getting my pleasure by making her feel good.Selena Gomez's Mystery Girl

I started to feel like I had a seizure when she went to the inner parts of my thighs. Giving me sweet kisses. "PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE JUST EAT ME THE FUCK OUT ALREADY!!" She shook her head and hiked my one leg up and had the other lying on the bed. She took her pussy and started to slam it up against mine fucking me. Fucking hard. Pussy juice sprayed all over. "FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK MEEEEEEE LIKE THAT AGAIIIIINNNNN!!" She just smiled and laughed wickedly before leaning down and jamming three fingers in my fuck hole. "You like that fuck hold getting finger fucked. Dirty bitch.", She kept making me squirt so much.

That's when she did it. That's when she did what her teasing ass been holding off.

She slammed her mouth right onto my pussy. And sucking my clit making me squirt and convulse into a blood curdling scream. "You are gorgeous, begging for mercy. Squirting like crazy only for me." She put her my mouth on clit and my pussy lips. I kept spraying my girl come and love juice all over her until there was nothing left. until there was nothing but a rubbery body in pure bliss. She gave me a kiss and smiled. Thank you, my love." She never told me her name in all these encounters she's never told me her name. "In due time when we are destined to me face to face I will tell you." She kisses me one more time and leaves the room.

I wake up from my extremely erotic fantasy and sit up completely satisfied. "I have to find that girl. I have to." I run to my study still naked and begin the search for my mystery lover.
Selena Gomez's Mystery Girl

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